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  1. Discussion

    Not that overrated mess, Thinkin Bout God ended it
  2. Discussion

    Best song on DW btw
  3. Discussion

    I didn't even know who Kygo was until I heard about Selena's new single, I still don't know him
  4. here

    I tried two days ago to log into Tumblr for the first time in two weeks, and it says "Your Account Has Been Terminated". I contacted Support but they won't reply smh brit9

    Does anyone know what to do?

    1. Vertigo-go

      Is this even legal brit8

      Keep contacting or possibly calling. What was your content like?

  5. Discussion

    That's great to hear! Also yeah, Selena should have released Feel Me instead of It Ain't Me tbh
  6. Discussion

    I'm great sis How have you been darling? Also have you listened to Selena's Feel Me? It's SO GOOD
  7. Discussion

    I MISSED YOU MOREEEE HANNA BANANA, ikr, I'm such a mess
  8. Discussion

    @TattooedHeart @Hannah. HI GIRLS How have y'all been? I missed you so much
  9. here

    Didn't 2016 begin yesterday? How is it already 2017 brit4

  10. Game

    (Sorry for being late ) Focus is a 9!
  11. Celeb News

    The end is near