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  1. Lol i sometimes feel like that but some times I think for me is that I don't have much time to play no more, and maybe ain't that innovating tbh idk Mixed feelings towards the game but yet when I play i do my best to enjoy ti
  2. Well if they get it right and spread this Free Britney movement Go for it
  3. Because is one of those fancy magazine whom avoid having many adds, so thats why it's so expensive it doesn't have adds
  4. @18:00 I did not know that The sims team is working with actual simmers sins snowy scapes to do nice building, thats why the buildings in that pack looks amazing @Ruthless Love
  5. Not even 1000 apologies will fix what he has done he is trash and deserves all the backlash tbh this is the one time I agree with cancel culture