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  1. yes like her record for the longest jump for an oreo dunk
  2. here

    me forcing all of my friends to listen to mariah 


  3. SCALPED, SNATCHED, DECEASED where are all these acapellas and vocal tracks coming from
  4. omg she still looks exactly like her former selves! ageless queen
  5. CANDY BLORD vs. The Impossible
  6. It sounds really weird but both Mariah and Britney adapt to new styles pretty easily so if they could make it work we are here for it!
  7. Your Girl vs. One And Ony someone has to break this MIH streak
  8. Make It Happen vs. Mine Again
  9. Hero - Music Box (1993) Overall Score: 7.9 Fantasy - Daydream (1995) Alongside being her 9th #1, Fantasy also became the first song ever by a female artist to debut at #1 and the second overall behind Michael Jackson's 'You Are Not Alone' Thesong samples "Genius Of Love," a 1981 hit by The Tom Tom Club. Mariah made her directorial debut by direction the music video herself. @who @Warrior @Frozen @Violet ya'll wanna join the taglist? Check the OP for details btw if you're new! xo