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  1. I would type up a paragraph to explain why he’s a disgusting person but all I have to say is fuck him. Fuck. Him. Disgusting trash. I hope the negative effects this will have on marginalized communities he belongs to was worth it.
  2. Yeah she did 70k at Wembley each night (though some tickets were given out ) and somewhere around that each night at Croke Park, and 75k at ANZ Stadium I believe? But on topic — Britney’s attendance there is very impressive, she could do a worldwide tour (arenas with a few stadiums I think) if she really tried but I doubt it’ll ever happen
  3. Sis you should specify for Asia in the title/OP unless you missed that part. It’s not the biggest attendance WW/overall. Right off the top of my head Taylor has done 2 concerts with 75k+ attendances in Australia, and iirc Adele has had dates with even bigger attendances than that
  4. Did the idiot uploading her videos stretch it yet again? Does he not know he can upload old videos in their original ratios instead of stretching them to fit the 16:9 one used today .... I still hope one day we will get better quality versions of her old videos (MVs, performances, etc.). There’s a channel for Bjork with most of her old videos uploaded in 720p+ and they look so good for 90s videos The vevo.com uploads of Madge’s videos were also more HD than YT and the 2000s videos like HU, Sorry, Love Profusion etc were nearly 1080p but they’re gone unless you have downloads, so
  5. Taylor

    TUN is probably going to spend close to 20 weeks in the top 10, if not more, and hit 1B on Spotify easily. It also spent 8 weeks at #1 on the UWC and went #1 in most large countries. The mental gymnastics *some* people go through to discredit it just because it peaked in its first 10 weeks and didn’t take a year to go #1
  6. Yeah her debut album sold pretty well tbh. She had a decent backing then I guess, but I’m still a bit surprised it opened with that much as well
  7. Apparently this is the 11th biggest debut for a female artist this decade, including all albums released pre-streaming era. And only the 5th largest of the streaming era: Yeah, she fucking won. Absolutely no one can deny her main pop girl status at this point unless you’re just delusional. Her going from competing with her Disney peers to the top pop girls
  8. 1. Breathin 2. NTLTC 3. GIAW 4. BUWYGIB 5. TUN 6. 7 Rings I actually like every song on the list (though I don’t really listen to the last two much) so good job I guess
  9. Taylor

    TEA! As if butchering 1989 wasn’t already enough to arrest him. Electric toupee.
  10. Taylor


    Literally the most recent thread before this one
  11. I think she could either do that or spread out her dates maybe? Like doing 2 every week instead of one every other day on average. I think it all depends on what works best to keep Katy happy and healthy since everyone is different, but I’m not surprised she’s tired. Her touring schedule is probably the most insane out of any of the current pop girls But about retiring I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Katy doesn’t seem like a quitter and one era not performing well won’t make her retire, so, I expect a new album this year or next. But I do imagine she will continue with 3/4 year breaks between each record which isn’t that bad.
  12. Honestly idk, although I wish I had info. Maybe squad 2.0 is coming but this time it’ll be indie pop girls instead of models
  13. Taylor

    My favorites so far in no order: Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves, Juice by Lizzo, 365 by Katy & Zedd I know I’m forgetting some but that’s just off the top of my head.
  14. Tea, @Hylia sis come de-wig the Obsessed Tori Amos Hater
  15. Taylor

    The video looks so good. Idk if it’ll smash but I think it could become a radio and possibly (decent sized) streaming hit, moreso in Europe, but that’s better than nothing.