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  1. Discussion

    Heyyy Does anyone have a link to some of Ariana's unreleased songs (Nobody Does It Better, Pink Champagne)? NDIB is so good but I can't find the full version
  2. "Artists" like the Chainsmokers ruined pop music
  3. Of course Both of them are extremely talented and have flawless discographies Mariah's a certified legend and Ariana's on her way to become an icon
  4. Sweetie, I meant who as in "who is Bon Appetite". It was just a rhetorical question
  5. She also pioneered the Hip-Pop genre Without her, we wouldn't have as many pop/rap collaborations
  6. Nope Mariah declined after E=MC2 but that was 18 years after her debut and she had 18 #1s and two diamond albums under her belt at that time
  7. Album

    Oh yes, I'm so excited for her new music. Hopefully the rest of the album will be like Feel Me
  8. Discussion

    Hola He produced but also co-wrote the song alongside Max Martin. I guess he wanted to be named as a featured artist too so he could get more $$$
  9. Talent always wins But Memoirs above Butterfly?
  10. Discussion

    Hey baby <3 I missed you How are you doing
  11. Discussion

    Everyday flopped harder than Focus
  12. Discussion

    Not that overrated mess, Thinkin Bout God ended it