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  1. I over-analyze everything so you’re probably right And I actually agree with you there. I mean there’s lots of music I enjoy just because I like how it sounds and not because I think it’s an amazing piece of art. I just find this stuff interesting and sometimes want to analyze it. But as I said I’m personally trying not to be super pretentious and not talk down to you for disagreeing, as it’s just my opinion and not a fact. I respect your opinion and don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and yes people should lighten up, though analyzing stuff can be fun too And I think my first comment regarding the character thing wasn’t properly conveyed (which was my fault) To me, it could be seen as a negative thing if she can’t follow through with a cohesive concept for her next record, but if she can then it will show she can write from a ‘character’ POV that pertains more to her own life and not a movie character. ASIB is still a good album though no matter what she follows it with.
  2. I wouldn’t be shocked, I feel like Fusari and RedOne probably wrote more of the lyrics than we know I mean, the cheek she had in her lyrics back then felt so refreshing and she didn’t take herself too seriously. I think what many fans are dead set on is Gaga writing all her music which is actually harmful rather than helpful. If she would let other talented writers take the reigns even just sometimes, and let other people filter and enhance her lyrics the quality would probably skyrocket. There are very few artists who can do everything all by themselves and not being able to write all by yourself doesn’t make you less of an artist as many stans think. Hell, knowing what you want to say and being able to direct others who will compliment that and help make it come out more eloquently is a talent in itself but I digress, at least ASIB was slightly better than Joanne/Artpop, and if her next record was/is being written in a specific space of mind that would be cool. She just needs a more conceptualized record again.
  3. The ‘monsters can’t take criticism talk’ wasn’t directed at monsters in general, it was directed at you because I feel like you take everything as a drag. Even if you don’t agree with my criticisms I’m here to tell you I don’t hate her lol, I’m just expressing my opinion and not even trying to take a dig at Gaga/the LMs and rather have a mature discussion which is often lacking on here My whole point with the character thing was just that I feel like because she’s writing from the POV of a character it enhanced the quality of the album’s lyrics. It put her in a specific space of mind and gave her a concept to cohesively write off of, but that’s a GOOD thing. The only way I view it as negative is if her next album is cluttered and not cohesive, since I love concept albums or albums that come from a specific POV and not just scattered songs that don’t line up. If she can perform similarly in the studio (conceptually) with her next record and correct what I felt was lacking in Artpop and Joanne — which she did with ASIB — my point will be null though, which I hope happens
  4. True, but she wrote Love Story when she was a teenager and mad at her parents lol, so at like age 16. I’d be more shocked if it wasn’t cringy. The storytelling in the song is one of the best on Fearless (and yes, the verses are great while the chorus/bridge are kind of cringe) but there are other songs which are better as a whole lyrically — the title track, Fifteen, White Horse, and especially Breathe. And YBWM is way more cringe than Love Story an overrated travesty
  5. First of all, I’m not trying to ‘come for Gaga’ in any sense of the word. I know you think every negative criticism of her automatically is meant as a drag or in a hostile way, but let’s nip that thought in the bud when it comes to this convo sis I agree Reputation is by far her weakest album lyrically. I’ve always preached that and it felt like she was trying to fill in some lyrics on songs because she didn’t really know what to put in them, CIWYW being a top notch example of that which makes the song bad to me. Maybe Reputation is not better than ASIB lyrically and I was jumping the gun, but I still don’t think 1-2 weaker albums lyrically automatically makes Taylor on the same songwriting level as Gaga. She still has more good lyrics than bad lyrics which I feel is not the case for Gaga who — like @Madonna mentioned — is quite honestly horrible at writing choruses that don’t use staccato, and makes them seem underdeveloped. Most of her lyrics on Artpop/Joanne were non-sensical or just weak and I don’t agree that BTW is her best lyrically, that goes to The Fame and then TFM/ASIB to me. Though I’m not saying BTW is particularly horrible lyrically, just in my opinion doesn’t stand as much. Anyway, I’m not really the type to argue back and forth and I don’t care that much. As I said before it’s different strokes for different folks, and yeah I disagree and am gonna voice my opinion and we can discuss it but if you prefer Gaga’s songwriting style no one can take that away from you
  6. I think you better expressed the point I was trying to make in the post I just made in response to both you and @Jjang, I’m horrible at describing my thoughts with the proper terms Katy and Taylor definitely aren’t similar when it comes to their songwriting, so I think the only way to say who’s better is based on what your personal preference of writing style is. It’s not like Taylor is a Joni Mitchell/Alanis where her supremacy as a songwriter would be undeniable against someone like Katy even though she’s one of the best out of her peers, to me, if that makes sense
  7. Reputation is still better lyrically than ASIB and 1989/reputation being weaker lyrically doesn’t erase Fearless/Speak Now/Red that are generally considered very well written, definitely more-so than any Gaga record. If anything it just shows how high her standards were not even knocking Gaga as ASIB is her best album lyrically since TFM and she has her moments but let’s not go overboard especially since she was writing as a character lol I can agree with both posts here tbh. At the end of the day it just comes down to personal preference. While I think Taylor is a much better writer than Katy (and most of her peers) in a sense of how she constructs songs on such a personal level and tries not to throw in random non-sensical lyrics, many would argue Katy’s style of writing is more effective for them because they either don’t like the wordiness of a lot of Taylor songs or prefer Katy’s vocal takes (like Jjang mentioned). Or some might argue Taylor’s songwriting is almost too ‘perfect’ and formulaic. But that’s cool, different strokes for different folks I feel a much bigger personal connection with Taylor’s lyrics but I can agree on one of the main criticisms regarding her — that she doesn’t stray far from her usual topics — and want her to work on. Katy is a more versatile songwriter even if I don’t like her word play or the structural aspect of her lyrics as much as I do Taylor’s.
