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    Video contents:


    The video Halsey posts to Connect features her sitting in an interview chair behind the scenes of her short film for her upcoming album 'Party Monster'. More specifically, she talks to us about the forthcoming music video, following 'Chinatown Blues' x 'Living With Saints'. 

    "So, we're on set, behind the scenes of the short film, and we're about to start filming the video that comes after Living With Saints, so I'm super excited for that. This is the part where the concept of the film really starts coming to light. The Chinatown Blues x Living With Saints double feature is sort of a prologue to the rest of the story, but this is kinda the part where the real plot of the thing comes through".

    An unheard instrumental plays softly in the background - it has a cheery, poppy beat and electronic production aided by some interesting high-pitched guitars. It sounds like a fast, 'bop'-type song.

    "I don't wanna give away too much, but the short film is about me, on this mission to defeat the 'Party Monster'. In the album, I am the 'Party Monster', so I guess you could say I'm sort of fighting off the worst parts of myself. It's super cool, we've designed it after sort of the idea of a video game. Fighting games like Mortal Kombat or World of Warcraft come to mind. I watched one of my favourite movies again, just before I wrote the treatment for the film, it's called 'Scott Pilgrim v. The World', and I got so inspired by this video-game-come-to-life idea that I just had to. The 'Party Monster' is like the final boss. It's super exciting"

    And with a bright, toothy smile and giggle, the video ends.


  2. 1 minute ago, Maria said:

    sis planned to have the game return later this month. i don't want to say a date bc i'd rather let him announce it, but regardless, no, the game's not back tomorrow. gaga3


    Just now, hector said:

    nah it ain't, dylan's going to restart it as soon as he gets everything ready and there's some stuff he needs to sort off still!

    thank fuck I thot I had to release party monster tomorrow and lord knows I havent finished her moo9