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  1. IDK that NRO was produced by zedd no wonder why is such a bop
  2. Katy needs to ditch American Idol cuz the only interesting about that is the looks she serves
  3. Well I do want this so bad tbh but i hope is well organized and not messy as Smilie and not just dropplets like the NRO era which the 70's concept was great but then it all went messy I hope she works with great producers and does it well this time and I hope she gets a lot of time with little Daisy
  4. Ugh she is so talented, this slayed tbh she needs more recognition tbh
  5. no shade but tbh i had no idea of the existence of this song
  6. Losing Grip vs. Take Me Away Complicated vs. Together Sk8er Boi vs. Don't Tell Me I'm with You vs. He Wasn't Mobile vs. How Does It Feel Unwanted vs. My Happy Ending Tomorrow vs. Nobody's Home Anything but Ordinary vs. Forgotten Things I'll Never Say vs. Who Knows My World vs. Fall to Pieces Nobody's Fool vs. Freak Out Too Much to Ask vs. Slipped Away Naked vs. I Always Get What I Want Tough choice tbh LG: 6 UMS:6
  7. Lol i sometimes feel like that but some times I think for me is that I don't have much time to play no more, and maybe ain't that innovating tbh idk Mixed feelings towards the game but yet when I play i do my best to enjoy ti
  8. Well if they get it right and spread this Free Britney movement Go for it