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  1. sorry, but i'm based on the people i sadly know, all of them like or are going to vote for Trump based on his arguments and racism towards Latinos and specially Mexicans, all giving the most stupidest arguments ever, even they add some homophobic arguments like '' if dDonald trump is getting rid of the Mexicans why not of the faggots, lets make america great again '' every time i argue with them i end up winning because they give the stupidest thing ever and i don't agree what he is saying about what he wants to do to mexicans and Mexico... he is a racist mother fucker! but hey sor
  2. what did yall expected all Trum voters are a bunch of loosers who have an iq of a pig
  3. still more iconic than your faves
  4. RUNNING <3 EVERYTIME I HEAR IT (sorry caps on ) it reminds me of Sabrina The teenage witch ending
  5. hey sis miss u over you know where <3
  6. Jojo should do a cover !!! yaaas queen ! stan the queen!
  7. meh Tom's Dinner - Britney Spears