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  1. The Festive Lounge

    festive lounge suddenly active, wig mysteriously disappeared
  2. The Festive Lounge

  3. The Festive Lounge

    omg tea wth does E=MC2 means besides Emancipation=MariahCarey2
  4. The Festive Lounge

  5. The Festive Lounge

    anyways that fad einstein's only achievement was giving mariah an album title
  6. The Festive Lounge

    omg tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! during my final math exams all i wrote was according to my calculations mariah is a gorgeous skinny legend with 2 diamond albhums and 18 #1s
  7. The Festive Lounge

    stanning mariah is the only education/job ya'll will ever need ladies!!
  8. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    well then you can be the queen <33 will send my rates soon!
  9. The Festive Lounge

    i know you got that fever for me hundered and two @Vilppu
  10. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    mariah section king sylk found DEAD "Starlight kilt that bitch" said insider vilppu
  11. The Festive Lounge

    yes like the songs on Memoirs !!!!!!!!
  12. The Festive Lounge

    she literally snapped on it, anyway i been listening to this version
  13. The Festive Lounge

    even though i try i can'ttt legooooo
  14. Who would do a tribute for Mariah?

    tea she hasn't shaded that many people, she never comes for anyone and 99% of the time she's always asked about or instigated into saying something shady. Other than that she is cool with many vocalists ie Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion etc
  15. The Festive Lounge

    we suddenly stan vilgod!! i only states facts !