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  1. The fact that my favorite pic from the whole shoot is a back cover Need it in HD + textless so I can make it my new Apple Music cover for the album
  2. - Female Spotify Recod - Pop Album Record for Apple Music (I think TUN previously held it) - Amazon Indie/Alt record (Lover holds the pop one) Sales breakdown is probably something like 550k China (confirmed), 400K US (estimate) & 350k rest of the world.
  3. Taylor


    Possibly set for the biggest streaming week EVER for a female artist + biggest debut since her own Lover, much like Lover was the biggest since reputation. I’m blown away. Stellar album that I was content with flopping but I’m so happy for her ugh.
  4. The ‘running like water’ one is the most striking tbh (gray vinyl)
  5. 12 vs 16 =/= half Plus you have to consider the optics of the situations. Genre difference, surprise release, literally zero hit singles, a whole pandemic that has brought down streams for months now, not very good playlisting (I mean TUN had 3 songs on TTH to Folklore’s one at #4) etc etc. Both are insanely impressive tho for different reasons (?) so no shade to Ariana
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    Even a little tag makes you fume it’s so funny
  7. cardigan posted the largest 2020 single debut on Spotify.
  8. Omg your fave did that! @Madonna The slayage with a surprise release alternative album, released during the middle of a pandemic with no hit
  9. Taylor

    Celeb News

    I have a feeling this will be a better closer than Hoax (which is amazing but sonically it’s kinda a let down as a closer since it’s so sad). Can’t wait to add it to my iTunes version of the album
  10. Maybe she purposefully tried to lose our trust with ME!n and annoyed us with Easter eggs to make us think she had lost it, just so she could slay us like this with Folklegend
  11. A certain user as mad as EVER over Miss Swift Love to see her winning with her best album and keeping the misogynistic gays in check like she always does.
  12. Taylor

    Celeb News

    I don’t know if we’ll get more (I hope we do tho), but if we do I think they should save Exile for the winter. It has potential. August is definitely a possibility too.
  13. Taylor


    Pitchfork will never swallow their pride and give a new Taylor Swift album BNM or a super high score. They'll just come back years later and say "I would've/should've given it BNM or a high score back then" like they did with Red (9.0, said it would be BNM if reviewed back then) and reputation (reviewer said last year he'd give it two more points if he could). I expect an 8.0 at best, they'll have something negative to say lol. I hope I'm proven wrong ofc because I'd love to see them praise her for once when she clearly deserves it, but my hopes remain very low.
  14. I feel the same! Lover was an improvement (at least, for me, a lot didn't like it lol) but it still felt very watered down in hindsight. The lyrics on this record are very intricate, nuanced, personal and they tell stories within stories. It's her best album lyrically imo, not even up for debate
  15. Honestly it's her best work ever imo. This album will def be a more acquired taste for people than Red or Speak Now, but it's just so RICH
  16. Women like hunting witches too Doing your dirtiest work for you It’s obvious that wanting me dead has really brought you two together The DRAGS
  17. This is exactly what I needed right now
  18. Ugh, I just HAD to! I've always loved Lover but it never hit me like this on first listen (most albums don't)
  19. This is EASILY her best album so far
  20. I just realized this is the most songs we will be getting from one of her albums at once (16, technically 17) since there aren’t any pre-release singles We got 14 with Lover, 11 with reputation, 13 with 1989, 14 (I think) with Red, and like 12 or 13 with Speak Now? That’s insane tbh I don’t even know how to process all of this
  21. 350k but I hope I’m proven wrong
  22. Even though I rarely post anymore, I wanted to stop by and say I’m truly shook to my core over this! I’ve been manifesting this type of record for months, and even though I haven’t heard it I couldn’t be more satisfied - I know I’m going to love it and it’ll be a new chapter in her career Also loving all the positivity, oh how things have changed since 2017
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    Suddenly I hate Thinking Bout Shoe