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  1. Space Bound

    He is right though...
  2. Space Bound

    I plan to start watching this. My roommate is ADDICTED to this show, he watches it all the time and compliments it... Plus I just finished watching Game of Thrones
  3. Space Bound

    This conversation I cannot.... Some of you better be sarcastic
  4. Space Bound

    I love people with an opinion tbh.
  5. Space Bound

    I don't hear it anywhere though - not in the clubs, not on the radio, none of my friends even know about the song, etc. That;s why I say it didn't slay. Maybe in the USA though - can't argue with that. But I don't feel it's success in Europe
  6. Space Bound

    When did Die Young slay exactly? +laughcry+
  7. Space Bound

    Oh! Haven't heard that one before I like adding fruits (or a bit of nuts if I have some)
  8. Space Bound

    Thanks for the tip +tehe3+ One other thing that kills my appetite is greek yogurt (or turkish yogurt...)
  9. Space Bound

    Yeah a great solution is to keep yourself busy. The thing is now I have (for university) project work so I basically sit home all day at my computer writing JAVA code. So food is always right here... Trying to opt for some healthy snacks though As far as exercise... I do insanity, so that's covered
  10. Space Bound

    I'm a food addict. Past few weeks I started to fight this addiction and I can say I have more energy, happier in general. Usually I'd eat a lot - constantly need to chew on something. And a lot of sweets as well
  11. Space Bound


    time to go to sleep but I can't until I listen to Million Dollar Man. And Without You. And Summertime Sadness. Fuck it - THE WHOLE DAMN PERFECT ALBUM. No sleep for me tonight
  12. Space Bound


    Lana coming to perform in a place 10min away from me by foot The tickets are SO CHEAP The problem is I don't know where on earth I will be - I might be ANYWHERE in Europe at that moment To buy or not to buy
  13. Space Bound

    It's one of the most exceptional collections of songs in a long long time. Truly unbelievable. Takes you to another space and time while staying present in joy and heartbreak