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  1. Sylk

    Well you shaded ha, ignored the facts and then downvoted.. whose really pressed here sis
  2. Sylk

    Also side note: Jlo was not the only artist used by Tommy to bring down MC but Jlo was the most successful attempt. The sample incident wasn't it either MC was going to record Do You Know Where You're Going To? But Tommy made Jlo do it first, they also put out her album and singles ahead of MC just alot of backstage shady stuff. It wasn't until Tommy stepped down as CEO of Sony in 2003 that Mariah was allowed to breathe. She went through a mental breakdown, public scrutiny, career failures etc all on top of losing her father during that time. I would be upset and angry with Jlo too it's only natural. Although I don't see why she's still holding on to it after all these years? She hasn't really said anything mean besides idkha so maybe if they met they might make up !
  3. Sylk

    Literally sick and tired of you FAGS saying shit like this when this is literally her last week: This is the shit that i fucking hate. Stop talking shit about Legend Mariah. Half of y'all fav don't got ha hair--to the point, it's like anything MC do y'all bitches got something to say ? Mimi is away she's about to do what she's about to do and she's about show all he other girls what they SHOUDA did matter fact keep talking cause that's what's making ha hawt 💋
  4. Sylk

    Jokes aside got a bit emo reading this he sounds like a great guy. I'd say continue being friends with him, if its meant to be it's meant to be.
  5. Sylk

    This is flattering haha I don't know what to say I've always thought if you as a friend
  6. Sylk

    smegma covered pedophile ass bitch smsksm
  7. Sylk

    Key word: trying See you in heaven 💋 Well jlo kept quiet when she played the tool in sabotagng MCs career so... besides "I dont know her" isn't too brutal
  8. Sylk

    Maybe not the biggest but Miss Mariah gets some undeserved hate. Humble legend, harmless icon never comes for anyone just a bit of playful shade minds her own bidness with her twins waiting for Christmas all year long festive queen MC hate will NEVER prosper this is exactly the reason why God doesn't allow fags in heaven get off the hate train and get on the STAN train and Jesus himself will welcome you in the sanctity of God's home with open arms else rot in hell for all eternity your choice
  9. Sylk here




  10. Sylk here

    When I'm mad at @Hylia but he says something super funny


  11. Tbt to when someone asked how you pronounce XXXTENTACION and another person replied 'dead'
  12. Her mind to just adjust setlists on the spot the MUSICIAN jumped out
  13. Breaking: Venus goes off! "He just went off in broad daylight and we had to stan" said onlooker Sylk The emotional trauma that follows after being invovled in such a tragic event is understandable but this is totally insensitive to and undermines the victims/LGBT community. He can keep saying he's exgay maybe he might convince hope cause he certaintly won't be convincing anyone else. Once you go fag, you never go back