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  1. Hylia here

    Hey mama

    1. Taylor

      Put your paws up Little Modlias


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    Suddenly I hate Thinking Bout Shoe
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    20/20! Too lazy to post a screenshot
  5. Red, Speak Now & Lover better
  6. We don't need a birth chart to know this statement is a classic example of deflecting one's own inner issues on to someone else! I'm sure the #1 Global Artist of 2019: Taylor Swift is weeping into her embroidered pillow over a random deranged gay who gets an endorphin rush every time he crawls out of his cage long enough to proclaim he ignores her existence, while simultaneously keeping up with her every waking move!
  7. Poor bitter FOTP gays who are so bothered by Miss Swift to a psychotic level where they are on the same side as Candace Owens, Mark Dice, and Justin Bieber meanwhile Taylor has literal politicians and US representatives on her/our side!
  8. You’re so pathetic omg truly devoid of any reasonable morals to find such pleasure in innocent (yes, nothing you say will change that) people’s problems, never change! Wanna go for that round 2 of your Battlegrounds thread in which the entire forum clocked you?
  9. Didn’t y’all drag Taylor because she ~just~ donated a quarter of a million to Kesha but didn’t tweet about it despite having zero relation to L*ke? You’d be right if your post constituted that dragging them and being nasty is unnecessary, because at the end of the day we don’t know what kind of contract they’re under and what they can speak out about legally, or just considering the fear factor and what power he does or might hold over them. However, I think it’s reasonable to urge his artists to speak out (as long as they aren’t contractually obligated not to), and be frustrated that they won’t when this is a serious situation with lots of implications for more than just Taylor herself.... people just need to know how to approach it appropriately and more respectfully since clearly that isn’t happening right now.
  10. Taylor

    This... isn’t true though Bad Liar / Fetish didn’t do all great that but all her other droplet singles ranged from hits to smash hits. Wolves and It Ain’t Me being huge streaming/radio smashes, Taki Taki being massive on every metric basically, and Back To You was a huge radio hit and did quite well on streaming. None of those songs peaked very high but they all had great longevity and increased her presence on streaming and her general presence in global markets. She wouldn’t have been able to pull off this feat without those songs setting her up nicely. As for Demi - yes, she can do it. Scooter is managing her now and she will have some level of hype following her next release due to her personal struggles and people wanting to see what she has to say. But she doesn’t have a string of strategic releases like Selena did prior to whatever she’s going to put out, so it’s less likely.
  11. Speak it into existence! ATRL/lowkey Twitter gays
  12. They should, and I bet they even have most of them in HD already and wouldn’t even need to remaster the LQ ones but just replace these with the HD I’ve seen a full HD for Our Song and stills from an HD The Story Of Us. Still baffled that all of her 2010-2011 videos are in 480p sans Mine considering 1080p was available then and pretty much the standard
  13. She is now the first artist ever to have 5 videos with 1 billion+ views as a lead/solo act Shake It Off - 2.836B Blank Space - 2.510B Bad Blood - 1.321B Look What You Made Me Do - 1.103B You Belong With Me - 1B Next up: Wildest Dreams at 674M, will probably hit 1B in around 2040 Other notable streaming feats: 2nd most streamed woman on Apple Music (behind Ariana) 3rd most streamed woman on Spotify (behind Ariana and Rihanna) 2nd most streamed woman on YouTube (behind Katy) Streaming poison indeed
  14. Taylor


    Points were absolutely made Just nod and smile