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  1. CroNich


    Considering she spent 6 of those years basically inactive thats pretty damn good
  2. Maybe theres a chance her label will see this change it last minute
  3. lol same... Given what people who have heard the full have said I might have to pretend RH didn't happen, like here comes the change.. still excited for the album
  4. CroNich


    When I was in year 7 I always listened to the same countdown on my clock radio before bed, and around August/September they started playing Tik Tok and I was automatically hooked. I honestly thought it was some older black rnb artist trying to have a comeback at first (I think I subconsciously recognised her name from Right Round) but then saw the cover on iTunes and I thought it was like the third Olsen twin or Ashley Tisdale or something... I think I even changed the artist information to Ashley Tisdale at one point but everyone at my school was OBSESSED with it, and I was dying to find more of her music but there wasn't much out there except for a few demos and unreleased songs. Finally she dropped Animal, which quickly became my favourite album of all time (at that point in my life) and the rest was history...
  5. CroNich


    she honestly doesn't get enough credit for her style.... or for anything tbh. Truly an under appreciated gem..
  6. CroNich


    I actually prefer this version... Kesha's vocals don't suit the song at all.
  7. sis i don't really care if you believe me or not... i don't have to post anything, was just trying to give some insight
  8. Everyone should probably calm down a bit... they haven't even picked the lead single yet. And from what I've heard it isn't My Own Dance or Honey.
  9. CroNich


    Part of me thinks this was all actually planned out with her label/management to generate some hype for her upcoming releases... like there's no way she would of just been able to leak it without getting in some serious trouble from the label.
  10. CroNich

    Music Video

    I looked it up.. it was 4.5million.
  11. CroNich

    Music Video

    It definitely got over 4 million, I remember it clearly thinking it was so good
  12. CroNich

    Music Video

    Sad because didn't it get like 5-6 million views in the first day? It really plateaued hey.
  13. CroNich

    Celeb News

    somethings coming... stay tuned...
  14. CroNich


    Okay so I know this is a well known 'fact' at this point about Kesha but isn't the real tea that she dropped out of high school to move to LA?