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  1. meh the song is ok, but yeah Normani is such a great artists sadly she has a SHITTY and HORRIBLE management and label that don't care about her .... ugh
  2. well she hated that Christina agulera era look thats why she changed all her look when she releases stripped she didn't want to be the usual blonde or ''Britney'' that's why stripped era is so iconic and unique
  3. But didn't he promised he would retire if he had a baby? isnt he having a baby ?
  4. Idk who this is but let me check this guy out
  5. You Drive me Crazy (The STOP remix) vs Work Bitch
  6. Got back from a long week trip and all my notifications are game or sing up mention brit2 

    1. Cha Eunwoo

      Cha Eunwoo

      You can thank @Ghostface for those spammery

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Or me @Cha Eunwoo jj3 

      I have two games going every other day or two. 

    3. Ghostface



      I am not spamming, @Cha Eunwoocon! ny5

  7. Save: Ashley Tisdale, Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez (where its Zendaya) ? well Zendaya If not raven? Delete: The annoying Cheeta girl chick, Demi the sugar free youghrth terror Lobato , Bellonlyfans Thorne, Olivia Santiago