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  1. CroNich


    Part of me thinks this was all actually planned out with her label/management to generate some hype for her upcoming releases... like there's no way she would of just been able to leak it without getting in some serious trouble from the label.
  2. CroNich

    Music Video

    I looked it up.. it was 4.5million.
  3. CroNich

    Music Video

    It definitely got over 4 million, I remember it clearly thinking it was so good
  4. CroNich

    Music Video

    Sad because didn't it get like 5-6 million views in the first day? It really plateaued hey.
  5. CroNich

    Celeb News

    somethings coming... stay tuned...
  6. CroNich


    Okay so I know this is a well known 'fact' at this point about Kesha but isn't the real tea that she dropped out of high school to move to LA?
  7. Red Lipstick is definitely one of her best unrelased songs... should of been on Warrior
  8. CroNich

    'Gonna shine like a rainbow in the night' We should of known
  9. CroNich


    ugh the hit that never was
  10. CroNich

    Celeb News

    Someone tell this bitch to go get some professional help
  11. CroNich


    In order to celebrate the queens best album to date... rank from best to worst all the tracks on Dangerous Woman. P.s There is no wrong order cause every single song is amazing 1. Dangerous Woman 2. Into You 3. Thinking of You 4. Bad Decisions 5. Greedy 6. Knew Better/Forever Boy 7. Sometimes 8. Touch It 9. Side to Side 10. Be Alright 11. Everyday 12. Leave Me Lonely 13. Let Me Love You 14. Moonlight 15. I Don't Care
  12. CroNich


    I mean its kind of a bop and in terms of her electro-pop sound it kind of shits on a lot of the other electro-pop songs on Warrior
  13. Why has she never been interviewed on Ellen though
  14. Feminist queeen... it really fucking irks me how all the amazing things she does for equality/animal rights goes unnoticed by the mainstream media. This bitch doesn't rest.
  15. CroNich


    1. Animal 2. Your Love Is My Drug 3. Die Young 4. Woman 5. We R Who We R 6. Timber (Solo Edit) 7. Tik Tok 8. Blow 9. Sleazy (Feat. Andre 3000) 10. Blah Blah Blah (Feat. 3oh!3) 11. Learn To Let Go 12. Take It Off 13. Here Comes The Change 14. This Is Me 15. Praying