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  1. Hey mama

    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Put your paws up Little Modlias


  2. Suddenly I hate Thinking Bout Shoe
  3. Fetch The Ban Hammer


  4. I think late June sounds about right, tbh. I don't think she's getting a #1 regardless but at least she'd have a better shot by giving OTR a few more weeks to slow down, and her team probably has that in mind. Plus the physicals didn't count first week and are set to ship in like a week (or this week?) which is gonna give ME! a big one week boost on the Hot 100 (probably back to the top 5), after that they should kill it (hence why single two coming late June makes sense) since radio isn't going anywhere either and it's just gonna plummet
  5. Probably late June or early July. She said they were still filming the video when she went to Ellen and that was mid-May, so it'll probably be ready in a few weeks unless they were planning to wait a while longer for the next single
  6. I was actually disappointed. Vocals were okay but the outfit was ugly and she just didn’t pull it off that well imo, like her dancing was stiff and the choreo they attempted was the wrong choices from the different MV scenes
  7. Maybe something’s changed idk, thanks anyway though
  8. We- are you sure? @Divine was made the OP of the Ariana base thread some time ago even though she joined way after so I thought this was possible
  9. No, I loved it first listen and then kind of let the hate for it get to me and make me rethink my feelings about it but after hearing her explain more about it and its purpose I like it. Still think the bridge is a career low point tho!
  10. I was actually thinking of asking you about that, I know they can do that and I probably post the most here now @Lachlan is that something you can do for us?
  11. Same but I’m so allergic to them that a scratch that doesn’t even break the skin serves bee sting teas
  12. I mean most of her obsessed haters on here and ATRL seem pretty miserable so... sounds legit!