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  1. Discussion Make "THAT-10-track album"s of Tay's discography

  2. Bizarre Shane Dawson tries selling his underwear for $100k

    At first glance I thought I saw “Shawn” in the title and came running
  3. Charts HDD drags Billboard for miscounting reputation sales

    According to Billboard it sold 1.216m pure and 1.238m with SPS.
  4. Charts HDD Reputation second week prediction: 245-255k SPS

    Seriously though, she has to add it soon or she can say goodbye to more than a few weeks at #1
  5. Discussion Words is so good!

    I was listening to Erotica last night and kinda forgot Words existed until it came on. A cute song!
  6. Charts Most "Up to date" Album Sales Stats

    Kylie successful
  7. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

  8. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    CIWYW is so chill and catchy
  9. Charts Reputation outsold 199 albums

    Oh wow, what a flop!
  10. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    TIWWCHNT has grown on me a lot. The chorus just gets annoying real fast.
  11. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    The bridge is the most interesting part
  12. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    TIWWCHNT’s verses >>>>>>> chorus
  13. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    A taste They lied, what’s new? The verses lack any sense of rhythm. Reminds me of Bad Liar
  14. Game #RoyaltyListens Reputation (2017)

    I, I loved you in spider 🕷