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    This... isn’t true though Bad Liar / Fetish didn’t do all great that but all her other droplet singles ranged from hits to smash hits. Wolves and It Ain’t Me being huge streaming/radio smashes, Taki Taki being massive on every metric basically, and Back To You was a huge radio hit and did quite well on streaming. None of those songs peaked very high but they all had great longevity and increased her presence on streaming and her general presence in global markets. She wouldn’t have been able to pull off this feat without those songs setting her up nicely. As for Demi - yes, she can do it. Scooter is managing her now and she will have some level of hype following her next release due to her personal struggles and people wanting to see what she has to say. But she doesn’t have a string of strategic releases like Selena did prior to whatever she’s going to put out, so it’s less likely.
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    I don’t even hate this song or her other new song Easy, but her voice conveys no emotion and is extremely harsh on the ears even when she tries to be deep, so keep it! What’s funny is this is the second time she’s “paid homage” to Madonna. She recreated the Material Girl / Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend look in a performance she did last year. Almost every pop girl who has come after Madonna has paid homage in some way because, duh, it’s Madonna... but twice already and in such an unoriginal way? This screechy rat has clearly run out of ideas and reduced herself to performing tributes to actually iconic performances. Such a sad existence.
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    The way you’re still so pressed about Taylor after all these years under the guise her music’s bad when you just simply hate her... truly a gag with all of that generic trash you stan OT: Lover! One of her best records for sure and a huge step up from repulsion. I still like Madame X for what it is but I find a lot of it harsh on the ears, so I don’t listen to it that often anymore. But I appreciate what she did and it’s a huge step up from MDNA/Rebel Heart.
  4. Taylor AOTY? there is ZERO chance she wins another one this early in her career. I know the men who’ve pulled it off thrice did it within the span of a decade but I just don’t see them putting her in that upper echelon. Either ever or not until later into her career. Lover was her most acclaimed project but still not universally acclaimed so probably not happening. I’m pretty sure it’ll be between Ariana and Billie. Wouldn’t be surprised if Lizzo gets a big push as well, and I honestly wouldn’t be mad if she pulled it off. Only thing that makes me doubt her/Billie winning is that they’re new acts but stranger things have happened. They could even push ASIB as well and that has a good shot. Lover might get nominated but I think it will place, like, 5th place in terms of viability for a win if that happens lol. Especially since she isn’t even lobbying yet like Billie or other acts.
  5. No Her mind protecting her $40 million ensured legs from such peasants
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    I honestly like High Road as a title but I have to agree with you - one word album titles are always cute. I feel like all her titles so far have flowed together so well. If Highroad is a one word title it could work maybe?
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    I’m actually quite excited for this. I know there was a lot of mixed reception within the pop world (obviously, not by critics lol) in response to Rainbow. I kind of got tired of it after a while as well, but it’s grown back on me again. She looks way happier now so yeah I think she will serve something fun and meaningful. I always forget about her between eras but I don’t think she’s really served a bad album yet (Animal was good for what it was)... and I doubt this will be any different. Is High Road basically confirmed as the album title? I’ll be surprised if she abandons her one-word title thing she’s had going on since Animal.
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    Celeb News

    Well, she has two AOTYs already and has been nominated thrice so yeah. That’s kind of a given at this point in her career and would be huge if she even got a nomination. Taylor’s incompetent team needs to focus on SOTY and Best Pop Solo with Lover the song - her only shot, VOTY with one of the videos (YNTCD I guess?), and Pop Vocal Album - which will likely go to Billie or Ariana, but worth a try. The fact that they didn’t push SYGB at all was a missed opportunity given how loved the Dixie Chicks are by critics. As for the others Billie and Ariana will get nominated for AOTY, I’m sure. Homecoming has a chance too but I don’t think she’s ever actually winning AOTY at this point so Post will get a handful of noms as well.
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    Music > Light Years Body Language >>> American Life (not even close tbh) Confessions >>> X If you wanna stretch it and, for me at least, even it out - I’d say Aphrodite is better than MDNA.
