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  1. No clue what type of -phobic (I assume transphobic?) RuPaul is, but the fact that you’re equating Taylor including him as a random appearance in her video when she probably doesn’t know about any problematic things he’s done to.... Nicki Minaj including her convicted rapist, pedophile, murderer etc etc boyfriend as a big part of her new single is kinda vile RIP any respect I had for you if you’re going to defend Nicki’s actions and even try to equate them to something like this. Apples and oranges sis
  2. Don't forget murderer. Yep, and he's in the video
  3. Basic but I don't hate this Camila sounds bearable for once They probably struck gold with this, it's already at 800k likes on YouTube. Definitely going to be huge
  4. Screaming at the downvotes!
  5. The cherry on top of Pride Month
  6. Literally zero chance even Taylor couldn’t dethrone it despite having the biggest chart debut of the year points-wise (like 650?) NRO debuted at 15 so will probably be in the 20-30 range next week, nowhere close to #1 Bad Guy will continue smashing but it’s not going #1 unless it’s still high up there when OTR dies down in like... two months. It’s possible it will pull a Havana in that it goes #1 down the line, but we’ll see. Kind of hope she pulls it off.
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    I think late June sounds about right, tbh. I don't think she's getting a #1 regardless but at least she'd have a better shot by giving OTR a few more weeks to slow down, and her team probably has that in mind. Plus the physicals didn't count first week and are set to ship in like a week (or this week?) which is gonna give ME! a big one week boost on the Hot 100 (probably back to the top 5), after that they should kill it (hence why single two coming late June makes sense) since radio isn't going anywhere either and it's just gonna plummet
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    Probably late June or early July. She said they were still filming the video when she went to Ellen and that was mid-May, so it'll probably be ready in a few weeks unless they were planning to wait a while longer for the next single
  9. Fever isn’t very good why it was Kylie’s breakout/peak album in some countries idk. Don’t care for it sans the singles and Light Years is.... light years better! COADF is great though. I used to think it was overrated but it’s just a great pop album. Questionable lyrics but still excellent overall, probably not a single song I skip.
  10. The Hot 100 being the only thing Nasmaraj will ever top
  11. Lover

    What the FUCK 4 outfits?
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    Omg Gaga This is actually a great look. Kinda gives me 2009 vibes since it’s very eye catching but not messy and cheap looking. Also heard she’s changing on the carpet - is that true?
  13. You do realize the physicals didn’t even count for the Hot 100, right? That was basically the only thing out of all their tactics that was going to have any sizable impact, yet she still had (by far) the biggest chart debut of the year despite them not counting. My point still stands that literally every #1 in the past 8 months would’ve been blocked by OTR. If it was so easy to get a 680 points in a week why didn’t anyone else do it? Even Shape Of You / Despacito would’ve been blocked during most of their runs by OTR. You’re admitting that the songs topping the charts were weak points-wise? You also said Delicate wouldn’t do anything on the charts yet it became the longest charting solo song by a woman in 2018, her tour would flop, etc. so your track record isn’t very great with Taylor In any case, this isn’t Battlegrounds and I’m going to atop entertaining this before it devolves into a stan war, so I’ll leave it alone and continue celebrating the multiple records my fave broke and her upcoming record breaking album and tour Also congrats to Lil Nas for logging another week at #1. Hopefully he comes {back} out so we can celebrate a gay man dominating the charts.
  14. Considering She had the biggest debut of the year points-wise (comfortably, actually), biggest sales week since Her own LWYMMD, and broke the record for biggest Hot 100 jump ever... I don’t think so! Let’s not act like a #2 peaking single with the biggest debut of the year 13 years into your career is bad now babes, especially when every #1 in the last 8 months would’ve been blocked by OTR Even when She loses She wins
  15. We- I didn’t think about that But I mean maybe they can find a way to weight it? Like releases in Asian countries should obviously count, but the sales market and way they do things is very different. It would be unfair if because of the market the #1 is always a Kpop song. However I dunno how they’ll go about this. I did hear that UWC is now finally counting Asian countries and even then BTS only debuted at #2 on the singles chart, which sounded about right imo because of how they weight stuff. Hopefully they have a plan.
  16. Omg I never thought we’d see the day Hopefully it’s not a Eurocentric chart though and includes stats from Asian countries unlike CM/UWC (though they’re getting there) perched to see the outcomes though, I feel like this might end up overtaking the Hot 100 in some ways as well. I mean who cares about the chart of just that one country when you have an official one for the entire world?
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    I was actually disappointed. Vocals were okay but the outfit was ugly and she just didn’t pull it off that well imo, like her dancing was stiff and the choreo they attempted was the wrong choices from the different MV scenes
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    Maybe something’s changed idk, thanks anyway though
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    We- are you sure? @Divine was made the OP of the Ariana base thread some time ago even though she joined way after so I thought this was possible
  20. Lover

    I don't get it either He once made pretty good music and I liked Take Care, Just Hold On, even Nice For What was nice and his verse on Sicko Mode, but he's not very good nowadays. But you know he fits what straight guys with fragile egos who won't listen to anyone that's not a current [male] rapper want to listen to and women love him too, so, yeah.