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  1. Love the title! Really hoping this’ll be a bop
  2. Usagi

    Gossip Girl, just finished season 4 and I forgot how obsessive I got over this back in the day
  3. Waterparks - Turbulent
  4. Usagi


    I may get a product this launches if it looks actually groundbreaking and reviews are good also shout out to me for having that exact Haus logo on a River island T-shirt in about 2010?
  5. Usagi

    Celeb News

  6. Usagi

    Celeb News

    My makeup loving ass is praying this stuff is good
  7. BTS feat Halsey - Boy With Luv
  8. Congratulations queen!
  9. this story didn’t exactly shock me, messy of Mel B to feel the need to mention it now