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  1. wub1Music Request. Please post any artists down below that are the same vibe as BØRNS, Bleachers, the 1975... thanks in advance!

    1. Beauty Queen

      5SOS's new album 'Youngblood' reminded me a lot of BORNS' Dopamine!

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  2. giphy.gif

    lmfao2 lmfao2


    1. Beauty Queen

      wait halsey outsold the carters?

      im yelling I thought everyone hated the bitch carla1

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  3. just have fun, wanna play ya like a game boy


    don't want one, what's the thrill of the same toy? la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la lie down, down, down



    1. Beauty Queen

      45 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

      Which song? moo1

      Only this timeless BOP imready1


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  4. Hi I know everyone hates Halsey but the video for Strangers (a universally stanned lesbian anthem with Lauren Jauregi btw) comes out tomorrow and you all better stream it tumblr_ow53j460WC1wvvyspo3_1280.gif?w=60

    1. Beauty Queen

      51 minutes ago, The Plague said:

      that song seems hella old now but ok i'll watch it jj2

      An icon mad8

      Giving me throwbacks to Altboards btw mad8


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  5. The light up wristband from my Taylor show last night is still fucking flashing and I have no idea how to stop it 

    1. Beauty Queen

      8 hours ago, Taylor said:

      Screaming dead2 does it change colors still? 

      Maybe it’s best to toss it if it won’t stop rip2 

      No it's just pulsing from white to red constantly fall9

      I really wanna keep it as memorabilia so I wrapped it up in like 4 blankets until it stops giveup1

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  6. i wish this was selena's song, it would fit her so well



    1. Beauty Queen

      omggg this is my favorite song like ever cry6

  7. My 9-month old puppy that I’ve had since she was 6-weeks old has something very wrong with her tummy. The vet isn’t sure if she will make it through the night. I feel like I’m losing a child, it hurts so much. Prayers and thoughts (or whatever) would be awesome... 

  8. HELP! What font is the one used in "Still Got Time" sob1 #helprupaul


    1. Beauty Queen

      I think it might be a stretched-out Goffik Outline?

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  9. if break free never existed and perfect illusion sounded like this? would you be here for it?


  10. I wish we could add our own awards. I stan many artists that don't have an award on here. brit2 

    1. Beauty Queen

      3 minutes ago, delete it fat said:

      same. no awards for Broods and Purity Ring clap1 

      y'all should check Purity Ring btw jj5



      I'm so emo there's no Zella Day award she's one of the only 4 artists I mega stan mad12

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