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    Earlier this month, we were proud to unveil our newest celebrity campaign, fiercely figureheaded by the young, polarising and controversial star on everybody’s A-lists right now, Halsey. Excited about the campaign run for her new upcoming album ‘Party Monster’, ourselves and Halsey struck an idea to create an eyeshadow palette themed after the album for her fans and excited makeup conniseurs alike. The idea worked, but a simple line of billboards and commercilas just wasn’t enough. In order to capture the spirit of both the eyeshadow palette and the album, it would take something much more, something interactive and exciting for Halsey and her ‘Moonkids’ to come into one with. What better way to do that, than to party? ____ After the excitement of the announement, Halsey tweeted a link to a page on her website where fans could RSVP for a mysterious event titled ‘Party One’. The first lucky one thousand fans to RSVP managed to land tickets to the happening. Upon receiving their tickets, they also were given instructions - including directions to an eerie warehouse in downtown Brooklyn, as well as a strict costume-only dress code. When the night finally arrived on November 16th, those lucky thousand were by no means disappointed by the delights which awaited them. Entering the warehouse would immediately reveal a much more glamorous interior, decorated to the nines and decorated by open bars and beer kegs for the wild-at-heart. Not only that, but on this same day, the eyeshadow palette for ‘Party Monster’ would turn from a pre-order item to an on-sale wonder, and stalls all around the warehouse would dispense the palette, and other ABH Cosmetics products (but mostly ‘Party Monster’), to those fans excited about the product. Time would pass,about an hour, with the party kicking off in full glory. Things got wild, and so did the invitees, as alcohol started making the rounds (at which we will now disclose to be an 18+ only event), and party-goers started of course, loosing their cool. But where was Halsey? Although her greatest hits including the entirety of ‘Children of the Moon’ would play over the event speakers for the duration of the hour, the star was nowhere to be seen, until finally, a new, unknown instrumetal would begin ringing throughout the warehouse. A cheery and upbeat instrumental, based around electronic beats and manual instrumentation, the until-then-unnamed song began with a perfectly timed lyric, speaking ‘Let’s beat down the door’, and as follows, a large white spotlight would reveal a previously hidden balcony where a young Halsey would now stand. Done up head to toe in her best Tarantino garbs - the queen of alternative pop wore a bloody, yellow ‘The Bridge’ costume, as seen in ‘Kill Bill”, complete with a prop katana that doubled as a microphone on it’s handled side. Halsey would then go on to start singing along to the unknown song as all of the guests started losing their minds at her presence. The song only increased it’s self in energy, and was a hit with the crowd, who all let loose to dance along to the track, a much more pop-tuned, radio-friendly sounding track as opposed to previously alternative sounding deep cuts from ‘Children of the Moon’. After the song ended, the acrobatic young star would suspend down from her balcony on a harnessed rope, into the crowd below her, where she then proceeded to crowd surf on top of the sea of young party animals, losing their chill to have Halsey on top of them. Through her katana-guised microphone, she would reveal, while being passed over the crowd, ‘That song was called ’Notorious’, and it’s the second single off of my new album’. The crowd went wild at the singer’s revelation, quickly learning the name and premise of the second official ‘Party Monster’ single, to follow the #1 worldwide smash, ‘Living With Saints’. After this, Halsey would proceed to make her wait over to an elevated stage in the centre of the warehouse. Bringing remnants from the ‘Children of the Moon’ wourld tour, with a circular platform overlooking a grouped-around crowd. On this stage, Halsey would then continue to introduce her next song, to be the same-day release Christmas special, or rather, an outtake from the album, ‘Away For December’. During this performance, a rain of bubbles and soap foam would rain from the ceiling of the warehouse, giving the illusion of snowfall, and the crowd, although partially drunk, would band together to give a collective arm wave for the soft-spirited and mellow track. During this period, an LED screen would reveal it’s self in the back of the venue, and would start playing an unexpected slideshow of album visuals and booklet artwork for the album, to which the fans reacted excitedly. The visuals consisted of the same pink and red colour scheme from the newly revealed cover artwork of the album, and would feature Halsey in various party situations, as part of the official ‘Party Monster’ promotional photoshoot. The fans seemed to love the visuals and after the performance of ‘Away for December’, the party would rage onwards for a while, with Halsey integrating into the crowd and communicating with everyone she could, as well as whispering album facts and secrets into the lucky ears of select fans. throughout the crowd. The party would rage on harder, and with crowd members getting a bit crazy under the influence and Halsey herself getting a little ditzy, the singer would climb back up to the stage, and, evidently against the original planned setlist for the party, would call out to her team members and party organizers to ‘Load up the background for “Gold Dust Woman”’. The singer would then proceed to give the fans a second preview of a new track, performing the song ‘Gold Dust Woman’, talked about in her recent interview with fan Freddy Farpson. The song, directly inspired by the Fleetwood Mac track of the same name, was slow, emotional and mellow in it’s nature. A collection of lyrics from the Fleetwood Mac song were sampled within Halsey’s, however, the song was not a full cover of the track by any means, and was merely inspired and took sample. Halsey herself, obviously with heightened emotions from the alcohol, would start tearing up a bit while singing the song, and the crowd as a whole certainly got quite emotional for the new track which is definitely standing out to be one of the more soft, sad and beautifully written songs off of the album. After this, however, Halsey would then go on to bring back up the spirits of the now-emotional crowd, by bringing up her boyfriend Lido to the stage, dressed as David Bowie, for the two to do a duet of the ‘Children of the Moon’ track ‘Living Art’, a bright and inspirational song about the two reclaiming the love that they had lost after a long and painful breakup. The crowds spirited were surely lifted by the performance by the two and once the song finished up, Halsey left the stage, returning to the crowd to continue her ways as the ‘Party Monster’ she deems herself on her album cover. A wild and exciting night, the lucky roundup of fans were delighted to have gotten the chance to party like a true party monster with Halsey for a night, and although only the first of two more parties to come, more details about the album started pouring out from Halsey herself, and the ‘Party Monster’ eyeshadow palette enjoyed it’s first chance to be bought in person by the makeup-mad-Moonkids lined up at the warehouse stalls. ‘Away for December’, an outtake from ‘Party Monster’, is available now everywhere, and ‘Party Monster’ is now available for pre-order.