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  1. #TaylorNationSPAMS, Statusgate pt. (?) I've lost count. jj2

    @Sylkmonster @frankgutz @Saiga @ChooseyLover @WinnieThePooh


    So, I just thought I'd make an official status for all my status chain baes for the Grammys tomorrow. demi1 
    @frankgutz @Sylkmonster @Blue Riding Hood @Saiga (I think I got everyone rip2)


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    2. fab

      Taylor's performance was absolutely amazing cry0 


    3. fab

      I think that Gaga's performance would have slayed us much harder if she hadn't hyped it up with the teasers jj4 The perfomance itself was great, but I was missing the "innovative technology" jj4 


    4. Taylor

      Basically this @fab. I think it had more technology planned before they made it into a tribute, but it looks likely they'll be working with her in the LG5 era. scream1 

  3. Me watching Sense8 and seeing all the hot ass MEN in action


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    2. Taylor

      I would love to be Lito yes, the best of both worlds!

    3. Dr. Slay


      someone did a spam status without me wtf

    4. Taylor

      Status spam? What's that? Never heard of her in my life


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    2. Saiga

      Paquita la del barrio sia5 I like Francisco tbh sass1 It's common here obviously as well

    3. Saiga

      @frankgutz omg sorry for bringing memories back sis fall7

    4. frankgutz

      dont worry sis, we're still friends & talk sometimes :) i was being a lil bit dramatic lol1

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    2. Taylor

      when Salvatore has nothing but ha regular salty shit to spew in BGs but you drag him and he comes back to call you disgusting even though he's the epitome of disgusting and you realized you effortlessly won

  4. #TaylorNationASKShasquad (@Saiga@frankgutz@Blue Riding Hood@Alejandreaux@Robert.@WinnieThePooh@Sylkmonster@Hylia@fab@Rihanus@Miss Bank$)

    What's your top 3/favorite song of 1989? This is a very important question my friends! ny1 

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    2. Rihanus

      I haven't heard the album cause it's not on spotify dead2


    3. Rihanus

      but out of the singles I guess Style, Wildest Dreams, Shake It Off jj3 

    4. fab

      lemme think tbh jj3 

      1. Out Of The Woods

      2. Blank Space

      3. Bad Blood 



  5. Before y'all attack me for starting another status (tina1), let's try to make another iconic one without spamming. Anyone who spams will be RIHported. jj2 

    So what's the holiest song on The Fame Monster? tina1 

    @frankgutz @Blue Riding Hood @fab @Sylkmonster @WinnieThePooh @Saiga @ChooseyLover

    This time it's on my wall so none of you fats can delete it. tina1 

  6. Me 2 seconds into Witness


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    2. Kenya

      Not caring about the way you take what I say has nothing to do with me replying, but yeah sure rip2 

    3. Sylk

      I mean Kenya sweetie you leaving a random downvote does seem like you're a little pressed but I guess you don't care! Whatever floats your boat!


    4. Kenya

      this reaction over a downvote ny2 

  7. Why do I keep getting notifications from threads saying like "_____ commented on ______, February 4th 2016?" I am getting them from threads that have been inactive for like a week jj4 what's good @Onika sis? tina1 

  8. cEP1At5.png

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    2. Arya

      @Taylor The only place you took is that of a trash-can though!


    3. Taylor

      Actually my title is "Certified: Snake"


      Get glasses sweetie


    4. Arya

      @Taylor Garden snakes are cute I guess!

  9. EDIT: Removed for copyright infringement by TAS Management TM © ®.

  10. model_elitedaily1.jpg

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    2. DogsNotDead

      I hate "perfect guy" personas, if I don't see a flaw, I don't deserve or need it at all. sass3

      It's the way I am. moo2

    3. DogsNotDead

      There's a difference between fat and normal, shaved is always a +. I have a phobia of unknown hairs in my mouth, and androids are lovely. 

    4. Taylor

      omg i thought i was the only one who HATED beasty hairy guys oprah8 i like hairy legs and arms but shaved chest is a must oprah8 

  11. How nice for @TattooedHeart to take Revival's title track out for a walk


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    2. TattooedHeart

      It is her best song and everyone will deal!

    3. Anna-wa

      An even bigger lie.

      The entirety of When The Sun Goes Down alone >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      And if you don't count that or whatever, Come & Get It, Good For You, etc. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    4. TattooedHeart

      The only song I will accept as better is Forget Forever!

  12. Who would have thought SeLEGEND would have a better single than most of the other main pop girls? I'm in love


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    2. Royalty

      But it is mad5 

    3. Royalty



    4. Taylor

      Imagine insinuating that Sober is not the best on Revival! Thankfully I can't relate!


  13. tumblr_mjk6hr2jVG1s7vg8ho1_500.jpg

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    2. Alejandreaux

      @TaylorNation™ how DARE you throw shade at my fiancee shock1 i almost downvoted jj2 

      @Kali ok that makes more since. tbh what would i do without you and @Hylia teaching me everything i need to know about the world around me ny3

    3. Mitski

      Glad I could help sis oprah2 @Hylia spreading the demisexual/ace spectrum visibility one status thread at a time oprah7 

    4. Taylor

      @Alejandreaux I mean he's ok and I'd let him do me of course jj2 but tons of other people are way hotter jj2 

  14. I had a dream that Taylor Swift died giveup1 

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    2. Dr. Slay

      Madonna will be killing all the youth such as Taylor and Miley in secret in order for her to be immortal.mp3 fall7

    3. Taylor

      not everyone saying this will be taylor interesting1 


    4. #Music

      omg fall5 bookmark ha fall5

  15. tumblr_inline_o6832fuZnP1snef70_500.gif

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    2. TattooedHeart

      @SylkWhat I mean is I remember hearing her say that, at least the last part jj3 

    3. Sylk

      here's the interview ny1 she's talking about her pregnancy instead @TattooedHeartny1 ps: it was 2014 so she was a bit chubby ny1 


    4. TattooedHeart

      She's always gorgeous oprah2 

  16. is the man in your avi pregnant dead4 

  17. am i the only one who uses the site on the incognito theme rip3 

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    2. ♚Missy♚

      you click your little adblock icon while on FOTP and click disable for this site jj2 

    3. Taylor

      omg thank u jj2 i tried it and customized it now, i think i like it but lemme just see rip3 im so used to incognito jj2 

    4. ♚Missy♚

      i love having my fave stare at me as i scroll through this site jj2 

  18. I will never get how Come To Malaria made it on to Joanne mad9 

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    2. Princess Aurora

      Come To Malaria rip3 

    3. Infrared

      Even if the song sucks, don't be fucking disgusting. I'm sorry you're privileged enough not to deal with malaria. 

    4. Taylor

      I literally just looked up 'diseases that start with m' and picked one at random but ok jj4 

  19. Finally came out to my dad today. brit0

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    2. Entea

      Well done sis, know it can't be easy but glad you did it. It's a weight off your shoulders oprah2

    3. Taylor

      Thank you all oprah4 

  20. tumblr_o87tcadDTd1snfq7uo4_r1_400.gif

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    2. Taylor

      My good girl gone bad era wendy1 

    3. DogsNotDead

      wendy1Get that Dangerous era, king of pop of thot.

      wendy1I swear I won't make allegations.

    4. havok

      Slightly muscly bottoms are LIFE tho. aura1