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  1. So is the cancellation button on my Golden pre-order
  2. @Body Language will do Kylie Jenner’s when she makes her musical debut
  3. The forum can’t come to the phone right now
  4. #1 even in her flop era not bad hope it can manage to stay #1, tho Divide and Greatest Showman soundtrack could rival it.
  5. Reputation currently sits at #1 on the 2018 Billboard 200 Year End chart (27% completed) with 2,304,000 units moved since its release. It has a 1,518,000 lead over Divide, the #2 album, which has moved 786,000 units since 2018’s YEC chart started being compiled. yes I got this from A**L hihi
  6. Event

    Anyway moving on from THAT... ROL is still her magnum opus and almost every song is a 10/10! One of my favorite pop albums ever
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    I'm revoking your newfound gif privileges
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    Taylor was 7
  9. They’re obviously not in lesbians anymore