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  1. first of all, memoirs is excellent literally everyone realized that and it doesn't work perfect, the song is too disjointed miley and ariana are struggling to make it sound like a one cohesive song before miss lana even enters but tea taste is subjective after all second of all actually i dont have a second of all i didn't think this first of all second of all trope through nvm
  2. period the bar is so low this is especially disappointing since all three have released good solo material this year... are you a fan of the song dahhling?
  3. just ate a brownie, dont call me angel !
  4. this is one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my LIFE ya'll loved to come for taylor's neck saying she was gay baiting with YNCD but this is truly some gay-baiting shit right here... Lana is there to attract the depressed gays, miley is there for the crackhead gays and ariana is there for the rest of the uppity fem fags that rot on stan twitter literally zero correlation, zero theme.. what an odd combo and it fails miserably they could've swapped out lana for someone else like charli xcx maybe or normani (but I guess ariana passes as the poc token) cause it's so cringey to watch her awkwardly hover in the background waiting for her part to come on, some 40+ year old executive at Sony Pictures really thought this was a great idea .. what a joke.. anyways!
  5. Sylk

    period Fourth of July, The Roof, Outside my trinity btw look at her dissecting the different layers of the song thats what happens when you WRITE, SING and PRODUCE it yourself
  6. Sylk

    beauty, poise, talent, success... she has it all
  7. never really cared for sam so i have no opinion on this... but it's really interesting that the people reacting negativity to this are mostly LGBT !!
  8. Sylk

    Mariah is returning, sign me up
  9. Liam is MY member of the year period no one has worked harder to keep FOTP alive than him Legend L... A Lister... Anne Frank Husband... a true icon!!
  10. omg the academy award performance ugh
  11. omg i can’t believe i missed so much this is so embarro