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  1. dear taylor: sue your image team and anyone ho said you look great with that hair do
  2. he can fuck me any time btw hey sis @Entea
  3. lbr everything is worng when it come to shitty girls i sometimes pretend it doesn't exist
  4. well that was a terrible photoshop attempt...... wtf
  5. i would never get why that ..ok song made it to #1 one and iconec bops didn0t reach 1 america you are weird
  6. hot hot hot hero magazine has nice shoots tbh
  7. BRITNEY FUCKING JANE I LOVE UGLY MAN SPEARS BEYONCE AND UGLY LIPS Z Jennifer lopez (marc anthony rly?) Mariah carey (Luismiguel? nick cannon, tony motola? rly sis)
  8. yaaaaas queen Bring us slave 4 u 2.0 + anaconda 2.o
  9. true she is the lazy queen of lazy idgaf promo