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  1. Yes I love it She’s serving Rihanna
  2. Discussion

    She looks amazing in the new studio pics
  3. jk <3 I could never drag you
  4. what a shit ranking! FAKE fan!
  5. Photos

    Yeah, The Sun claims the song is about Joe and all the places they’ve been in London in the past year, so I guess there will be lots of sites there included. They aren’t extremely reliable but it seems pretty plausible.
  6. Photos

    omg It does kinda look like that She was apparently filming on the Millennium bridge in London
  7. Photos

    Not this girl flipping the cameras off
  8. Photos

    Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid some of the costs herself iirc she footed the budget for some of the later 1989 videos
  9. TMZ has 42 new pics of Taylor filming on day 2 all the other pics
  10. I don’t like it at all but maybe it’ll grow on me, it’s just not catchy. I’m excited for the video though since that will hopefully make me like it more.
  11. Discussion

    I knew it would be something useless but whatever, she’d be dumb to release another song on a Sunday since Look is dying
  12. Legend serving fetus [2] at her show