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  1. Its actually a very interesting read. There are some stuff that we never knew (I mean atleast I didn't know skjfskj) I think you might like it if you read it I would have to say that I agree. Alot of stuff was glossed over, especially about the music. I was so interested to learn how things came about with her first few albums... but at the same time I would say there was just too much to cramp into the book.. she spent a while talking about childhood (rightfully so) that I think she had to skim alot of stuff later. However, it gets better with the Glitter part of the book... I hope u
  2. yeah that got me too cause I imagined since her Mother was there always they were fine... but from how she describes it, I can definitely see how she was negligent amongst other things
  3. I was surprised cause she talks about alot of things that I never knew however! Particularly...
  4. Lambs who have read The Meaning of Mariah Carey, please share your thoughts below! Were you surprised with it's contents? Disappointed? Shocked? Make sure to use the spoiler tag if you're going into detail!
  5. All Mariah Carey covers - Open Arms, Without You, The Beautiful Ones, Against All Odds, Bringin On The Heartbreak etc etc
  6. yes i do agree the filtering and the clipping is a bit irritating but i'll take it if it means we're getting agility, range and girly tone again
  7. well.. as long as we're still streaming mariah i actually liked it and whats wrong with that
  8. stunning! the beat reminds me of When Christmas Comes... the vocals are giving me MIAMTEC soulful, i loved it!
  9. she released a 7 min mix !!!!
  10. I'm a mirage dahhhling like Mariah in HS I come and go
  11. she absolutely did, I was completely surprised
  12. This one is a CLASSIC!! She even did Heartbreaker with Love Hangover, I like that one also! There are some fanmade mixes that REALLY snap yup yup TMC has some good ones there are no words Emotions 12" Club Mix yess!! I used to not listen to the Xscape one but after hearing the story behind the song in the book, I love it!!!
  13. She should do whatever she wants. If her posts over the years have been any indication it's that she really enjoys singing and dancing , I think she should take some time off to enjoy her freedom and then return with something, an album, a tell-all, a tour etc Britney Spears is a timeless icon she will never fade away yup
  14. All David Morales and So So Def remixes yup
  15. What are the best MC remixes?
  16. looking forward to WBT performance!
  17. classic! still sounds fresh, absolutely love it
  18. I can see why you might not like it, it has a demo quality to it and her voice sounds tired. But the melody and her vocals (even tired) are STUNNING! I hope you come around to liking it! Mesmerized is a fav of mine yess
  19. IDWC has been on REPEATTT for me!!! And I completely agree, the original does nothing for me but the live version, with her Daydream era voice and phrasing >>>>>>> Thoughts on One Night?
  20. one of her best, and i absolutely love the Anytime You Need a Friend C&C Dub Mix... 10 minutes of vocal HEAVEN! Loverboy David Morales Club of Love Remix and Underneath The Stars Drifting Remix are some of my favs! Her remix catalog is absolutely stunning and are essentially "new" songs cause majority of them have new lyrics, melodies, arrangements and vocals!