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  1. Discussion

    Kesha has an amazing powerful voice, but she has horrible technique, and I am saying this a stan. She is lucky that she uses it to her advantage and makes it work. Putting her on a song with someone like Adele would be a disaster because Adele's voice is even more powerful than Kesha and her technique never ever slips. Adele can make any other female singer sound bad by comparision.
  2. Discussion

    No thanks... Kesha owns the song by herself and if Adele sung it too, Kesha would sound awful in comparison.
  3. Discussion

    If you listen to pop music and only pop (not saying you do but a lot of her fans though), then this album isn't for you. For me I have always been infactuated with artists like Bon Iver, Edward Sharpe and Of Monsters and Men. This album is everything to me... and folk/country is not my favourite genre of music, by far. She fucking killed it.
  4. Album

    That photo looks so awkward
  5. Performance

    32 fucking acts - we'd all leave 7 years older
  6. Album

    Not here for these under 3 minute songs. Kesha WYD.
  7. Album

    Can soemone please link me the snippets... im so thirstyyyy
  8. Photos

    Did anywhere there take notes about the songs?
  9. I wonder if Hymn is just a promo single or they are releasing it as the second official single - I just hope it doesn't hurt Praying's chart performance..
  10. Other

    why is it ads? am i on the right station?
  11. Her album/singles are still being released under Kemosabe.
  12. Mess... its meant to be grainy... The Woman cover was just low resolution,
  13. Christ she is hopeless at social media... couldnt even upload a decent pic of the cover. She needs to hire a proper PR/Social Media person.
  14. Single

    I am still shook - this is actually happen. I was fucking 15 when Warrior came out... this shit is fucked
  15. Single

    The concept doesn't really go with the overall theme and the photo itself. I would be here for the photo by itself being the album cover - with no writing.