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  1. Sylk

    There are pretty solid rumours that the album will be titled 'M' idk how i feel about it but yeah... orangu1
  2. Sylk here


    see my signature


  3. an appeal in court for being guilty of destroying our ears with robot on helium vocals maybe....
  4. No, they don't. They will age like milk, zero longevity, hes a fad locals move on from one fad to another soon he will be forgotton. But he is releasing with Mariah soon so atleast he will have something to be remembered by!
  5. Her name is Mirage cause shes so skinny we cant see her
  6. The lambs in the audience went OFF
  7. Mariah even approved Normalegendni omg tag drag bag sag fag hag rack that bxtch !!
  8. Sylk here

    Her best song yes i agree


  9. Hylia here

    Mariah Carey is my favorite pizza place

    1. Sylk

      Yea the 5 octave garlic bread is my fav

    2. Sylk

      Just spotted the chef


  10. Sylk here


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    2. Hylia

      Throughout her 14 studio albums, Tori has 2 vocal collaborations on them, only 1 of which is credited in the title. Both of these artists fall within either the rock or folk rock genres, as Tori herself is a piano rock/baroque artist. So tell me Miss Sylk, how would a hip-hop and house artist fit onto a song with an artist from universally different genres? oprah12 

    3. Sylk

      I did not expect this snatching wtf


  11. Sylk

    equivalent of a child pointing fingers and fuming at why he's the only one being punished