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  1. Got back from a long week trip and all my notifications are game or sing up mention brit2 

    1. Cha Eunwoo

      Cha Eunwoo

      You can thank @Ghostface for those spammery

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Or me @Cha Eunwoo jj3 

      I have two games going every other day or two. 

    3. Ghostface



      I am not spamming, @Cha Eunwoocon! ny5

  2. Save: Ashley Tisdale, Hillary Duff, Selena Gomez (where its Zendaya) ? well Zendaya If not raven? Delete: The annoying Cheeta girl chick, Demi the sugar free youghrth terror Lobato , Bellonlyfans Thorne, Olivia Santiago
  3. My 2 exes are now dating .... bey8 I hate this world 

    1. GlenCoco


      Speechless tbh its a bit fucked up but I'm ok tho <3 

    2. Grams


      Ugh!!! Same thing happened to me too. It’s so vile.

    3. Strobo


      Oh wow that sounds horrible D:

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  4. wow the visuals she looks stunning tbh cant wait for her recidency
  5. oh thank god, tbh the album was just bad
  6. TBH if you polish this , would make a nice song... and better than 90% of the song of that album But I hope at this point she does NEVER EVER goes back to that concept or producers that liberation had
  7. Bionic is ageing like a fucking FINE WINE
  8. sounds interesting but let me get my shit together and not have another game fiasco where I don't participate sorry about that king @Ghostface i'll let you know this days <3
  9. Don't let this flop I made beautiful banners for the game List borrowed form the cover singles rate game
  10. *Te sigue juzgando en español* Waking up in vegas es una obra maestra, hermana
  11. she does use crazy ways to promote her album, she always does things like this when her music is out... instead of promoting the actual album she releases a documentary of her drug struggles and crazy tweets, or talks about Selena / Taylor or does something like this , fights against some Radom shit but tbh lately I think she is using too much this days I mean at least this time she is sincere and confuses she drinks and smokes weed maybe next era she will confess si is using coke