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  1. Middle-aged white people I guess
  2. Taylor

    I want to say she'll crack 100k since it feels like she's more relevant and people like her more now than in 2014, we'll see. It's possible.
  3. Taylor


    SHOUTING at Quavo’s pure sales I know sales are dead but jeez This will be the first album by a pop girl to spend multiple weeks at #1 since Reputation I assume? Who would’ve thought
  4. Taylor


    Same here Reputation will always take me back to winter 2017 I always attach Taylor’s albums to seasons (1989/Summer, Red/Fall, Speak Now/Fearless/Spring, Reputation/Winter), same with most artists. Almost every album has a well fitted season.
  5. Taylor


    DJ Khaled another one.gif It’s what the second best song on the record deserves!
  6. Taylor


    Y&I is easily one of her best. Deserves way better
  7. Look Wig I Found is one of her best songs ever
  8. Self-titled: 275 weeks Holiday Collection: 43 weeks Beautiful Eyes: 21 weeks Fearless: 255 weeks (11 weeks #1) Speak Now: 137 weeks (6 weeks #1) Speak Now Live: 11 weeks Red: 149 weeks (7 weeks #1) 1989: 200 weeks (11 weeks #1) Reputation: 48 weeks and counting (4 weeks at #1)
  9. Taylor here

    mariah over

    1. Sylk

      over taylor on all the all-time charts maybe ??

  10. Taylor doesn’t speak up and everyone drags her saying she should. Now she does speak up and they’re still trying it. At least she acknowledged she feels differently now and is trying to make an effort towards using her platform to speak on these issues. Stay in your lane before the Lord curse hits you in the arse, girlies. Don’t suffer the same fate as Kimye!