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  1. tbh
  2. No offense but the sparkly silver dress from the Fearless Tour was AMAZING 😍🙌😩💦


    1. Malfoy

      How DARE you not say Noah Fence meg1 But kii I cackled lmfao1

    2. Chris Morlock

      she should bring it back ny8  

  3. The fact that he's hurling insults at other people for being "irrelevant" when he's literally a nobody himself he's not even cute
  4. It won't be long
  5. Photos

    Oh shit he's hot
  6. DDSZeWOWAAERw2D.jpg

    1. Malfoy

      Take me to church cry6

  7. hello it's me
  8. Excuse you those are her best album titles Red is cute but way too short!
  9. Yes I am
  10. I hope she stops parading around with them and being a fake bitch but she probably won't
  11. I hope Taylor disassociates with her annoying clique and comes out as a lesbian and dates Karlie Kloss
  12. Both of our faves are lazy yes they'd rather hang out with their annoying fake friends than actually promote
  13. Hopefully we can reach 90k before the new era
  14. I had to go back like 40 pages to find the post where I last updated it