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    Admittedly, Madame X aged like milk for me and it has its vices... but it’s still a pretty good body of work and she put effort into it. Her best in a long time + she’s been in the business nearly 4 decades, so that only makes it more impressive. I do not know what exactly Charli XCX serves but it’s not quality! I could go into my kitchen and make the same sounds with a frying pan and a metal knife
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    1989 is factually bigger than Teenage Dream, so Taylor. It moved more pure sales units (10.5M vs. 7M despite a rapidly declining market) and more streams despite the anti-Spotify bullshit she pulled. 1989 also had a far bigger tour ($258.7M with 85 dates vs. $59.5M with 124 dates). 1989 also wins by such a vast margin in critical acclaim (76 Metacritic score vs. 52 for Teenage Dream), not to mention that 1989 won three Grammys - even Bad Blood won one... the definition of irony. But Grammys ain’t shit so let’s just stick to the critic scores. Teenage Dream wins by far in terms of singles success (5 #1s and a top 3 hit vs. 3 #1s and a top 5 and top 10 hit), but then again 1989 sold nearly 3x the amount of pure sales in the US than Teenage Dream so that hindered its single performance. As well as the anti-streaming stance. Really affected her worldwide and even domestic chart peaks and longevity since most countries had switched to streaming by 2015. Still, Teenage Dream was undoubtedly bigger in that department. Taylor was also far bigger in the media comparatively but it wasn’t always for the right reasons and it’s hard to measure that. 1989: 3 (Album, Touring, Critics) / Teenage Dream: 1 (Singles) Numerically, Taylor had a bigger peak than Katy. This is a fact, and you can’t argue it when the numbers literally say that 1989 was bigger despite having less single success and not being meticulously planned and promoted for 2 years like Teenage Dream. Numbers do not lie. What we can argue is which era is more iconic, and that’s subjective. Looking at the numbers, 1989 gets far better recurrent streams than any Katy album even despite the late Spotify release and low playlisting exposure she has, so it’s pretty hard to make the argument that it’s less iconic or remembered than Teenage Dream. But Teenage Dream was more perfectly planned and executed as one of THOSE pop eras for the ages. So I wouldn’t disagree with anyone claiming it’s more iconic, I might even agree. But I’d say 1989 isn’t even Taylor’s most iconic era or what she’ll be remembered for anyway (maybe on a global scale, but domestically Fearless>>>) - which is a discussion for another day.
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    Neither the Grammys nor the music industry have Nicki Minaj, but at least Kmart and Red Lobster do!
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    The only pop girls we have right now who are really album artists are Adele and Taylor. Both can sell albums and focus on creating a full body of work (I mean, there are barely even any true hits on Lover for example). I think Billie is/will be an album artist as well. It’s too early to say for sure and yeah the streaming era makes it tough to dictate an album or singles artist (it actually makes most artists HAVE to focus on singles). But her album has overall massive streams, see the album tracks having 100-200 million streams. If an album has huge streams spread out between the album tracks as well, instead of the bulk being carried just by 1-2 singles, that to me is how we determine album artists now. So Taylor/Adele from the previous batch, Billie from the new.
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    Honestly depends sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad but generally it’s vile! I like fresh pineapple but the texture bothers me when it’s cooked
  15. People always seem to forgot that Shawn was birthed via Magcon which was a group of some of the most obnoxious, racist, [etc etc etc] white teenagers ever. His PR team has done such a great job at making him appear to be a sweet boy who has never done anything wrong. Wish more people would have already seen through that before eating Zzzenorita up, but I’m glad the GP is slowly but surely catching on to it.
  16. But she... didn’t make more noise? Perhaps it’s because you follow people who care about Normani and not Taylor — but everyone was talking about Lover as well (see: the fact that it trended right alongside Motivation), not to mention Lover has received pretty much unanimous acclaim from music critics, maybe even more than Motivation did tbh. You can easily see that Taylor’s tweets in the past couple days have 2-3x the engagement of Normani’s + Lover pulled bigger numbers on every platform, and numbers don’t lie. But anyway I’m not really sure how this is shocking lol, Taylor is basically a veteran at this point (who has a massive fanbase) and Normani is just starting out. It’s pretty normal for people to hype up a new artist, doesn’t mean they’re going to smash out of the gate — it doesn’t work like that. Motivation will surely grow as she has essentially nowhere to go from here but up, which is already being seen as Motivation is pulling bigger numbers today than it did on its first day. So, I don’t really think you can compare the debut of a promotional single by a music veteran to a newcomer who just released their solo debut.
