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  1. Sylk

    TRACKLIST: 01 - GTFO - @Roman Zolanski 02 - With You - @Lachlan 03 - Caution - @Jon. 04 - A No No - @Royale 05 - The Distance - @I Brings That Levity 06 - Giving Me Life - @Caution 07 - One Mo' Gen - @Q U E E N 08 - 8th Grade - @Urbanov 09 - Stay Love Long You - @Ghostface 10 - Portrait - @Venus XCX 11 - Runway - @Violet Hope you're all familiar with the songs now! We'll begin soon xx
  2. Sylk

    they are actually very popular for a throwback hipster moment!
  3. https://www.metacritic.com/music/caution/mariah-carey THE ACCLAIM
  4. omg she couldn't afford it so she waited a year, humble
  5. Sylk

    Celeb News

    imagine if i won what that song would be like for xmas he gets socks haters give him the block @Hylia carries a glock sylk's fav taste is cock
  6. 10 years into career Mariah signed the biggest record deal ever at $100M and 10 years into her career Taylor signs the biggest record deal ever at $200 She's the white Mariah confirmed
  7. Sylk

    WAIT you made some point, perhaps it does but not too much Anyways what are your thoughts on the BO production?
  8. Sylk

    downvote this post if you are a racist! but i thought ya'll said she didn't have a reach outside of the US?? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE ???
  9. and that's it, those kindergarten dragging skills have been used to their full extent today. You can finally rest and relax!