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  1. ehhh why couldnt she have sounded like this at the Grammys... her Vevo performance was still her best one.
  2. CroNich


    I remember this was one of the first times i heard her real voice and was shook
  3. Im not a huge Macklemore fan but I need them to do another collab but this time have it be a fucking banger like Can't Hold Us pls...
  4. It still pisses me off that people say she cant sing... like yes she can be messy live and often forgets good technique but the bitch has a beautiful voice at the end of the day.
  5. CroNich


    Omg I need Urbansha back.... Sleazy would of SLAYED if it was released now
  6. CroNich


    1. Praying 2. Spaceship 3. Boots 4. Woman 5. Finding You 6. Boogie Feet 7. Bastards 8. Rainbow 9. Learn To Let Go 10. Let Em Talk 11. Hunt You Down 12. Hymn 13. Godzilla 14. Old Flames
  7. CroNich


    Skinny legend
  8. CroNich


    She literally always skips her best songs
  9. CroNich


    It was a great album when it was released. Honestly one of the most interesting and creative pop albums of its time. I'm just saying its not the kind of music I enjoy anymore so I don't listen to it that much.
  10. CroNich


    An underrated bop. I honestly wasn't a big fan of it when the album came out but its probably the only song I could still bop to now, cause the rest of the album didn't really age well.
  11. CroNich


    I would say: Animal - Blind, Your Love Is My Drug, VIP Cannibal - The Harold Song, Sleazy, Cannibal Warrior - Last Goodbye, Gold Trans Am, Thinking of You Rainbow - Praying, Boots, Spaceship Unreleased - Booty Call, Hearts on Fire, Boy Like You (they are trash but fun trash)
  12. CroNich


    And my new boyfriend
  13. CroNich

    Celeb News

    Y'all are always so optimistic in these threads. Its great but c'mon guys its Kesha... its most likely an ad for Swatch or some shit.
  14. CroNich


    This. It got old after like 3 listens.
  15. The glasses, hair and outfit are all STUNNING... bitch better serve us this look again.. I swear she always wastes her best looks where no one sees them.