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  1. not an unreleased song, its the impromptu jazz performance she did
  2. Chris

    Why do I never see you sis

  3. I feel the same way its a cute song
  4. I own Forever and I've smelt M by Mariah (I got it for my friend)
  5. idk how to find it but Vision of Love topped it i believe
  6. Was listening to I Wish You Knew last night
  7. You're Mine (Eternal) vs. 8th Grade
  8. idk if i can vote but Camouflage should stay!
  9. Does anybody wish she would remaster her debut
  10. Fantasy Vs Honey Vs Heartbreaker Underneath The Stars Vs Butterfly Vs Can't Take That Away One Sweet Day Vs My All Vs Bliss Open Arms Vs The Roof Vs How Much Always Be My Baby Vs Fourth Of July Vs After Tonight I Am Free Vs Breakdown Vs X-Girlfriend When I Saw You Vs Babydoll Vs Heartbreaker (Featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott) Long Ago Vs Close My Eyes Vs Against All Odds Melt Away Vs Whenever You Call Vs Crybaby Daydream Interlude Vs Fly Away Vs Did I Do That? Forever Vs The Beautiful Ones Vs Thank God I Found You Looking In Vs Outside Vs Petals/Rainbow B
  11. Its actually a very interesting read. There are some stuff that we never knew (I mean atleast I didn't know skjfskj) I think you might like it if you read it I would have to say that I agree. Alot of stuff was glossed over, especially about the music. I was so interested to learn how things came about with her first few albums... but at the same time I would say there was just too much to cramp into the book.. she spent a while talking about childhood (rightfully so) that I think she had to skim alot of stuff later. However, it gets better with the Glitter part of the book... I hope u