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  1. The song is meh (DDDD>>>) but I like the video. I’m not really into Kpop but I’ve given them a chance and kind of like some of their music. Plus they stan Lord so I have to like them for their exquisite taste
  2. Same don’t want to imagine what I’d look like if I didn’t have bangs My hair is still thick af and currently quite long but my dad balded at like 25 and my forehead is already big so... hopefully I don’t lose my hair or ima be making a visit to wig stores
  3. August Fools should become a thing to celebrate Jester’s yearly anniversary
  4. Lover

    Clock it reputation did more outside the US than almost every other girl’s latest album but because the US is her biggest market and she moved 3-4M there too it somehow makes her local despite international success as big/bigger than the ‘global’ girls where’s the logic? Reputation also opened with nearly 400k units outside of the US which is more than any other girl does sans Adele, literally. I think the issue is most of the racist gays on here/ATRL/etc. think European success is the only way to determine globalness. Taylor is literally the biggest female pop star in Asia, China especially which is a massive market now (only western act to have two 3x Diamond albums there btw), and if more sources included their figures she’d obliterate everyone. Though Chartmasters which the gays love to use announced they’re about to start including Chinese digital sales so her stats are about to skyrocket, I can understand the panicking from certain people As for the topic at hand - I don’t think reputation is bigger than TUN overall, let’s not be delusional, but they are about equal and it’s not debatable. I’m team sps all the way but TUN won’t surpass Rep despite its lukewarm sps numbers so that says all you need to know, plus it has the second highest grossing female tour EVER attached to it. Ariana has streaming and multiple recognizable smash hits though so it gives her enough points to pretty much equal her out this time. It doesn’t really make any sense to compare these though and 1989/TUN is the more comparable option since they’re both their 5th eras and 6 years in vs. 8 years is more fair than 6 years in vs. 11 years.
  5. Lover

    Omg stan she’s such an underrated LEGEND
  6. Lover

    I didn’t like the record as a whole either, but I’m not gonna pretend I was expecting to since I don’t care for Billie in general. I do like Bad Guy, Crown (reminds me of Björk’s Hunter), All The Good Girls, Bury a Friend and Ilomilo but that’s it. Just not a fan of her aesthetic / sound. Her EP was pretty good but this low slurry whisper talk-singing she’s adapted annoys me. She’s still only 17 though. Not gonna waste my energy bashing or shading her because she still has lots of room to grow as an artist.
  7. Lover

    Xtina Katy is a close second
  8. Lover

    Both are gross. Neither fanbase is really in the position to play the moral high ground at this point. I used to say Cardi seemed ignorant and not inheritely hateful like Nicki but she’s proven that’s not the case
  9. I mean, it's probably her most interesting/important body of work when you look at objectively. It's not my personal favorite from her and I would rank it around 5th place, behind ROL, Bedtime Stories, Erotica and Music - in that order, but it's still great and obviously marked the beginning of Madonna's slow but sure rise to legend status as an artist and activist. It's just funny because Madonna's catalog is largely written off due to her lack of vocal talent, as if that has any sort of correlation since you can be the best vocalist ever yet have 0 talent in writing, production, and performing or creativity, while her albums are actually acclaimed. And not just Grammy acclaimed but by actual respected publications who don't just get paid off/persuaded to vote a certain way. Not to mention all of this acclaim happened back in the 80s-90s when critics were way tougher than now, but it's nice to see critics still view it extremely fondly and are giving her the well-deserved respect she deserves for her work despite recent antics.
  10. Lover

    90s Kylie and Madonna>>> Including Light Years in with 90s Kylie since it was released only one year out of the decade
  11. Lover

    Some of my faves: Erotica - Bedtime Stories - Ray Of Light Daydream - Butterfly - Rainbow Speak Now - Red - 1989 Kylie Minogue 1994 - Impossible Princess - Light Years Post - Homogenic - Vespertine
  12. Lover

    Yes. Her album is predicted to rival Ariana’s debut which is absolutely insane given her lack of recognizable hits. I would say she’s the first true ‘album only artist’ that debuted in the streaming era. Sales are dead and it’s harder to determine what is an album artist, singles artist, or an artist who is both. But her tracks have huge overall streams despite no massive hits, giving her albums massive numbers, akin to how artists used to have big album sales without any hits. I don’t care for her at all and am not a fan of her music/image, but no one can deny she’s probably only just now exploding in popularity and will get bigger.
  13. Lover

    If I was a GP member and someone asked me if it was HnC or IKAG that went #1 I’d so guess HnC its recurrent stats are much better too, feels like a #1 but it was big worldwide so I guess that makes up for it
  14. Lover

    Y’all, Hot N Cold isn’t even a #1 it peaked at #3
  15. I don’t think so tbh, everyone is saying it’s suddenly at the top of their recommendations despite it not being anywhere days ago (around the same time it started rising). This isn’t exactly a bad thing though. Not sure if they have to pay for auto play/recommendation exposure or if they strike some sort of deal but it will help the song a lot. They should invest more in Spotify playlisting and exposure though since it counts more for charts and will do more in the long run
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    Wendy Whaleiams is a fat whale
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    Also I’m gagging at nothing happening I’m still certain she’s coming in April but she better stop making us wait
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    Red = SN > 1989 > Rep = Fearless >>>> Debut Fearless through Rep is pretty much flawless. We love progression
  19. Eek! I saw this on Twitter earlier today. He’s honestly disgusting, and I hate to say it because I started liking him again in 2018. But after he worked with the Paul brother and defended his racist actions + always made excuses for himself I just don’t want to support him and he’s right back to being trash. It would be one thing if he fully admitted how wrong he was in the past and moved on but he has gross tweets defending his actions as recent as 2015... plus these nasty, questionable comments...
  20. Lover

    I mean Nicki getting knocked up by a pedo rapist murderer sounds about right for her standards but you can literally check Ticketmaster and see how tragically these dates are selling She just doesn’t want to perform to a half empty arena and that’s it. That’s why they don’t cancel until everyone shows up - they want to see if the crowd is actually big enough to go on with it and if not they just cancel lmao
  21. Lover

    Perhaps the inflated balloons stuffed inside her ass will be used as an excuse due to “too much static electricity” making the venue unsafe I don’t think any of that made sense but that’s how you know it’s a possible future excuse 
  22. My question is are people really watching this show I mean I get for one season if you’re a white person who grew up in the 80s and want to relive the nostalgia factor but for FIVE seasons? I-
  23. She is a producer for Ari too and not just a writer, right? If so, she’s a good producer. Haven’t listened to any of her solo stuff yet though maybe I’ll check it out