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    Heyyy Does anyone have a link to some of Ariana's unreleased songs (Nobody Does It Better, Pink Champagne)? NDIB is so good but I can't find the full version
  2. Baby I

    "Artists" like the Chainsmokers ruined pop music
  3. Baby I

    Of course Both of them are extremely talented and have flawless discographies Mariah's a certified legend and Ariana's on her way to become an icon
  4. Sweetie, I meant who as in "who is Bon Appetite". It was just a rhetorical question
  5. She also pioneered the Hip-Pop genre Without her, we wouldn't have as many pop/rap collaborations
  6. Nope Mariah declined after E=MC2 but that was 18 years after her debut and she had 18 #1s and two diamond albums under her belt at that time
  7. Baby I


    Oh yes, I'm so excited for her new music. Hopefully the rest of the album will be like Feel Me
  8. Baby I


    Hola He produced but also co-wrote the song alongside Max Martin. I guess he wanted to be named as a featured artist too so he could get more $$$
  9. Talent always wins But Memoirs above Butterfly?
  10. Baby I


    Hey baby <3 I missed you How are you doing
  11. Baby I


    Everyday flopped harder than Focus
  12. Baby I


    Not that overrated mess, Thinkin Bout God ended it
  13. Baby I


    Best song on DW btw
  14. Baby I


    I didn't even know who Kygo was until I heard about Selena's new single, I still don't know him
  15. Baby I here

    I tried two days ago to log into Tumblr for the first time in two weeks, and it says "Your Account Has Been Terminated". I contacted Support but they won't reply smh brit9

    Does anyone know what to do?

    1. Vertigo-go

      Is this even legal brit8

      Keep contacting or possibly calling. What was your content like?

  16. Baby I


    That's great to hear! Also yeah, Selena should have released Feel Me instead of It Ain't Me tbh
  17. Baby I


    I'm great sis How have you been darling? Also have you listened to Selena's Feel Me? It's SO GOOD
  18. Baby I


    I MISSED YOU MOREEEE HANNA BANANA, ikr, I'm such a mess
  19. Baby I


    @TattooedHeart @Hannah. HI GIRLS How have y'all been? I missed you so much
  20. Baby I here

    Didn't 2016 begin yesterday? How is it already 2017 brit4

  21. Baby I

    (Sorry for being late ) Focus is a 9!
  22. Baby I

    Celeb News

    The end is near