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  1. those sales are just the sprinkles on a sundae of streams anyways she killed two stones with one bird when she released the song AND the video of the year so who cares she WON
  2. here

    some doggy videos i saved for you 

  3. here

    Unravel by Björk is the greatest song of all time sorry i don't make the rules i just FOLLOW them 

    Image result for crying atrl gif

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    2. Sylk

      Lies all upvotes were natural ugh my mind

    3. Taylor

      ATTENTION !! I love God

    4. Sylk

      Well we all love Mariah what is your point

  4. It is questionable but let's not discredit her chart power before OSD Mariah had the first female artist debut atop Hot 100 with Fantasy and after that she continued having more number ones, with WBT being the 2nd longest running #1 which was 10 years after. Boyz II Men had almost equal chart power, but could never have that kind of longevity
  5. this is why fags aren't allowed in heaven !!
  6. Mariah skinny legend vocalist 

    Stella thousand year old curdled goat milk rotting in the sun

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    2. Sylk

      geddit it she's wearing snake pattern wendy1 

    3. Taylor

      Throwback to when Taylor dressed up as JLo’s career


    4. Sylk

      GKLGKFLHKHF okay you kinda snapped there you WENT IN @Hylia amirite??

  7. this is so sad, apparently he was sick I didn't even know RIP
  8. here

    I Like That came on i wasn't ready I WASN'T READY maybe i will get into janelle FLOPna accentuated e 

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    2. Hylia

      Start with Metropolis and work your way up oprah12 

    3. Sylk

      start with my lips and make your way down

    4. Hylia

      Stay on topic heaux 

  9. Music Video

    no offense the feature is unnecessary and out of place but she looks gorgeous! someone make a solo edit
  10. Did they award the real person or the madame tussauds statue of her?
  11. Joe been feeding her good! 😍😳😤👌😂💦