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  1. Sylk here

    Beauty Marks SNAPS wtf one of the best albums of the year i’m not surprised at all it’s Ciara she always serves and we are always here to stan the queen of RnB! 

  2. Believe it or not, there are many LGBT folk who find balance in being LGBT and following faith. And unfortunately for them, they don't have alot of options to join 'churches or mosques'. So if they want to create their own safe space then I don't see the problem with that. we love EVERYBODY here
  3. Sylk here

    In celebration of a new Carly album, let's bring this iconic status back!


  4. this will literally never happen, anyways i am hopeful for maybe an animation version that page-for-page from the books actually GRRM just told them how he wanted to end the series, he has actually been detached from the show since Season 5 now. Rarely talks about it, and has shaded the show here and there. I know you think I'm hating on this just to mess with you, but really there are just too many writing issues, plot inconsistencies etc and logic is just out of the window. And D&D have a history of putting out really bad stuff. Its entertaining to watch yes but when you really think about it the quality has declined dramatically. And as someone who enjoys the writing side of things (as a writer myself) it's really frustrating to watch. Personally for me, I'm not mad about the idea, I like the concept of Dany going mad, it's just the way that it was done... for example when you see Ned die in Season 1 it is shocking, but you can logically trace back all the events that led to his death so the story feels resolved. Arya jumping in to kill white walkers she learned about two episodes ago is just not believable... The problems of the show go back as far as Sansa's rape imo, which was really unnecessary. Having said that, I tried to get you into for so long (and you out-read the books before me we-) so I'm really glad you enjoyed the show. I hope you don't think I'm shitting on S8 to mess with you ily Anyways, I was reading somewhere that KL being destroyed is the plot for Jon Connington and Aegon in the books which D&D decided to give it to Dany's arc.
  5. salicylic and lactic acid, or as I like to call them "the nectar of gods"
  6. it will be successful cause it's kylie about the walnut scrub not alot of people are aware of what it does so people will still buy. I recently discovered St Ives is being sold here on sale, it's so shady to try and get rid of stock by selling it in countries where the awareness has not spread
  7. Sylk here

    4:20..... how is everyone? lol

  8. Sylk here

    made my first ever batch of edibles last night ina garten has officially died 

    ÙتÙجة بحث اÙصÙر ع٠âªatrl eating gifâ¬â

    1. Lachlan

      I knew you couldn't keep white-knighting Memoirs for that long without being high!

    2. Sylk

      who uses the word white-knighting ma’am its 2019 not the eighteen century or whatever 

  9. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. so the babies will be siblings and cousins ...
  11. Sylk here

    Anna Wintour is the greatest song of ALL TIME i dont make the rules i follow them


    1. Venus XCX

      Treasure Island sweetie


  12. Sylk

    me and @Hylia would be patiently waiting for Becky G to be born!
  13. Sylk

    literally contradicting yourself never mentioned payola but what was the blacklisting for
  14. Sylk

    pleaseeee literally the amount of celebs tweeting about it and the massive promotional campaign posters, promos, video premiere, the giant M or X whatever that was stop being blacklisted on the radio for WHAT omg is it the ageism card this time?