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    2. Edu

      Seems like another Roanoke or Hotel to me :/

    3. Honey






  2. Hi I know everyone hates Halsey but the video for Strangers (a universally stanned lesbian anthem with Lauren Jauregi btw) comes out tomorrow and you all better stream it tumblr_ow53j460WC1wvvyspo3_1280.gif?w=60

    1. The Plague

      that song seems hella old now but ok i'll watch it jj2

    2. Beauty Queen

      51 minutes ago, The Plague said:

      that song seems hella old now but ok i'll watch it jj2

      An icon mad8

      Giving me throwbacks to Altboards btw mad8


    3. The Plague

      @Beauty Queen OMG sis i miss altboards ! <3 rip1

  3. What the FUCK is that man screaming throughout The Light Is Coming what in the actual fuck was Ariana thinking, it makes the song completely unlistenable? Im genuinely never going to listen to it again that voice gave me a headache

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      The backlash of it all! ny5

    2. POPBOIY

      This era is a bit too safe anyways so....

    3. Honey

      It’s a political statement!!... sorta, it was a quote from a man who stood up and yelled at a senator back in ‘09.  Still is annoying though! 

  4. I really can't believe Fleetwood Mac are touring again katy6

    Like I'm really about to pull up at the barrier around a crowd of middle aged women and an occasional gay and bop my ass to Stevie Nicks gaga1

    1. Urbanov

      Twerking to Lies Live omg burn1 my life would be complete 

  5. just have fun, wanna play ya like a game boy


    don't want one, what's the thrill of the same toy? la-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la lie down, down, down



    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Which song? moo1

    2. Beauty Queen

      45 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

      Which song? moo1

      Only this timeless BOP imready1


  6. The light up wristband from my Taylor show last night is still fucking flashing and I have no idea how to stop it 

    1. Taylor

      Screaming dead2 does it change colors still? 

      Maybe it’s best to toss it if it won’t stop rip2 

    2. Beauty Queen

      8 hours ago, Taylor said:

      Screaming dead2 does it change colors still? 

      Maybe it’s best to toss it if it won’t stop rip2 

      No it's just pulsing from white to red constantly fall9

      I really wanna keep it as memorabilia so I wrapped it up in like 4 blankets until it stops giveup1

  7. I need stan badges for Hayley Kiyoko and Bea Miller tay2

    1. Chris Morlock

      Hayley, yes

      Bea, who? tay2 


    Halsey fucking SNAPPED

    1. Chris Morlock

      YES BITCH WORK.gif

  9. The way Halsey is gonna have such a huge hit with Without Me, it's dominating radio rn oprah2

  10. @Halsey your oprah2 your set oprah2 it's so beautiful oprah2

    1. Luca

      Thank you so much! hug1cry6 

  11. Lust for Life really is Lana's best album sass5 not a bad song on there, they're all perfect ugh sass5

  12. Selena's no-album era was lowkey everything omg, Back To You, It Ain't Me, Fetish and Bad Liar (not Wolves) all pop off imready1

    1. Kyoteki

      She’s literally dropping pop quality 💀

      cant wait for an actual album

  13. The new 5SOS album is so good I'm in shock. Giving me weird nostalgia to my awkward pre-teen phase of stanning She Looks So Perfect fall3 The title track is a solid 10/10 oh my god

  14. Madison Beer's music is one big meh but the bridge of 'Fools' is the genesis of pop music gaycat1

  15. Ugh if Halsey wasn't so unlikeable to everyone but her fans she could've reached pop girl status with the gays I'm mad