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  1. Queendom Recordings, just Halsey for now
  2. Ron said that he doesn't know whether to bring it back or not in case he disappoints us with another break. If he does bring it back, it'll be this Friday. We suggested that he bring it back and if it gets cancelled again then just to let it die for good. He's deciding rn I guess!
  3. @Ronlopare we coming back this Friday?
  4. Other

    My dirty mind was SO confused until I actually watched the video
  5. rig holy trinity S2 for me pls also yes i agree ban her idk
  6. I've been making the song descriptions for the COTM article and it's actually Arcane on four kinds of drugs - Metacritic reviewers are gonna hate me
  7. Georgie! I'm sad to see you retiring but it's your decision and I think we all want you prioritize yourself here, but yes, I would be thrilled to have you on MC, you're an amazing player and person and I'm sure we'd all appreciate having you involved with the game in some way. You're so incredibly talented and have given something so unique to this game that will surely be missed, but again, I wish you all the best, please hang around in rabbit!
  8. Wow @ me triggering a chain reaction of revival you're all welcome btw
  9. @Ronlop how are you feeling? (I can't phrase this in a way that doesn't look passive aggressive mess)
  10. Oh YES
  11. I mean if her music was just flowing in the direction that FROOT started anyways, I'm not exactly bothered
  12. Even tho I flopped most of the game, I'll always be your iconic first winner it's been a blast, I'm coming for wigs next season btw until then, Roxxxy out