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  1. Sobh Bekheyr.

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    2. Sylk


      Arabic is my mother tongue, but I barely speak it so I'm very out of practice. mad5 

      Oh wow queen of Farsi! Will you be visiting the middle east any time soon? 

    3. Firdawsi


      I do plan on visiting Iran at least once. I'm thinking of an elaborate Iranian tour across Shiraz, Tabriz, Esfahan and historical places like Pasargade, Persepolis, Ishktar and Susa. Not to mention visiting Borj-e-Azadi, Golestan Palace and Park-e Jamshidieh.I'm also thinking of getting some Persian rugs and some caviar. Some skiing on Mount Tochal would be lovely too. You don't see snow in most Middle Eastern countries naturally. I don't know if they allow visitors to Mt Damavand.


      Eranshahr has always piqued my interest. Indians and Iranians are descended of the same people group. So we share quite a lot of similarities with them. Hindi has a huge Persian vocabulary, so it's helping me a lot in pronounciation and sentence structure are similar as well.


      First I'll need a job though mj1 

    4. Sylk


      Oh wow all of that sounds interesting, you should definitely do it. Visiting historical places are definitely something I wanna do too someday!

      You can get a part time job and start saving up? sia1


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