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  1. The surprise better be that she cooked up something better than Dangerous Woman
  2. I can see it being a hit if it's more of a dance song, I can just picture it being played in clubs and on radio. I think it'll be a top 5 hit if it's promoted and given a good video.
  3. Well I'm not under the same roof as you anymore so I still consider it a win
  4. Yes, and sadly you're still in the house to annoy the shit out of everyone
  5. Unlike my fave kii
  6. You thought right btw
  7. Charts

    Whew, she did THAT. When will our faves?
  8. I stopped reading here
  9. I regret checking in on this house, you all suck
  10. Me sleeping with Cody? It's just not realistic
  11. I think she could easily have a successful comeback, but I doubt it'll be Bangerz-level success. Maybe on par with Dangerous Woman/Revival level success if she comes back with catchy, accessible music.