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  1. Taylor


    01. Clean - MW 02. Clean - Taylor 03.
  2. Taylor


    I checked and you’re actually on my version of the taglist, btw @fuck originally compiled it though and I added it to the welcome thread, so I assume somewhere along the line some names got added to one and not the other
  3. She looks younger than the chair
  4. Taylor


    I’m giving it a 10, but I will admit it’s overrated by some stans. It’s not the best song on Red
  5. Taylor


    Lowkey forgot it existed It’s much better than the album version
  6. Taylor


    Indeed I think Joanne would’ve been a great song if her voice stayed soft and breezy throughout the whole song tho
  7. Taylor


    The Fame > ARTPOP > Monster > Born This Way > Cheek To Cheek > Joanne
  8. Taylor grossed $18.1M from 2 dates at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta this past weekend. $9M per date
  9. Does anyone have the pic from Spongebob of the blue fish lady holding her magazine with the “girl I hear sumn...” caption? I can’t find it for the life of me even though I know it’s everywhere hay1 

  10. Goodnight N Go because I love Imogen a lot and of course love the song. I’m excited to see what they did with it. As for original songs, probably R.E.M. or Get Well Soon.
  11. I mean some artists just hit 50 billion streams and have the #1 song in the country yet can’t fill a 14k arena I’m shook by some of these crowd sizes
  12. Must be dedicating it to Nick Jonas in his head