  17. 78M by BTS Taylor holds the Vevo record with 65M, similar to how Adele held the Vevo record with Hello (27M) while Psy’s Gentleman still held the overall record (38M) way back when because some artists weren’t/still aren’t apart of Vevo I remember seeing that this guy broke the record due to ads basically it’s the same thing that happened with that Dope performance that allowed it to get 15 million views and chart top 10 as well as that RedOne + Dinah Jane song that blocked RFI from #1 on YouTube, because it was an ad and those clicks counted as views but hey, do what you gotta do! He still holds the record regardless of how he got it I guess
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    Red, Like a Prayer and Daydream
  19. I don’t think someone who excels at nothing performance-wise would have people coming out in droves to their sold out stadium shows but alrighty. There has to be something that attracts people. The GP and critics (who universally praised her tour) >>>> some stans who judge her abilities based on TV performances which she herself has literally said she never excels at
  20. She doesn’t need to have an iconic performance when she has the highest grossing tour in US history ($350M worldwide) that received rave reviews and a massive Netflix special that everyone praised as well (critics and GP alike) Next question
  21. The fact that all of these are among said pop girls' worst works I guess Ariana tho, I like a couple of their songs. Blow is the best one here but overall not a fan of his Bey collabs
  22. Anyway, I want Miss @Madonna to explain IN DETAIL to me how Taylor lost since he has a LOT to say right now. I’m waiting, and try for once to respond using logic - no insults or personally biased feelings. Actually try to refute what I’m saying without deflecting (I’ll obviously await the downvotes though since you can’t engage in an argument without resorting to using them). 1. This has no effect on Taylor’s career besides the emotional aspect. The ownership of her masters was just simply transferred and nothing else. She will continue getting the same payout from royalties as she always has, he can’t block her from performing any songs, and if she wanted to SHE has the ability to make it hard for him by refusing to allow songs to be used in shows or whenever he wants. 2. She makes most of her money from touring, just as most artists do. He won’t get any of that. If they can somehow strike a mutual agreement this whole situation could also benefit her regardless of how she feels about Scooter, given how many connections she has. 3. Taylor has THE best lawyer in the business - Donald S. Passman - who literally authored the Music Law in the US. He refuted the label’s claims she was able to buy her masters.... because she wasn’t. You and others have been running with the narrative that she’s lying and was exposed. Where? Scott sent her the alleged text (which he didn’t even post screenshots of) when she was sleeping, since she was in London and it would’ve arrived around 3-4 AM her time. So yes, she indeed found out when everyone else did. She also was never given a chance to buy her masters and was offered them on a ‘buy-back’ plan which means she would have had to produce 6 more albums to just simply get the first 6 albums’ masters. There’s a reason so many publications have backtracked now after her lawyer issued a statement. Her lawyers > whatever you think. 4. What I’ve taken away from this situation is that Taylor’s masters are essentially worth $300 MILLION - that is more than The Beatles’ catalog was purchased for and she’s only 13 years into her career. Granted, he bought Big Machine as a whole (...to get her masters), and a report surfaced that she was 80%+ of their annual income. This means her masters are worth $240M at the very minimum. Aren’t you always saying her music is forgotten? If that’s the case, why are her masters worth so much? Exactly... due to the fact she has better recurrent streams/sales than pretty much any of her peers. 5. It’s really disappointing you are acting like this, as someone who had actually grown to respect you and felt like you’d grew from being so hateful. You are literally siding with someone who has screwed over numerous individuals and is helping fund TERRORISM and GENOCIDE just to spite a woman you hate, for whatever reason, when every reason you hate her for was disproven as false. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though since you literally said she lied about being sexually assaulted back in 2017. Once a misogynist, always a misogynist. I just hope you know how disappointing this looks, it’s genuinely mind blowing. That’s all I have to say. She lost nothing and you know it, so remember this post every time you come into this section to spew... whatever it is you always do. I guess I have to put a disclaimer this isn’t an attack on you as much as an attempt to educate you since no one can get through to you. These are all of the facts regarding the situation at hand and if you choose to deny them - you’re denying FACTS and LOGIC. I will not be responding, though, unless you have some sort of intelligible reply to refute the facts I laid out regarding the situation and can remain calm and tactful. So, good luck and I wish you well!
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    31 downvotes... you LOVE to see it!
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    You won’t get an unbiased summary from either of us, let’s be real @Venom might be able to help