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  1. CroNich


    Even though This is Me is quite corny she sounds fucking amazing... so that one
  2. CroNich


    its a leftover from Rainbow...
  3. CroNich


    Guess its coming out this Friday then
  4. CroNich


    The bumping and breathing into the mic was a bit messy but she sounded amazing!
  5. CroNich


    God Is A Woman No Tears Left To Cry Breathin Better Off Everytime Get Well Soon
  6. CroNich


    I really dig this... I hope this is the kind of sound she channels on K4... honestly her cock-pop sound is kind of iconic
  7. CroNich


    Its giving me Pretty Lady teas (a true underrated BOP)
  8. CroNich


    A shoot is better than a toot sis
  9. CroNich


    I quite like this sound for her - its definitely more Alt-Rock than just rock.... as long as the song is catchy and fun I don't mind what genre it is
  10. CroNich

    Music Video

    Just reposting what I posted on ATRL but again spoiler alert: Firstly you really don't get to see much of how the album was sort of made and put together (minus a couple of small clips of her recording Rainbow, Woman and Boogie Feet (in the credits) which is a bit of a bummer but the visuals and cinematography was amazing, honestly don't know why she couldn't bring it this hard with her music videos for the album (sans Praying). I loved the MV's for Spaceship and Bastards - Spaceship remains THAT song and honestly deserves so much more recognitiion because its actually phenomenal. The fact she doesn't even play it live is a travesty. I think personally there was probably a bit too much time dedicated for the Grammy performance given the whole thing was 31 minutes (and the credits go for about 3-4 minutes themselves. I think maybe if they pushed it to an hour and included more clips of how the songs on Rainbow came about then it would be almost perfect. Also no mention of new music but hopefully that was her way to officially end the era and we get some new music very soon!
  11. CroNich


    Sorry I meant its a shoot as in a very good look (from Fashion Photo Ruview)...
  12. CroNich


    Its a shoot
  13. CroNich

    Music Video

    I hope if she does give us new music she serves us gospel teas... ala Demi Lovato TMYLM but a bit edgier.
  14. ehhh why couldnt she have sounded like this at the Grammys... her Vevo performance was still her best one.
  15. CroNich


    I remember this was one of the first times i heard her real voice and was shook