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  1. ShadesofCody

    I haven't been this upset with a singer since Gaga did jazz. What the fuck was that?
  2. It wasn't on radio Aguduhduh.
  3. ShadesofCody

    http://youtu.be/T4CJRFbAdv0 When will your autotuned faves tho?
  4. Selena is prettier, endorsed by Hitler Swift, and doesn't show off her poop chute in magazines.
  5. ShadesofCody

    Obviously Hello.
  6. I honestly think they are very slim ever since UV was snubbed all across the board. We'll just have to wait for that Lifetime Achievement award. Honeymoon being snubbed didn't really surprise me. Surely she is worthy of Best Pop Vocal Album noms tho. Shades of Cool alone >>> Terrence Loves You alone >>>
  7. ShadesofCody

    Do you guys even care about the music or just popularity (charts/sales) and dance skills?
  8. ShadesofCody

    Lana will continue getting the acclaim and respect she so rightfully deserves with each progressive release. She withstood the Born to Die backlash and has remained authentic in the process of creating her legacy. In the future she will be seen as the visionary music legend she truly is. I have faith.
  9. ShadesofCody

    She looks like my ex-boyfriend.
  10. ShadesofCody

    Not when my faves are Legendana Del Reysus and Legendady Gaga.
  11. ShadesofCody

    I can't wait to see how her writing style evolves on her next album.
  12. I was kind of just saying that Honeymoon was the first album with trap elements to it. I didn't mean for the OP to be a great analysis of the influences on each album. I just wanted to ask about the next one.
  13. ShadesofCody

    Why should supermodels/actresses with fake music careers be rewarded? We should reward talent and artistic integrity. Revival of Rihanna rejects. No thanks. We might as well give Paris Hilton a section too then.
  14. ShadesofCody

    I like Cry Baby and her voice fits great with those beats and I respect that she writes her own songs (something many of your faves can't/won't do) but I'm watching some live performances of hers and I'm wondering how did she make it onto X-Factor and pretty far into the competition? Katy sings better live. Taylor sings better live. Selena might even sing better live.
  15. I'd be here for some derk Trash Magic experimental shit. Agreed, I love Flipside but it belongs on UV and if she made another UV album it would make the original seem less special and classic. Don't you stan Trash Magic? What genre is it even?