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  1. But she... didn’t make more noise? Perhaps it’s because you follow people who care about Normani and not Taylor — but everyone was talking about Lover as well (see: the fact that it trended right alongside Motivation), not to mention Lover has received pretty much unanimous acclaim from music critics, maybe even more than Motivation did tbh. You can easily see that Taylor’s tweets in the past couple days have 2-3x the engagement of Normani’s + Lover pulled bigger numbers on every platform, and numbers don’t lie. But anyway I’m not really sure how this is shocking lol, Taylor is basically a veteran at this point (who has a massive fanbase) and Normani is just starting out. It’s pretty normal for people to hype up a new artist, doesn’t mean they’re going to smash out of the gate — it doesn’t work like that. Motivation will surely grow as she has essentially nowhere to go from here but up, which is already being seen as Motivation is pulling bigger numbers today than it did on its first day. So, I don’t really think you can compare the debut of a promotional single by a music veteran to a newcomer who just released their solo debut.
  2. Both Ariana and Taylor previously held the record together, then Boyfriend broke it, now Lover put them right back at the same place (not sure where they rank overall, Drake and his other counterparts surely have more) But both Taylor and Ari have 6 — Lover, YNTCD, ME!, ...RFI?, LWYMMD and Shake It Off are Taylor’s #1s there
  3. Yes! Here is a list I was actually wrong and Lover is her 44th entirely solo-written song But Stale is not one of them, This Love is the only solo-written song on 1989 - thank god Stale is not her best!
  4. Jack confirmed Lover was written entirely solo by Taylor, making it her first since This Love and her 44th entirely solo-written song overall — most of her tracks since 1989 have had around 1-2 co-writers (actually, there weren’t any solo-writes on reputation) According to sessioners there are 4 entirely solo-written songs on the album in total
  5. Lover

    Celeb News

    It’s a new original track - basically about when she met Joe and kept the relationship a secret that entire summer (2017)
  6. Lover

    Celeb News

    1. I Forgot That You Existed 2. Cruel Summer 3. Lover 4. The Man 5. The Archer 6. I Think He Knows 7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince 8. Paper Rings 9. Cornelia Street 10. Death By A Thousand Cuts 11. London Boy 12. Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks) 13. False God 14. You Need To Calm Down 15. Afterglow 16. ME! (feat. Brendon Urie) 17. It’s Nice To Have A Friend 18. Daylight She just posted it all on Instagram (wbk the titles but glad she confirmed it) http://www.instagram.com/taylorswift
  7. Lover

    Music Video

    If only Daddy Yankee had featured on it!
  8. Doesn’t exist This is allegedly her first entirely solo-written track since This Love (43rd overall)... can’t wait
  9. She announced it at the TCAs () and news outlets are referring to it as her new single already but I’m pretty sure it’s just a promo single. Will update when we know more!
  10. Lover


    I saw a tweet from one of the big pop culture accounts (like MusicNewsFacts or something) claiming she confirmed these are indeed for a full project. I think on her Instagram live?
  11. Lover


    Well... as I expected I didn’t like it It just sounds bland, like, it’s not very Katy Perry-ish. And it’s not what I expected tbh especially for a Charlie-produced song so idk what happened... also, it definitely is a Prism reject imo (could easily fit on there) I think the lyric video is cool though and I’m excited for the video! She confirmed these are indeed for an upcoming album so hopefully it comes out this year
  12. The lyric video looks nice Idk how I feel about the snippet but I'm sure the song will build similar to how NRO did
  13. Lover

    Celeb News

    No it’s not This is a popular styling shot - white shirts, black and white because it’s vintage. Gaga did not invent that and the only reason you’re commenting this is to stir something up so take it to Battlegrounds, babe.
  14. Lover

    Celeb News

    Lmao literally where? I didn’t know she invented black and white shots - besides that there’s no similarity. Get out OT: She looks amazing