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  1. @Bionic Monster sorry btw I recently updated the tag list and alphabetized it so I must've forgot to add you added btw since your name starts with a B you're #1 on there
  2. It hasn't even been a week and ya'll already calling it a flop. It's literally useless to track it's daily itunes position or how much it sold, songs have taken months to slowly climb. We can't be sure if it's a legitimate flop until atleast a few weeks from now, give it a rest.
  3. a TASTEEEE!!!!!! Flawless top 4 btw
  4. yes btw Jack Jack is still alive!!
  5. btw I Wish You Well her usual inspirational/gospel number of the album, didn't care for it alot but I heard it once and WIG WENT she serves VOCALS
  6. #PersonalStorytime one of my schoolmate's grandmother died so I sent them Bye Bye cause it has the "grandmothers" line in it, long story short they became one of my bestfriends. This song really hits hard cause they passed away last year.
  7. Have you watched the video? She tributes everyone she ever worked with and her family members and even her pets
  8. btw #SylkFACT if you listen closely the all the vocals on For The Record are layered with vocals an octave below. Plus you can hear all 4 different octaves including whistle when she sings "They can't compare to MC" She let the GIRLS KNOWWW plus she holds that whistle note at the end for like a full minute of whatever
  9. btw missed #SylkFACT I'm That Chick samples MJ's Off The Wall also E=MC2 = Emancipation of Mariah Carey part 2
  10. Yea I searched and that's not the case