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  1. Worlds Greatest Lover was written about @Aidan.
  2. If this is true I really wonder if that picture from the Kahn video set is her. She grew up on a Christmas tree farm - what if the set is Christmasy because she’s visiting places she grew up in in the video? (Keep in mind she visited her old home and posted lots of pics last summer AFTER she first started working on TS7 - maybe as inspo) I doubt it’ll be the lead single topic but maybe single two or something. A song about growing up/reminiscing on childhood memories and dreams would be cool. Basically Never Grow Up, but a pop banger instead of a country ballad lol
  3. Taylor liked another post suggesting so
  4. Taylor


    I mean, she does have writing credits on it. I assume she reworked it a bit, both the structure/sound and lyrics.
  5. I know it's weird but I associate Praying with the summer more than the winter time. Probably because it WAS released in the summer but the video is summery to me and it sounds like something you'd listen to on a dreary, rainy summer day and fit that perfectly. However yeah, I imagine it would've done better during the colder months lol
  6. Taylor


    Ha Taylor Swift 2019 incoming
  7. Taylor


    She looks like Kylie here btw @Aidan. just a biT
  8. Taylor


    Tbh! It does feel weird since she's never started an era outside of the Autumn season, but I'm all for another change in pace given she already broke the 2-year release pattern
  9. Taylor


    Oh you're back ASSya Post more heaux, we could use the numbers
  10. Taylor


    Same. I was watching the Red and 1989 streams the other day and they’re always the best as far as starting off an era but it’s 2019 and I understand things are probably different enough now that one of those would be obsolete. As long as she explains stuff and the process behind the song in interviews that’s okay though. Or if she did a stream like, after the single release to chat with us. That would be cool too
  11. Taylor


    Makes sense, yeah I would like that. I really, really still hope we get a livestream but they already confirmed the single comes at midnight and I doubt she’d go live that late A Tuesday announcement with the single cover would be cool, also confirming if we get the video or not upon release day. Not sure if they’ll announce the album this time but I still hope they do, just NO pre-order first week. Republic is smarter than that I hope
  12. Taylor


    Lowkey it’s the most interesting teaser so far but idk how any of this flows together In any case she needs to amp it up starting Monday because there’ll be no hype if she keeps posting weird pics until Thursday watch her do exactly that though!