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  1. Yeah it was sad to see it and the company not backing up Park Bom, they where big and had so much potential but Yg gave up on them and never supported them in the right way even calling them UGLY IDOLS Most BP early song where songs meant for 2ne1 And even recorder by them
  2. Yas ! sorry I love kpop and get excited to share it here are my all time personal faves
  3. Ugh BoA is a queen she can be considered the queen of Kpop or the Britney of Kpop she has so much talent and she celebrated her 20th anniversary debut last year i mean queens
  4. Well 2NE1 disbanded because their agency poor management YG (the same as BlackPink) the leader ParkBom was involved into a drug scandall (a medicine which was illegal in korea but not the US) and the company decided to put 2ne1 on a hiatus and after everthing cooled down YG was trying to debut BlackPink and decided to give their material to them and one member became frustraded and left the company after a few moths ParkBom also decided to leave YG and 2ne1 disbanded
  5. Most of kpop is based on groups since companies can profit from this since they own the brand of the group and the idea, so Its more likely they will invest in Groups rather than solo artist, and since the brand is bigger as a group they are more likely to have group activities rather than solo, Bts have some solo works from RM and Jhope, and Black pink has a solo song fro Jennie. Most of the popular solo artist comes from past groups but they have shown vocal and talent skills If you like kpop i recommend you to listen to the second gen of kpop( 2007 - 2014) my personal fave, I lo
  6. he updated it like 4 or 5 years ago and its so glitchy and worse than it was, people didn't like it and dropped him
  7. he sucks he is disgustin and he deserves the worst thank god he updated his site with that useless interface and lost 60% of his readers
  8. I think is under Taio's page , well here in my country it is lol and yes Animal + Canibal was a masterpice
  9. God Demente is a Bop! even her spanish is better than Selena's
  10. Hot N Cold: 12 California Gurls: 14 Teenage Dream: 32 + Firework: 90 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): 16 The One That Got Away: 22 Part of Me: 22 Wide Awake: 30 Roar: 14 Chained to the Rhythm: 16 -
  11. I don't thinks is a right idea tbh If its an American boy band .. boring! tbh and if its a Korean boy band .. do we need another one? and another survival show? after de Produce 101 fiasco? is it a good idea?
  12. Oh well lets hope for BOTW then ugh thats the only thing i want tbh