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  1. Sylk


    cause we ALL know the real answer to that question
  2. Sylk

    not long, their comeback is mainly for nostalgia they have made no real noise
  3. Sylk


    they’re not even navy i bet... this whole “where’s the album” thing is so overblown locals who’s fav rihanna song is umbrella keep asking for the album 💀
  4. Sylk here

    me and @Hylia


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    2. Sylk

      i'm the one with the big titties 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Perfect couple

    4. Hylia

      That’s on period

  5. meek telling us about nicki’s brother like we didn’t already know that.. let’s talk about the latest hot topic: you abusing women !!
  6. Sylk

    Shakira is a MASSIVE global legend and icon. The NFL knew what they were doing when they hired her and then Jlo (who also did a great job) attracted the US audience, one of the best halftime shows imo
  7. Sylk


    can’t believe i called her a fad that will fade she completely proved me wrong this is amazing and i’m genuinely excited for the album the visuals are stunning the music is amazing the growth feels organic no trend hopping no pretentiousness i’m here for it !!
  8. amazing and stfu grew on me a lot too but i find her off center hair part on the album cover extremely irritating
  9. y’all stop saying it’s cause of bradley it’s not true !! bradley could release a whole ass album tomorrow it won’t debut in the Top 200, this whole project was driven by Gaga she was the star and its success was because of her casting !! Same goes for the song
  10. Sylk


    its good, perhaps her best album so far some tracks are a no though !
  11. unfortunately i dont have the luxury to have a favorite, whatever's available !!