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  1. Lover


    Whoever is left better come vote Afterglow before they catch these hands
  2. Lover


    1. False God - Divine 2. Afterglow - Freaky Prince 3. Afterglow - Lover 4. 5. 6.
  3. Lover


    1. Cruel Summer - Hylia 2. Cruel Summer - Hyun. 3. Cruel Summer - Daenerys 4. The Man - CharnyBoy 5. Cruel Summer - Divine 6. The Man - fab  7. The Man - Lover Both songs are overrated but The Man is one of the most generic things she’s ever done poor Cruel Bummer
  4. Congrats @Aidan. the most deserving winner I have EVER seen! The controversy, the fumes, the relevancy, the international implications...
  5. I’d say she looks like a mix of young Gaga and Madonna As someone else said - they both have Italian-American blood running through their veins. Not sure why this is shocking that they could have some physical similarities or why you’re pressed
  6. Lover


    This is your time to shine!
  7. Lover


    1. Paper Rings - Lover 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  8. Lover


    These twists are more confusing than the actual Big Brother on CBS In the words of the legend himself, Chris Morlock, “what?” p.s. Death By a Thousand Grammys deserves better
  9. Lover


    State of Grace is one of my favorite album openers of all time. It sets the mood, tone, and sonic components of the album perfectly. It just sounds atmospheric and I think it's her best song, so, naturally it would be her best opener as well.
  10. Lover


    Basically what everyone else said The image was dark and it does have a lot of heavy electronic instrumentation that’s typically considered ‘dark,’ but the album doesn’t explore any particularly heavy concepts or unique sounds. Even Lover has a few songs which could be considered haunting, which is more representative of ‘dark’ pop than whatever Reputation was. To me at least.
  11. Lover


    1. Paper Rings - Divine 2. London Boy - fab 3. London Boy - RepuTAYtion  4. False God - Freaky Prince 5. Paper Rings - Liam 6. London Boy- Eclipsa 7. Paper Rings - Daenerys 8. London Boy - Venus XCX 9. London Boy - Lover a king is never late btw everyone else is simply early!
  12. Lover


    1. Cornelia Street - Hyun. 2. Lover - RepuTAYtion 3. I Think He Knows - CharnyBoy 4. I Think He Knows - Hylia  5. Cornelia Street - Fletch 6. I Think He Knows - fab 7. I Think He Knows - Venus XCX 8. I Think He Knows - Daenerys 9. I Think He Knows - Divine 10. I Think He Knows - Lover 11.  12. 
  13. It’s already at 1.05M and has 9 weeks left, so it only needs 83k/week to get 1.7M by the cut off. But I think Billie will end up at 1.8-1.9M by the end of the year (first week of November), so she’ll need to average 95k per week for 9 more weeks to get #1 BB YEC again I think it’s perfectly manageable if she puts out vinyls or merch bundles or something. Her streaming is doing so well (398M already and will be at 500M since release by the end of week 3; 930M incl pre-release streams)... so I’m sure she’ll at least stay top 3 for a couple months. Either way she’ll end up top 3 on the year end chart which is super impressive for an album with only 11 weeks
  14. Lover


    Lowkey overrated It probably ranks around 12-13 or so for me on my album ranking. I don’t see it aging well (kinda the Wonderland of Lover), but it’s still a great song. Whew the way I love all 16 Lover tracks!