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  1. Anyone: "Shawn Me-"



    1. SWINΞ

      She looks so funny running backward lmfao1

    2. Taylor

      Queen of dressing up as Anna Wintour and attempting backwards cardio

  2. King of photoshop, are you busy? wendy1 

    1. Taylor

      Would you be willing to gif an avi for your favorite snake? wendy1 

    2. Taylor

      I’ll PM you wendy1 

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  3. Aidan’s avi [2] (TM): sponsored by... the world’s very first camera 


  4. Aidan’s avi (TM): sponsored by... a potato


  5. rip2


    1. Chris Morlock

      wendy's tweets are always the best rip4 

    2. Sylk

      ^ tea stan Wendy! wendy1



    1. Taylor

      omg queen oprah4 how are you

    2. Saiga

      I'm actually pretty good, what about you?

    3. Taylor

      I’m good too, a bit busy like I was last time we talked mad5 

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  7. Me listening to Getaway Car


  8. mood


    1. Taylor

      Iggy getting brave?


    2. Brightflower

      who was she coming for

    3. Vulnicura.

      some random stan coming for her on twatter

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  9. I wanna be your end game


    end game


    1. Taylor

      I wanna be your

      end game

      end game

    2. TattooedHeart

      a TALENTED song yes! Hip hop song of the year

    3. Taylor

      A song yes 

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  10. Me when Taylor said shit on I Did Something Bad


  11. acne = cleared

    pussy = popped

    hurr = did


  12. Imagine thinking there are no hot guys on BB19 when Matt exists


  13. Has anyone here watched US Big Brother 19? I want to watch it but I don’t know if it’s worth it wendy3

    1. Taylor

      Not them choosing an unbearable cast for yet another season in a row


    2. Divine

      The worst part is that there weren’t any hot guys to compensate!


    3. Taylor

      I thought I saw a hot guy on one of the episode thumbnails wendy4 sad!


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  14. Do I smell.... a new emote?


    1. Madonna

      Me when this finally happens after the mods rejected it a few times already.


    2. Taylor

      The fact that this has been rejected yet mj1 is still a thing...


  15. @Aidan. has quoted you...”


    1. #Music

      eeh.... will be hearing from my lawyers soon sweetie

    2. Taylor

      @Aidan. :) 

      @Hermione I remember seeing a thread about him on ATRL laughcry1 he’ll probably be exposed soon 

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  16. Hey girl.mp3 orly1

    We haven’t talked in quite some time, how are you?

    1. Taylor

      It’s cute wendy1 It gets really boring though, FOTP will always be my real home!

    2. Royale

      As it should be wendy1 I'm less active on here as well because University is killing me, but I'm doing my best. dead2 

    3. Taylor

      dd same, I’ve been a little more active recently bc of the Reputa release coming up but school’s kicking my ass a bit! dead7 

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  17. @Hylia you're so brave, thank you for sharing your story


    1. Hylia

      Birthing @lesbi_an wasn’t an easy process

  18. Kim K looks amazing here


    1. Juinae

      She's doing amazing sweatie. Look at those golden globes, Hitlor could never.


  19. Not this avi fitting right in with all your other ones