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  1. Satori here

    bey3 thanks for checking in on me 

  2. Sylk

    It samples someone who doesn’t have a deal with some streaming services so it’s not available in some places
  3. Sylk

    NOW understand why they chose madonna to do the tribute
  4. Sylk


    lets not forget the time Kylie helped scientists develop the very technology we use today to listen to our music by releasing this
  5. Sylk


    queen of pop!
  6. op is to this ava max girl what agugaga is to xtina
  7. Sylk

    THE FLAVOUR omg stan what brought on this sudden stanation?
  8. Sylk here

    cersei in kings landing when everyone is fighting the white walkers


  9. Sylk

    Music Video

    So cringey and terrible she’s a caricature of what a pop girl is supposed to be a kids bop version more precise... I can’t believe people were hyping her to be the next lady Gaga miss Gaga on her second single gave us Poker Face... no words
  10. Mitski here

    How wonderful life is, now you're in the world hug1

  11. Sylk here


    1. Hylia

      He really was a dumb bitch

  12. Sylk

    i got frustrated and started clicking i like both by the end leave me alone my coffee was getting cold THE FLAVOUR of the graphic omg but weight hold awn let me move my bang so i can see the placement of The Roof
  13. Sylk

    the flavour here's mine rank songs 1 One Mo' Gen 2 Giving Me Life 3 8th Grade 4 GTFO 5 The Distance 5 Stay Long Love You 7 Caution 8 Portrait 9 With You 10 A No No