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  1. Thats an Australian radio channel... I wonder how you get invited
  2. is it just me or does it seem like her and her team have completely given up on this era
  3. Im sure this has already been done a million times but im drunk and bored so here it goes: 1. Your Love is my Drug 2. Tik Tok 3. Blind 4. Backstabber 5. Blah Blah Blah 6. VIP 7. Hungover 8. Kiss n Tell 9. Take It Off 10. Party at a Rich Dudes House 11. Animal 12. Dancing With Tears in my Eyes 13. Stephen 14. Dinaosur 15. Boots and Boys 16. C U Next Tuesday Honestly though, 1-12 are fucking stan worthy. Animal remains one of her best albums. Thank you for listening to my Ted t
  4. Yes I know but it didn't really make a huge impact until the 10s and arguably brought in a new decade of pop music. It was arguably one of THE most influential songs that defined the 10s but oh well.
  5. I feel like Tik Tok should of been on there too because it peaked in the 10s and it had an undeniable impact on pop music in the early 10s
  6. Considering she spent 6 of those years basically inactive thats pretty damn good
  7. Maybe theres a chance her label will see this change it last minute
  8. lol same... Given what people who have heard the full have said I might have to pretend RH didn't happen, like here comes the change.. still excited for the album
  9. When I was in year 7 I always listened to the same countdown on my clock radio before bed, and around August/September they started playing Tik Tok and I was automatically hooked. I honestly thought it was some older black rnb artist trying to have a comeback at first (I think I subconsciously recognised her name from Right Round) but then saw the cover on iTunes and I thought it was like the third Olsen twin or Ashley Tisdale or something... I think I even changed the artist information to Ashley Tisdale at one point but everyone at my school was OBSESSED with it, and I was dying to fin
  10. CroNich

    Photos Kesha in NYC

    she honestly doesn't get enough credit for her style.... or for anything tbh. Truly an under appreciated gem..
  11. I actually prefer this version... Kesha's vocals don't suit the song at all.
  12. sis i don't really care if you believe me or not... i don't have to post anything, was just trying to give some insight
  13. Everyone should probably calm down a bit... they haven't even picked the lead single yet. And from what I've heard it isn't My Own Dance or Honey.