  8. I wouldn’t say she’s as good of a writer as Taylor (though her ability kinda declined/dimmed with an attempt to create ‘perfect’ pop songs and filter her thoughts smh), but yeah she’s better than Gaga. My feelings on her as a writer are mixed mostly because of her recent cringy lyrics. She had a lot of amazing lyrics from her first record and was clearly more involved in the songwriting process. My issue is Witness had some amazing ideas and topics that she toyed around with but the way she conveyed the ideas with her lyrics felt lazy instead of actually poetic (unlike the song lyrics mentioned earlier in this thread) The best hope for her at this point is to stop trying to chase pop trends or force stuff. Her voice really shines when doing acoustic renditions of her own songs or covers — such as Waving Through a Window which was amazing. Compare that and her ballads (TOTGA, Thinking Of You, Double Rainbow, etc.) to 365/Bob Appetit/Roar/Dark Horse and you can see where her talents come into play. I don’t think she’s a massive talent but she’s by no means a Britney/Katy and is infinitely more capable than either of them.
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    Whew thanks queen I probably won’t get to everything tonight (we love being lazy) but I will report back to everyone with my thoughts in the next few days 
  10. The album too To my understanding it was originally supposed to be a standalone but they should’ve made it the lead for her next album, if they haven’t already, and released a second single before now
  11. I like Without Me tbh. But Halsey is probably getting another hit next week when her BTS collab debuts top 10... hopefully it free falls afterwards In other news, 7 rings went #1 on Radio Songs so it’s her first chart topper there (on overall radio) NTLTC went #1 too but only on the daily Kworb chart, so it fell to #2 by the end of the tracking week and didn’t translate to the Billboard chart
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    Oh yes, I would love some girl group suggestions
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    @Robert. @Cosmic thanks for the suggestions! I’m gonna check them out tonight and report back here
  14. Ugh it was supposed to debut top 5 too but maybe it’ll get there if radio latches on the way no one’s predictions were right this week
  15. 1. Old Town Road (+14) 2. Sunflower (+1) 3. 7 rings (-2) 4. Wow. (-2) 5. Without Me (-1) 6. Please Me (-1) 7. bad guy (HOT SHOT DEBUT) 8. Sucker (+1) 9. Happier (-3) 10. MIDDLE CHILD (-3) https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8506256/lil-nas-x-old-town-road-number-one-hot-100
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    I like a few of Twice’s songs (TT, Heart Shaker) but from the few Kpop groups I’ve checked out, I feel like the majority of them lack charisma and/or have too many members. The size of BP (4 members) is perfect and they all have charisma, at least to me. Makes them stand out. Actually I’d appreciate a few suggestions, preferably from female groups or acts but either works I really like the way most of the Kpop shows work their cameras, like Music Core. It suits their dance style and energy really well. Ugh, the crowd chants too. Our Western faves could NEVER Let me give Miss @Jon. a strihm btw
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    Eye- their power... the song grew on me too, maybe I am going to become a Kpop hag
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    I mean Taylor did arenas in European countries during her most local era (Speak Now) so it’s clearly not demand that’s stopping her, just greed. She thinks UK=Europe and Japan=Asia though so I have not much hope Katy really did a great job as far as pleasing her intenarional fans though. I respect her for that and her touring schedule is pretty insane, so she deserves more credit
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    I totally agree with you Madonna’s touring history is insanely impressive. She has a demand pretty much anywhere and not just in big cities, plus I respect her for actually going to those places instead of just the big cash grab cities. That’s one thing that’s always bothered me about the newer girls like Bey and Taylor (more-so Taylor - just look at the tour dates for the RST). They only go to the biggest cities to maxamize profit. I couldn’t care less about Bey but I hope Taylor does a proper global tour next time, since she could easily play arenas in areas she’s not quite as big in. Won’t hold my breath at all though
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    Lorde > the rest
  21. Yes it’s definitely headed for a 9th week I think It’s at least 3x by now, maybe closer to 4 if not past that too.
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    At the 1989 tour yes, she brought out lots of guests, but she only brought out like 6 at the Rep Tour. Most shows had no guests, international ones included. Anyway Madonna is clearly the most impressive female touring act ever. I’m not sure why this is a debate. Taylor/Bey both have international power (and they probably don’t exercise it as well as they could by refusing to tour more extensively smh) and are clearly the biggest this decade, but they’re still not on Madonna’s level. She literally sold out stadiums across the globe 25 years into her career
  23. Predictions for next week: Just a post for twitter