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  1. Her serve. Hope it can scan 2x when it’s all said and done, since it probably isn’t going to see great longevity. Crazy that she got a #1 tho and it probably won’t even be ‘the’ hit of the album (Exile will most likely)
  2. I need 6 weeks, the slayage that would be Tbh if her team doesn't fuck up with Exile (which lol I don't have high hopes for bc they don't playlist her for shit ) then I think this album will be top 5 for a while at least. Anything above 3 weeks atop the chart and then longevity within the top 5/10 would be so huge. Maybe she could even snag a #1 week here and there like some rap albums have been doing lately bc, well, they're consistent and sometimes get lucky on weaker weeks. The good thing is, Exile will probably do well enough to carry the album even if her team flubs up and doesn't push it enough to be the #1 smash it has obvious potential to be. With all of this said though... Drake is coming soon. No one knows when but he said summer, so I expect within the next month. Whenever he drops it's over ddd but Folklore has a lot of chances before then to stay #1 for a long while (since anything above 3 weeks is massive these days).
  3. I think 4th week looks likely at this point and maybe even a 5th week, but even three weeks is amazing If she manages five weeks, she’ll join a club of only a few albums that have done this since 2016 (Hollywood’s Bleeding, Scorpion, I think maybe Starboy too and probably like one more I’m forgetting). No female album has done over four weeks since 25, and if she somehow managed six weeks I think it would become the longest-running #1 album since Views in 2016
  4. So happy for her omg and with only one day of physicals Feel like this could become her best performing album in the UK (who knows maybe even EU in general) after 1989. Right now, I think that title belongs to Lover... at least in the UK where it unexpectedly smashed. See when you do talentry.
  5. You didn’t lie. The way that song will literally never grow on me
  6. I can accept all these nominations besides NYD and Dress CIWYW, SIG & KOMH biggest growers on the album
  7. Oh, now... what song is better then?
  8. She did with most of Folklord Actually I’m kind of sad because I don’t feel much when listening to Getaway Car anymore when it dropped I absolutely thought it was one of her best songs and it made me feel THINGS but now I don’t flinch at all. I wish I did tho because objectively it’s a beautiful song It’s still the best song on reputa tho so at least there’s that
  9. She also broke the record of most entries ever for a woman. I’m sure Nicki will snatch it back with her multiple collabs this year () but Taylor will secure her place with TS9.
  10. Streaming poison they said
  11. Oh wow most streams in one week for a female artist Kinda shocked and really impressive considering she didn’t quite break the album debut record. The power of a CATALOGUE
  12. Whew the irony, anyway... this is a great day so back to celebrating the 2020 BILLBOARD HOT 100 #1 debut So legendary! Ugh my FUCKING fave
  13. She occupied the entire top 3 but TUN/7R weren’t debuts at that point (BUWYGFIB was tho)
  14. @Madonna girl the way your fave is SLAYING with a #1 in 2020 you must be so proud Multiple top fives, three songs in the top 10 in UK and quite a few other Euro countries, five in Australia, slayage in Asia as usual... all this slayage whew I’m so proud of her
  15. Swift Has the Three Biggest Weeks for Any Album in the Last Four Years: In the last four years, the three biggest weeks for any album have been racked up by Swift. Dating back to July of 2016, the three largest frames for any album were tallied by the debut weeks of Swift’s Reputation (1.24 million units, Dec. 2, 2017-dated chart), Lover (867,000) and Folklore (846,000).