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  1. Celeb News

    Its because she originally signed with Dr. Luke (Cash Money Records) not Kemosabe. I still don't really understand it but I think they are still affiliated unfortunately.
  2. Photos

    Can I have a HQ version of your avi?
  3. She is fucking serving in the first pic though
  4. Very true.. I feel like when she came out with these allegations it was like 50/50 in terms of people supporting her/calling her a liar. When all these actresses and models came out with similar allegations no one questioned it at all... doesn't seem fair to me.
  5. Achievement

    ATRL is generally okay. Stan wars don't really exist on there anymore. I don't use to Twitter so I have no idea about them.
  6. Achievement

    I can't believe some monsters are still trying to hold onto these stan wars... grow the fuck up. Whoever wins out of her and Gaga its well deserved (except Kesha just deserves it more).
  7. Not here for the crowds weak af reaction but whatever.
  8. She 100% deserves it for Praying at least.. and thats not bias thats just fact. Most of the other nominees are cute but honestly if Praying doesn't win its
  9. I think the word going around is there is only 2 new tracks but 5 would be amazing - although as much as I loved Rainbow as a body of work i'm kind of here for her to get onto her next project which will hopefully be a bit more current and poppy.
  10. Album

    This would be a hot mess hahaha
  11. Album

    I think she will venture back more to pop. Rainbow was the album SHE wanted to make but she knows the majority of her fanbase enjoy pop music etc... so I imagine it will be more pop with rock and country elements than the other way around.
  12. From what i've heard from friends and stuff a lot of them are confused at Kesha performing but not mad at about it or anything. As he mentioned Kendrick Lamar performing made a lot less sense than Kesha.
  13. mad cause I like this more than the original
  14. The second verse onwards slays... I don't know how those types of backing vocals will sound with Kesha though but I am keen to hear it.