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  1. I'm confused as to what you mean? Like the Billboard numbers? They'll come out on Sunday and should be pretty close to the HDD numbers.
  2. I’m assuming the Billboard numbers will be lower (like 180k) but she’ll be close to 1.05M units already from the first two weeks. The #1 BB200 building year-end album stands at 1.7M (Billie’s album) so let’s hope she can take over the #1 spot in the 9 weeks more she has.
  3. Taylor


    I know Miss INTHAF stands no chance but I’m going to try 1. It's Nice To Have a Friend - Freaky Prince 2. It’s Nice To Have a Friend - Divine 3. It’s Nice To Have a Friend - Hyun.  4. It’s Nice To Have a Friend - Venus XCX 5. London Boy - RepuTAYtion 6. It's Nice To Have a Friend - Daenerys 7. London Boy - Lover 8. 9. 10. 11.  12.  13.
  4. Taylor

    Neither the Grammys nor the music industry have Nicki Minaj, but at least Kmart and Red Lobster do!
  5. So basically this means Lover opened with 2.1M~ worldwide including China, her biggest opening ever (Rep did 2M)
  6. http://www.mediatraffic.de/albums-week36-2019.htm Fearless: 619.000 Speak Now: 1.149.000 Red: 1.459.000 1989: 1.681.000 reputation: 1.619.000 Lover: 1.132.000 http://www.mediatraffic.de/tracks.htm #9 YNTCD #11 Lover #20 ME! #31 The Man
  7. Taylor


    1. You Need To Calm Down - Freaky Prince 2. I Think He Knows - Hyun. 3. You Need To Calm Down - Divine 4. I Think He Knows - Fletch 5. I Think He Knows- Eclipsa 6. I Think He Knows -RepuTAYtion 7. I Think He Knows - Daenerys 8. I Think He Knows - DW 9. You Need To Calm Down - Venus XCX 10. You Need to Calm Down- CharnyBoy 11. You Need To Calm Down - fab 12. I Think He Knows - Liam 13. You Need to Calm Down - Chris 14. I Think He Knows - Lover
  8. Taylor

    The only pop girls we have right now who are really album artists are Adele and Taylor. Both can sell albums and focus on creating a full body of work (I mean, there are barely even any true hits on Lover for example). I think Billie is/will be an album artist as well. It’s too early to say for sure and yeah the streaming era makes it tough to dictate an album or singles artist (it actually makes most artists HAVE to focus on singles). But her album has overall massive streams, see the album tracks having 100-200 million streams. If an album has huge streams spread out between the album tracks as well, instead of the bulk being carried just by 1-2 singles, that to me is how we determine album artists now. So Taylor/Adele from the previous batch, Billie from the new.
  9. Taylor


    For me: Songs — The Archer > Lover >>>>>> YNTCD >>> ME! Videos — Lover > ME! >>> YNTCD
  10. Out of the 4 Lover singles, which is your favorite thus far (including promo single The Archer)? Which music video is your favorite? I implore you to rank them as well
  11. Taylor


    Deitylight won @Hylia
  12. The only woman in the top 10 + she topped songwriters (duh) I guess being more involved than ever in her production paid off huh
  13. Taylor


    1. Paper Rings - Hyun. 2. I Forgot That You Existed - Eclipsa 3. I Forgot That You Existed - Chris 4. I Forgot That You Existed - Freaky Prince 5. I Forgot That You Existed - Hylia 6. I Forgot That You Existed - Fletch 7. Paper Rings - CHOKE 8. I Forgot That You Existed - Daenerys 9. I Forgot That You Existed - RepuTAYtion 10. I Forgot That You Existed - CharnyBoy 11. Paper Rings - Venus XCX 12. I Forgot That You Existed - DW 13. Paper Rings - fab 14. I Forgot That You Existed - Lover 15.
  14. She included her as one of her musical obsessions during her EW cover/interview back in May. I believe she also praised her somewhere else recently saying she loves everything she puts out but I can’t remember where.
  15. Since she loves Lana so much she better call up Hack in the studio to create her own 9:30+ song
  16. ITHK honestly sounds like such lead single material to me it would have fit in line with her lead singles pattern while being perfectly acceptable unlike ME! - and the video could’ve still been similar to what we got for ME! I feel like Cruel Summer will flop tho if released as a single Jack is truly chart position and it sounds a bit dated ngl, it would remain best as a good album track
  17. Tbh it was probably like a long ass diary entry or something 24 minutes is... something! The 10 minute version would be lovely (tho I’d prefer her to put that energy into making a new song with such length )
  18. Taylor


    1. Daylight - Freaky Prince 2. Soon You'll Get Better - Divine 3. Daylight - Millitanthomo 4. Daylight - fab 5. Cruel Summer - Chris 6. Soon You’ll Get Better - Fletch 7. Soon You’ll Get Better - Hylia 8. Daylight - CharnyBoy 9. Soon You’ll Get Better - Hyun. 10. Soon You'll Get Better - Daenerys 11. Soon You'll Get Better - Venus XCX 12. Daylight- Eclipsa 13. Cruel Summer - Lover Daylight will not be going out on my watch!
  19. I’m assuming they’re waiting til later this month as it gets closer to the holiday season (so it can peak around Nov/Dec like Perfect did for Ed) but if it already had radio it would’ve been in the #7-#9 range this week, probably (the #10 peak bothers me almost as much as #11 bc it’s not single digits tbh!) The single choices in general this era have been....... She should’ve just waited to start the era in August like usual then Lover the song could’ve been pushed alongside the album in Oct as the second single (ITHK as the lead in August ig?) and been a huge holiday hit, but whatever
  20. If they had only been one position higher (Lover #9 and ME! #10 she’d have 3 top 10s at once oh well And yeah, but that’s standard for album bombs like this. I think YNTCD/Lover will remain top 20 tho
  21. And all of her tracks charted 13 years into her career, still her own competition even during a flop era
  22. #4 YNTD #10 Lover #11 ME! #23 The Man #28 IFTYE #29 Cruel Summer #38 The Archer #45 Paper Rings #49 MAATHBP #51 ITHK #57 Cornelia Street #62 London Boy #63 SYGB #67 DBATC #75 Afterglow #77 False God #89 Daylight #92 INTHAF