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  1. Misery Me Without You One More Summer Red Flag Easy
  2. Well... Very bad timing, NOT funny and a bit racist .... they could have done it different .... but if y'all know NEVER EVER COME AFTER BTS... die hard Armys are ready to drag the shit out of you. lol
  3. katy11

    1. GlenCoco


      don't worry it's all good <3 , nah I get CAL brings traffic and players to the site so that's cool  

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      A Shawn Mendes stan trying to drag... Getting brave in your old age @Mr. Mendesgiphy.gif

    3. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      It was always rigged lbr

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  4. Firework: 182 Part of Me: 20 + Wide Awake: 8 Roar: 50 -
  5. so a random ''LIL'' raper that just ended. her non existence career
  6. Girlfriend - 32 I Can Do Better - 30 Runaway - 30 The Best Damn Thing - 30 When You're Gone - 30 Everything Back But You - 30 Hot - 32 Innocence - 30 I Dont Have to Try - 26 - One of Those Girls - 30 Contaigious - 30 Keep Holding On - 30 + Alone - 30 I Will Be - 30 Adia - 30
  7. Firework: 170 - Part of Me: 22 Wide Awake: 28 + Roar: 40
  8. we are making numbers so @Sirius094 @California boy @Ruthless Love thank you
  9. thats how she rolls.. she always does this, the dos a documentary about her stuggles, she relapses in some kinds and she starts to talk about thinks no one asked for
  10. the title track was just BAD SM is really working with terrible producers latelty this sounds like an exo reject
  11. I'm very offended that Teenagredream lost..... Firework: 164 - Part of Me: 22 Wide Awake: 34 + Roar: 32 Chained to the Rhythm: 10
  12. Rolling in the Deep Get Lucky Hello 24K Magic Stay with Me Uptown Funk Everything I Wanted This Is America Bad Guy Somebody That I Used to Know
  13. ugh ikr .. what happend to the pokemon song? she is busy with American Idol... that the only good thing about that are the looks and Baby Daisy... WE NEED KP6
  14. The returned to promote on music show and variety shows and they did even got their first win after 10 years as a group
  15. Brave Girls, an obscure K-pop girl band that has been almost forgotten in the major music scene, was unexpectedly put on a road to fame and became a star overnight after a YouTube video showing online comments for their dance performances went viral. The video was uploaded when band members lost their momentum to maintain team activities any longer and started discussing their dismantlement. Since Brave Girls debuted as a five-member band in 2011, it has not been recognized by fans for 10 years. The group was able to lay the groundwork for existence with morale-boosting concerts at military