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  1. Both legendary songwriters
  2. here

    Oh wow your post count is 8,989. Iconic.

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    2. Daenerys

      Found rotting in the rose garden instead of Madison Square btw

    3. Taylor

      Kii yes she probably pricked her finger on the rose from the CTTR video and died um2 

  3. Game

    I Wish You Would vs Bad Blood
  4. Cunt I don't know her so hate it Wendy Williams
  5. Hate it Taylor Swift
  6. Hate it @Sylk
  7. Game

    State Of Grace vs Red
  8. Omg yes it's so odd not having a new album, though it honestly felt like way less time between 2014 and 2016 than, say, 2012 and 2014 before 1989. Mostly because of how long the 1989 era carried on for and all the media exposure last year I guess Hopefully the wait is worth it and she serves quality!
  9. During an interview Ed Sheeran makes a brief mention of her working on a new album and slips in "I think it's f....yeah." If the album is really finished hopefully that means it's coming this fall!
  10. And I thought I tag the Taylor stans a lot kii Sounds amazing btw!