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  1. Are you still here king? :( 

    1. Sylk

      i'm here!!

    2. Royalty

      How are you?

    3. Sylk

      I'm good king how are you? 

  2. Sylk


    this song is literally perfect, the beat, the melody, the lyrics, her voice omg it's a masterpiece
  3. Sylk

    surprised no one mentioned the obvious choice: Lana
  4. Sylk

    in what world are they similar ?
  5. This is disgusting and it's sad that her career has suffered where as those men continued on...
  6. Unfortunately, I think Kendall and Kylie are maybe just 1% of the perpetrators. There are big cooperation, fast-fashion brands etc etc that take advantage of cheap labor in countries like Bangladesh. The conversation is alot bigger here.
  7. Sylk


    Replay, Sine From Above, Babylon
  8. oh okay that makes sense! CLG is one of my top favs of all of her discography
  9. Can't Let Go one of the best tracks moved to the bottom?! i dont think so !
  10. Sylk


    greatest song of all time
  11. Sylk


    I completely agree just look at the vocals on songs like Make It Happen and Can't Let Go, the power is insane
  12. Sylk

    please remove me from the taglist i'm not playing
  13. Sylk


    this is gonna be controversial but Daydream is not her vocal peak. It's actually Emotions that's when her voice was full and powerful. After that it started thinning.. she has an amazing sense of pitch and control so it gave her more agility however her voice was very inconsistent and sometimes nasally... Emotions > Music Box > Debut > Merry Christmas > Daydream > Butterfly > The Emancipation of Mimi > Charmbracelet > the rest...