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  1. Sylk here

    no one: 


    13 year old me: fuck you pop music this is ARTPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sylk here

    willow when she wants to enter clothes mansion


    1. Sylk

      i want @Aidan. @Taylor @Dr. Slay @Mitski @Quill all to see this 

    2. Aidan.

      Me when I've been out drinking and I come home past Clothes curfew

  3. this is so fucked up, i hope her and her mom are safe
  4. omg an album cut the STAN jumped out time to rewatch his only good movie call me by your name (which is ALLAH) @Venus XCX
  5. Sylk

    A No No remix en route
  6. Sylk

    girl ain't this nicki
  7. Sylk here

    willow getting in bed with us


  8. Sylk here

    just had phone sex with @Hylia

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