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  1. I think the word going around is there is only 2 new tracks but 5 would be amazing - although as much as I loved Rainbow as a body of work i'm kind of here for her to get onto her next project which will hopefully be a bit more current and poppy.
  2. Album

    This would be a hot mess hahaha
  3. Album

    I think she will venture back more to pop. Rainbow was the album SHE wanted to make but she knows the majority of her fanbase enjoy pop music etc... so I imagine it will be more pop with rock and country elements than the other way around.
  4. From what i've heard from friends and stuff a lot of them are confused at Kesha performing but not mad at about it or anything. As he mentioned Kendrick Lamar performing made a lot less sense than Kesha.
  5. mad cause I like this more than the original
  6. The second verse onwards slays... I don't know how those types of backing vocals will sound with Kesha though but I am keen to hear it.
  7. Some of the songs above it The fact that Bad Liar is number 1
  8. I wonder how this is selling... I swear if this tour gets cancelled again cause the bitch over-estimated how many people would buy tickets.
  9. Discussion

    All the rainbow ones minus Hymn.... Also the Cannibal single cover is underrated af
  10. The fact that Taylor is on the cover for an special edition about abuse and Kesha isn't
  11. She looks so much more comfortable here then she does performing on mainstream TV - she really is a country girl at heart
  12. Performance

    Lowkey prefer it to Kesha's version
  13. Performance

    She definitely needs to work on her breathing techqiues when she is singing because she has such a powerful voice but she you can she is really nervous cause she is gasping for air every 2 seconds.
  14. Performance

    I really loved that cover. I'm glad she did something more recent. I wish her vocals were louder.
  15. Yass I absoloutely love Live Lounge. It definitely gets a lot attention WW if they do well. I pray to god she covers something a bit more recent and relevant then something from the 70s.