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  1. Taylor


    This album isn’t nearly as instant as folklore and that’s okay. It took me several listens to appreciate it (not fully, but in a better light). I think that this album is more complex lyrically than folklore, whereas folklore had catchier - and therefore more instant melodies. With that said, I’m still in awe at this whole project. Definitely on par for me in terms of how it holds up in comparison to folklore. Now, not using the previous record as a benchmark (which is the best idea but admittedly hard to do) I’d say this is another career highlight for sure. Red, folklore and evermore - the holy trinity! Side note: Willow MV is definitely one of the best of her career thus far and infinitely better than Cardigan, which was already a video I loved a lot. I need a video for NBNC.
  2. Taylor


    Cardigan is a better song, while Willow is a better video!
  3. First female artist with 6 albums past this milestone btw (iirc, Rih and Gaga both have 5)
  4. Fearless - 11 weeks Speak Now - 6 weeks Red - 7 weeks 1989 - 11 weeks reputation - 4 weeks Lover - 1 week folklore - 7 weeks
  5. As if The only way this would make sense is if Taylor / Scooter are close to reaching a deal and in a last ditch effort to screw her over Kanye is going to take credit if she gets her masters back (probably with Scooter’s assistance). Scooter will lose way more money by letting her re-record, so selling them back would be a better option. The thing is he obviously won’t just do it in good faith, if this is the case. Kanye would never do anything to help her out with good intention. I genuinely hope this disgusting, abusive asshole gets the absolute worst life can possibly throw his way. Taylor should just re-record at this point even if she’s making any progress on getting her original masters back. No way in hell this man should be allowed to take claim after how he’s treated her since she was literally a teenager.
  6. Taylor


    the 1 vs. State of Grace cardigan vs. Red the last great american dynasty vs. Treacherous exile vs. I Knew You Were Trouble my tears ricochet vs. All Too Well mirrorball vs. 22 seven vs. I Almost Do august vs. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together this is me trying vs. Stay Stay Stay illicit affairs vs. The Last Time invisible string vs. Holy Ground mad woman vs. Sad Beautiful Tragic epiphany vs. The Lucky One betty vs. Everything Has Changed peace vs. Starlight hoax vs. Begin Again folklore: 11 Red: 3 Tie: 2 Well... Folklore takes this easily. Red is her second best record and has always been my favorite but Folklore is just simply her best work thus far - which says a lot because I had accepted she’d never top her Speak Now/Red days but she definitely did.
  7. Folklore becomes the longest-running #1 album of 2020, and only album to do 6+ weeks since Drake’s Views in 2016, with 90k units moved this week. Taylor also ties Whitney for most weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 among women - both with 46 weeks each.
  8. This is her 4th week at #1 (1-3-1-1-2-1)
  9. Taylor


    Taylor Swift - Folklore Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher Rina Sawayama - Sawayama My honorable mention goes to Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle I haven’t liked that many albums this year, but I’d still say it’s been a good year for music overall because what I consider to be the high points have been very high.
  10. Epiphany and Peace are equally the most underrated tracks (they’re both in my top 3)
  11. I wouldn’t really call this one obscure. It’s a weekly chart based on the biggest artists across all Billboard charts combined each week. So basically Taylor has been the biggest artist, taking into account data from all Billboard charts, for 41 weeks since the chart’s launch in 2014(?). But it’s a new one for sure, it’d be cool if they could go back and calculate it from at least 2000 tbh. It doesn’t give a full picture for artists who peaked before 2014. I don’t think they will since they’re usually frontloaded (no shade), but they’ll work their way up nicely. Hopefully her record is safe for now... Drake will definitely snatch sooner or later tho
  12. Yeah HDD has released predictions and she’s in the running for the 6th week at #1, but Pop Smoke’s album is really holding up and putting up a fight (because they doubled the amount of tracks to 34 dd ). Katy is predicted around #4 if I’m not mistaken. Tbh, I think Folklore can do it but her team should pull something to secure it, she has a 6th and maybe even several more secured if her team just does their job and finds ways to push it every week like they’ve been doing.
  13. Forgot to add in the OP btw: the way it’ll become the longest running #1 album since mid 2016 (4.5 years ago) if she pulls off a 6th week