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  1. 4 minutes ago, Bleachella said:

    and that’s probably where miss Ella got the caption from! we love a full circle analysis gaga1

    I'm lowkey surprised you didn't know about the original GDW dfbghfjksl I thought you possessed that level of culture gaga1

  2. 7 minutes ago, Bleachella said:

    omg I thot u got the title from miss Ella (irl not me lol) she posted a picture on ha insta a while ago that had the caption gold dust woman and the only reason I remembered was bc I was scrolling thru lordedaily on tumblr for photo shoots and I found it!! ari9

    omg no Gold Dust Woman is a Fleetwood Mac song sljjgkfldsdfkgj the Halsey version in-game is like an Ariana x Goodnight N Go type sample nicki5

  3. Just now, Bleachella said:

    first of all stupid fag I never downvoted your playlist fjfnfkcnw 


    second of all are u really THAT bitter? didn’t Halsey create her playlist like 6 months ago? Yikes!!!

    oh no I just genuinely prefer Zumba (and a playlist who's host will keep it updated btw) ari7