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  1. lwRqdgr.jpg

    1. Sylk

      loving you was red 

    2. Taylor

      just like her political party

    3. Sylk

      omg maybe you snapped

  2. @Hylia truly snapped


    1. Sylk

      one of my fav things to do is SUE tayloose for stealing my jokes see you in court #gift 


    2. Taylor

      I shared the photo for you to make the joke so good luck booking that court room you speak of


    3. Hylia

      I don’t claim this fuckery


  3. Bruno’s 5 hour speech was an amazing sleep aid!

  4. I’m so happy for Kesha fall3 I felt so bad for her 2 years ago when she was absolutely broken and couldn’t do anything. Now she’s released an album, performed at the Grammys and made a true statement. Literally a legend oprah4 

  5. Best comedy album? Finally a category Ed deserves to win cry7 

  6. Ed Sheeran winning over Gaga and Kesha two times is artistic terrorism 

  7. dead2 


    1. jacs vs looser

      Dead. Deceased. Found unresponsive and unconscious. 

  8. They’re like mother and daughter


  9. #HyliaASSEMBLES


    1. Hylia



  10. Are you happy now


  11. Stop falling asleep f****

  12. why did you leave us scream2 

    1. Aidan.

      I Fell Asleep

    2. Taylor

      Of course you did

  13. I still have not come to terms with the fact that THIS is the most powerful man in the world and the president of the USA. I have absolutely no words. dead4 


    1. Taylor

      Exactly jj4 

      I know nothing he does or says should shock ANY of us, but every day he somehow takes his idiocy to a new level. It’s comical and sad at the same time wendy4 

    2. Anna-wa

      @Dr. Slay "Disappointed" isn't even an accurate term to describe it either. I don't know what is to be honest. dead2 

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  14. Kum


    Kum into my world


    1. Aidan.

      Id rather you ******* ********* ********


    2. Taylor

      Seek jesus

  15. omg our last visited dates are the same


    1. Sylk

      omg not december 13 taylor swift found dead


    2. Taylor

      She must be controlling us, satanist confirmed 


    3. Sylk

      zeena lavey found rotting in the dungeons 


  16. Come back online Hylegend

    1. Sylk

      come back baby please cause we belong together 

  17. Legend get online quick