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  1. Other

    Regina George stop trying to make it happen.png This is clearly just a poorly worded lyric. He’s literally talking from the girl’s POV... is it that hard to grasp?
  2. Honestly, I think Drake will end up taking AOTD his US stats are just... Adele is undoubtedly the biggest, but her infrequent releasing hurts her a lot. Taylor has a great shot but Drake is demolishing her on the H100 and BB200 rn so idk. Maybe touring will help her
  3. I don’t think she’ll add any more than the two Tokyo ones either tbh, but it’s nice to dream She could definitely do a few more dates in Asia at any select stadiums, especially China, assuming she got approved and they have a stadium (which I assume they do). They’re probably asking for too much to bring it there anyway, so I won’t hold my breath
  4. I don’t think so lol. The stadiums are bigger though, so she’ll probably gross around the same, at least at Wembley. She needs to add more Asian dates since that’s one of her biggest markets, but she’s too lazy to do a full leg there
  5. Rumor

    I believe this. I don’t have high hopes for it anyway, but Beautiful Game sounded promising. Turn Back Time sounds promising as well, but idk how to feel about the other stuff they described
  6. I believe she’s one of the first big touring acts to utilize this slow ticketing thing which is supposed to help artists get the most money possible Rolling Stone had a bigger average gross though, I think. Coldplay also had a similar one.
  7. Her mind.... WHEN will she stop flopping? This is becoming exhausting!
  8. The boxscores for the 4th and 5th dates of the reputation Stadium Tour have been revealed by a reputable member over at BCharts, who also revealed the boxscores for the first two dates. $16.3M for the 2 Rose Bowl dates, $37.5M for the 5 total dates so far! // 5/18/2018 5/19/2018 2 Shows Taylor Swift Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA 118,084/59,042 100% Sold Out 49.5 - 499.5 $16,251,980 source
  9. Tbh, I’m not since she was up against the likes of Cardi and Camila
  10. Now this Clean slander isn’t cute But otherwise, stan for WTNY, Wonderland, ...RFI? and LWYMMD! All aged like a fine wine, especially the latter two