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  1. TEN years old? That's so fucked up... I wish her all the best.
  2. Discussion

    Let me change my date real quick
  3. Taylor's stans right now


    1. Sylk

      Lambs right now


    2. Taylor

      I just realized the lambs are gonna all buy and stream the single first week to help dethrone Desperate cheeto! A concept


    3. Sylk

      omg alot of Lord haters that I know were here for that concept! Her #1 debut incoming


  4. Discussion

    They must have some deal with the Solar Eclipse or something cause otherwise...
  5. Discussion

    A guy on PulseMusic who has spilled tea about various releases before also said the song + video is coming Friday. He's never been wrong so all of this definitely seems plausible. I'm ready!
  6. Maybe they'll collab and get that #1 since a certain other collab didn't I have faith in her and am extremely excited for the new music, but I'm afraid I'll be disappointed since so many other major releases have disappointed me. Hope she comes through!
  7. And the singles chart But honestly I don't think Taylor will release the album before November anyway. It's almost confirmed at this point that she's coming on the 25th, which is a week after SIO, so maybe the album will come Nov 3rd They'll both slay!
  8. Mess. Apparently it's like this on everyone's page and not just her's.
  9. As long as her and Nicki don't beef again... I'm praying she drops the gimmicks this time!
  10. Queen of enforcing bedtimes for her stans as they start back to school
  11. Stan I have a mini heart attack when I think about all the music we'll probably be getting from the faves in Q4
  12. I doubt it's anything much but she's known to be extremely cryptic so maybe
  13. Yeah I think this is fake tbh!
  14. Performance

  15. HURRICANERED.gif?w=480&h=480&fit=clip

    1. Anna-wa

      Nah, Red will always be an iconic album no matter what TS6 sounds like.

    2. Taylor

      Yes but it's a gif of a hurricane tho, like... she's coming so it's gonna be a big storm? wendy1