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  1. Screaming at the downvotes!
  2. The cherry on top of Pride Month
  3. Taylor


    Her debut single Tim McGraw came out exactly 13 years ago today!
  4. Yeah I actually forgot to tag @Hylia again that it actually IS the second single they re-added it to radio and it was sent today, so idk what happened or why it was removed for a day
  5. Taylor


    Pitchfork is the scum of the earth
  6. Omg yes No Scrubs they literally ended up getting credits and got their $ thank god, that’s about the millionth case that man has caught for plagiarism
  7. I don’t think she will #2 seems kinda locked I think? Unless Little Mix ( ) somehow increases or YNTCD falls a lot. Sadly both of them are quite a bit behind IDC if I’m not mistaken...
  8. I’m really, REALLY shocked at this. I was afraid this song would struggle to enter the top 5 in the UK, but it’s looking to match the peak of ME! and likely even surpass it at #2 due to the video effect, given there was only a 4 sales difference. The power of finally releasing a good song I guess? (though the message isn’t very universal and it’s a US-oriented song but well... I’ll take it)
  9. Yeah I’ve seen that comparison too but I don’t hear it either I doubt this is actually from the reputation sessions lol. She doesn’t re-use tracks from album sessions and always creates completely new ones, but besides that the tone/message is very different from that era. She was clearly still hurt and angry and that was reflected in a few of the songs, but now she’s just like... let it go, I’m over it, let’s all be friends.
  10. Atlantic is buying it to keep Nicki's stan at #1 to spite ha!
  11. Really? I don't hear the Gorgeous comparisons and I don't think it sounds like it's from reputation at all I mean, of course it sounds more in line with that then what she will likely serve this era, similar to how Getaway Car/Gorgeous fit in with 1989 but didn't sound like it really To me the most accurate comparison would be Sunflower. I've literally been humming the intro in my head and almost started with Sunflower the vocal flow in the first verse of Sunflower/YNTCD's sound so similar
  12. Honestly I don't hate the song, I'd rather this getting the record than that Shape Of You shit or a Drake song but I'm pressed af that Taylor is heading for multiple #2 peaks this era when she could've snatched two #1s (or more depending on if she gets another #2 after YNTCD which should do that as well), had this song been a normal 300-400 point hit Like who is still buying this I'm shocked, it's doing 100M+ a week on streams so how is it still selling 70-80k weekly which is like twice what the average #1 on HDS has been doing for the last year... whew lord