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  1. 14 hours ago, Ronlop said:


    Before we begin Season 10, I would like to get an update on what your artist did in S9 and where he left off because I didn't follow so much.

    Any achievements, any special announcements he made that I need to know of ( @Harry_CAL I know about Lana's marriage), any thing he booked for next month, any new deals/partnerships you've started, etc.

    Halsey recently achieved her first #1 hit with 'Living With Saints', and is preparing for the announcement and release of H2 including the drop of the promotional single 'Chinatown Blues'.

  2. Architecture -  OUT
    Bartender - OUT
    Happiness is a Butterfly - IN
    Mariners Apartment Complex - IN
    Mary (Scared of Me) - OUT
    Roses Bloom For You - IN
    Sylvia - OUT
    Talking Like an Answering Machine - OUT
    Venice Bitch - IN
    Wild One - IN
    Yosemite - IN