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  1. Beauty Queen

    @Ronlop I know you said you were busy this week but would CALB be replying?
  2. Beauty Queen

    1. Lust For Life 2. Rainbow 3. ANTi 4. Reputation 5. Lemonade 6. Witness 7. Rebel Heart 8. Joanne 9. Golden 10. Glory 11. Me. I Am Mariah
  3. Beauty Queen

    HALSEY: TROIAN: Halsey being the 3rd and 4th biggest artist in Australia and the UK respectively, and I Didn't Mind already charting is a big mood
  4. Beauty Queen

    Omg Zendaya where tf did that come from
  5. Beauty Queen

    @Robert. "They don't play Halsey songs in prison" I'M YELLING
  6. Beauty Queen

    @Jon. can you get Mariah's foot off my chest and let me BREATHE
  7. Beauty Queen

    I fixed it! Is it ok now?
  8. Beauty Queen

    @Ronlop Tour stuff for this week:
  9. Beauty Queen

    Alright! I just thought it would help, since I'd be able to have my promotion effecting the pre-order rather than 'Violins'.
  10. Beauty Queen

    It's an edited single mix for the song, similarly to how Beyonce had the solo pre-order of LROOL, I'll be releasing the details of the edit soon
  11. Beauty Queen

    @Ronlop The single version of 'I Didn't Mind' is now up for pre-order.