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  1. I really can't believe Fleetwood Mac are touring again katy6

    Like I'm really about to pull up at the barrier around a crowd of middle aged women and an occasional gay and bop my ass to Stevie Nicks gaga1

    1. Chris Morlock
    2. Urbi


      Twerking to Lies Live omg burn1 my life would be complete 

  2. Omg I feel so horrible for you wtf that's the most unfortunate thing?? Here's hoping you'll see her some day
  3. Omg no stop I feel terrible for you Reading this sentence really like hurt my feelings???? How sick was a bitch exactly?
  4. The way Halsey is gonna have such a huge hit with Without Me, it's dominating radio rn oprah2


    Halsey fucking SNAPPED

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      YES BITCH WORK.gif

  6. Halsey - Now or Never 1. Whole Lott'a Love 2. Need You 3. Round With Me 4. The Ups & The Downs 5. Down Forever 6. Baby 7. You Are Mine 8. Make Your Mind Up 9. Different Town 10. Call Me 11. I Don't Wanna Fight 12. Done 13. No More Time
  7. Architecture - OUT Bartender - OUT Happiness is a Butterfly - IN Mariners Apartment Complex - IN Mary (Scared of Me) - OUT Roses Bloom For You - IN Sylvia - OUT Talking Like an Answering Machine - OUT Venice Bitch - IN Wild One - IN Yosemite - IN
  8. marina_nicki_minaj_tweet_unbearable.jpg


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      You're in a 2013 mood? sha1


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      Seems like another Roanoke or Hotel to me :/

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  10. @Halsey your oprah2 your set oprah2 it's so beautiful oprah2

    1. Luca


      Thank you so much! hug1cry6 

  11. I need stan badges for Hayley Kiyoko and Bea Miller tay2

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Hayley, yes

      Bea, who? tay2 

  12. Omg Benny Blanco is producing a new collab between himself, Halsey and khalid I’m quaking there was a teaser on her Instagram story and it sounds SO good
  13. RIGHT? + She comes out with new ones every leg of the tour and they're always gorgeous no matter what She posted this SICK jacket on her Instagram story today that's going to be at the next leg, apparently. It's gorgeous
  14. A truth tea but I highkey feel like getting it traced as an actual tattoo in the future because I'm THAT Stan Omg ME, every time I order her merchandise I always have to pay a twenty euro customs charge on it AFTER it arrives and I've already payed everything else via credit card. The sad part is that I'm gonna keep doing it, too. Her clothing merchandise is just something else. I especially love the way she changes the VIP shirts every couple of concerts, I have no idea what mine will look like whew. A me waiting to see what hair she'll have for our M&G tea
  15. Ugh I stg if her personality was a little more bearable to the gee pee she could've been a ww star by now, or at least big with the twitter gays But yes ugh I have the HFK box set and it's THAT bitch, I refuse to use the tattoo or open up the badges I'm keeping them forever The clothing merchandise is also fucking EVERYTHING my wardrobe is quickly becoming stockpiled with just Halsey merch and I'm not mad about it
  16. Ugh TRUE, even though she didn't have much of an idea what she was doing with the whole concept thing in Badlands, it was still aesthetically supreme, but HFK was on a whole different level The aesthetics are literally every Tumblr teen's wet dreams and I'm HERE for it, there's so much thought behind literally everything in the graphics, tour, and everything else Tbh I lowkey think she's gonna get better with the next one though. Her label getting her that gig on the finale of the Voice has me thinking they trust her a lot more which is big for next era, we could have a full lemon
  17. Omg I've literally been wondering for SO long There was also a poster featured for a split second in the Colors video which was in the same style as the Colors poster but for Drive I've been trying to get M&G people on twitter to ask her for months so now I'm just gonna do it myself in September, Best guess is that it got scrapped because the label didn't think it had potential as a single
  18. I’m gonna tear you bitches apart in the LFL big brother watch out
  19. 01. Dark Paradise - Modern Woman 02. Dark Paradise - Chris 03. Dark Paradise - Sailor Mars 04. Summertime Sadness - Pandora 05. Dark Paradise - Hylia 06. Summertime Sadness - Beauty Queen 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. fuck you @Lachlan there's no way I survive this
  20. Thank god you bitches weren't ratchet enough to think it was even plausible to ever send video games out to save lucky ones
  21. 01. Lucky Ones - Ghostface 02. Video Games - Freaky Prince 03. Lucky Ones - Urbanov 04. Video Games - Hylia 05. Lucky Ones - Hunty Bear 06. Video Games - Sailor Mars 07. Video Games - Queendora 08. Lucky Ones - Beauty Queen 09. 10. 11. Wtf keeping Lucky Ones in favour of Video Grammys is even an OPTION to y’all?
  22. Ugh if Halsey wasn't so unlikeable to everyone but her fans she could've reached pop girl status with the gays I'm mad

  23. 01. Blue Jeans - Regine Filange 02. Blue Jeans - Chris Morlock 03. Blue Jeans - Ghostface 04. Blue Jeans - Freaky Prince 05. Blue Jeans - Hylia 06. Blue Jeans - Beauty Queen 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12.
  24. 01. Video Games - Ghostface 02. Born to Die - Imperfect 03. Video Games - Regine Filange 04. Born to Die - Pandora 05. Video Games - EvilRegal 06. Video Games - Hunty Bear 07. Born To Die - Hylia 08. Born To Die - Beauty Queen 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.