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  1. first of all, it's amazing how these records are charting so early !! anyways, MC always climbs and peaks at around christmas time and with 15+ Million copies sold it's pretty likely everyone already has the album lol
  2. Sylk

    with the big payola machine aka scooter braun behind her it is possible, i mean they leaked her nudes to sexualize her image and coincidentally that same week billbaord predicted she will comeback with a #1... but purely on the merits of her music no.. she just doesn't have the vernacular to be #1 too problematic, terrible music, zero longevity or individuality ...shes a typecast artist
  3. Sylk

    she looks stunning
  4. and that's on period
  5. yes she absolutely can it's inevitable the queen of #1s the queen of christmas the relevant legend will once again extend her incredible longevity with another #1
  6. this year the song has a full week of sales/stream tracking since xmas falls on wednesday, billboard themselves predicted the #1 not only that it's the 25th anniversary of the album so she's releasing a deluxe edition of the album that goes on sale around the same time (pre-orders are already available) last year it peaked #3 on Hot 100 and broke all streaming records but with adele releasing soon will she be able to get that #1? if she does she will break several records while also being the first #1 for 2020 are you here for it? can she do it?
  7. it's... a ... halloween... costume... chile relax it's not that serious
  8. silly rap beefs just get her more CHECKS
  9. it's not she's literally a child so it's not like she can pick her own costume.. and kylie's her mother
  10. both the albums are gonna tank, but ofco poppy will tank alot more cause she has a very small fanbase of fags stanning
  11. I feel like the Rihanna releasing music joke is basically universal but once she does releases an album it will be moderately successful cause people just dont buy music lol but it will smash in streams and the singles will be hits Lana - White Hot Forever
  12. elton has always hated oldonna so this is a bias opinion but i do agree to some extent hagdonnasaures rex really was out for gaga