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  1. thank god, RCA is trash I hope this lable gives her the right promotion that she deserves
  2. I miss de Dojo Cat section 

    1. Mario


      The way the Doja section ended up like the Kesha section, i-bebe1

      But i like a few Doja songs (Say So and Like That) 

  3. god this was A LOOK she looked stunning her
  4. I do hope the best for her and she recovers from all the trauma she lived on her younger years I hope this won't turn into an Amanda bynes meltdown and she truly finds something that makes her happy
  5. well Kakao M is the owner of MelON and they tought they did something, but apparently they just fucked up thier own business PNation, Starship are leaving the distributor
  6. Rachel Dolezal could never btw i love random shit ass videos recommended on my youtube feed
  7. same I hate kids and i don't see myself with kids iug
  8. that so sweet .. they are all grown up but despite all the drama between her and her father I know she is truly happy when she is around her kids <3
  9. well if that horrible song did 19 weeks tbh any song can now what payola can do
  10. Hot N Cold: 2 - California Gurls: 10 Teenage Dream: 36 Firework: 104 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): 8 The One That Got Away: 28 Part of Me: 22 + Wide Awake: 30 Roar: 12 Chained to the Rhythm: 16
  11. From the Bottom Of my Broken Heart: 7.7 Up Now