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  1. Sylk


    classic! still sounds fresh, absolutely love it
  2. Sylk


    Best: Vision of Love Worst: Hero
  3. Sylk


    I can see why you might not like it, it has a demo quality to it and her voice sounds tired. But the melody and her vocals (even tired) are STUNNING! I hope you come around to liking it! Mesmerized is a fav of mine yess
  4. Sylk


    IDWC has been on REPEATTT for me!!! And I completely agree, the original does nothing for me but the live version, with her Daydream era voice and phrasing >>>>>>> Thoughts on One Night?
  5. Sylk


    i will
  6. Sylk


    one of her best, and i absolutely love the Anytime You Need a Friend C&C Dub Mix... 10 minutes of vocal HEAVEN! Loverboy David Morales Club of Love Remix and Underneath The Stars Drifting Remix are some of my favs! Her remix catalog is absolutely stunning and are essentially "new" songs cause majority of them have new lyrics, melodies, arrangements and vocals!
  7. Sylk


    I like it, the sample is a bit receptive and it sounds unfinished but the melody works great with the sample you can tell this is how it was originally written.
  8. Sylk


    How is everyone enjoying The Rarities? I think its really good! Fav tracks: Can You Hear Me, One Night, Mesmerized... and the entirety of Tokyo Dome!
  9. Sylk


    It's actually very good! Highlights: All I Live For, Mesmerized, Cool On You, Do You Think of Me and imo one of her best ballads ever Can You Hear Me
  10. Are you still here king? :( 

    1. Sylk

      i'm here!!

    2. Royalty

      How are you?

    3. Sylk

      I'm good king how are you? 

  11. Sylk


    this song is literally perfect, the beat, the melody, the lyrics, her voice omg it's a masterpiece
  12. Sylk

    surprised no one mentioned the obvious choice: Lana
  13. Sylk

    in what world are they similar ?