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  1. Sylk

    yes Jennifer absolutely bodied the 90s especially 1993-1997
  2. never have i once every thought of comparing the two or seen monsters do the same omg OGH alert
  3. Sylk here


    1. Ariana

      I'd believe it oprah15

    2. LittleDudeNT5

      Ed Sheeran is scary enough now we gotta deal with $35 Ham Sandwich Ed Sheeran. I'm gonna have nightmares. 

  4. yes but she's pretty one dimensional i don't see her achieving longevity like gaga, who was able to monkey bar from jazz to tv to movie etc
  5. Sylk


    cause we ALL know the real answer to that question
  6. Sylk

    not long, their comeback is mainly for nostalgia they have made no real noise
  7. Sylk


    they’re not even navy i bet... this whole “where’s the album” thing is so overblown locals who’s fav rihanna song is umbrella keep asking for the album 💀
  8. Sylk here

    me and @Hylia


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    2. Sylk

      i'm the one with the big titties 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Perfect couple

    4. Hylia

      That’s on period