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  1. Is that Kanye West????? Omg this is so awkward
  2. blah. The chlorine in the pool probably washed all the perfume off
  3. Alien 32 Work Bitch 26 Tik Tik Boom 36 Til It's Gone 36 Passenger 34 Don't Cry 24 Brightest Morning Star 24 Hold On Tight 26 Now That I Found You 42
  4. Damn... I'm A Slave 4 U vs. Alien Overprotected vs. Work Bitch Lonely vs. Perfume I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman vs. It Should Be Easy Boys vs. Tik Tik Boom Anticipating vs. Body Ache I Love Rock N Roll vs. Til It's Gone Cinderella vs. Passenger Let Me Be vs. Chillin' With You Bombastic Love vs. Don't Cry That's Where You Take Me vs. Brightest Morning Star What It's Like To Be Me vs. Hold On Tight She'll Never Be Me vs. Now That I Found You
  5. 1. Blackout 2. In The Zone 3. Britney 4. Circus 5. Femme Fatale 6. Oops I Did It Again 7. Baby One More Time 8. Britney Jean
  6. Yo peeps! Wtf happened???? When did she get so skinny? Is this new info or have I been living under a rock?
  7. She gives zero fucks... It's that easy
  8. I plan to start watching this. My roommate is ADDICTED to this show, he watches it all the time and compliments it... Plus I just finished watching Game of Thrones