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  1. Character Guide
    Episode One - "Trouble In Chicago"
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    Hannah. 23 years old. The oldest sister in a family of three kids. The sister that keeps everything going. She hops out of bed, puts her clothes on, and heads down stairs, ready to start the day as usual. Her father, Sylk, is laying passed out on the floor. She sighs and calls for her younger brothers, Taylor and Cody, to come help carry him out. Usually they just drop him off in the yard and leave him there until he wakes up, but this time she had something else in mind. All three of them picked him up and carried him out the back door, down the steps, and into the back yard. They lay him down for a brief moment so that Taylor and Cody can listen to Hannah's plan, and just to rest. "Maybe he should drop a few pounds," Taylor says. "Yeah, at least then if he's gonna leave us to carry his rank ass out of the house every day he wouldn't be as hard to carry." Cody says. They all laugh. "Okay, here's what we're going to do..." Hannah says. "We'll carry him to the nearest dumpster and drop him off there. Even if it gets emptied while he's still in there, it won't really make a difference in our lives." Taylor and Cody both agreed with the plan. They once again lift his body back up and carry him to the nearest dumpster where they eventually drop him off and head back to the house.
    Taylor. 18 years old. The youngest sibling by 9 months, a senior in High School. He has plans to study and train to become an EMT. He leaves the house and heads over to his friend Lily's house. He arrived at her house and knocked at the door, but instead was greeted by her brother, Hylia. Hylia smiled and grabbed onto Taylor's shirt, pulling him into the house. They made their way back to his room and closed the door. "Is your father home?" Taylor asks. "No, he's probably being arrested for DUI as we speak." Hylia replies. They both take off their clothes and start going at it. Suddenly, they hear the front door open and quickly get their clothes back on and try to act natural. Lily walks down the hallway and into her bedroom. They both let out a sigh of relief. Hylia's father is nothing shy of a vile creature, hated by everyone in the city, been in and out of prison more times than you could count on both hands. Oh, and one more thing - Taylor and Hylia would both be shot dead right then and there if he caught them.
    Cody. 18 years old. The middle sibling, older than Taylor by 9 months, he is also a senior in High School. Most people would describe him as... a grade A asshole. It's too bad smarts can't buy a better personality. He heads home with a black eye that he got after getting into a fight with a guy at school, a guy who happens to be dating a girl he slept with... on multiple occasions. This is not an anomaly when it comes to Cody's sex life, he is the definition of a whore. It'd take less time to name the girls he hasn't slept with as apposed to the ones he has. He gets home and goes straight to the fridge to get an ice pack and apply it straight to his eye. Hannah comes down stairs and notices the black eye, she just rolls her eyes and moves on. Cody then heads over to his "friend" Maraj's house, where they sit outside on the front steps, pop a pack of cigarettes, and start smoking.
    Sylk. 50. The father of three children. A raging alcoholic. Blows all of his disability checks on booze and Mariah Carey CDs. His eyes start to open, all alone in a dumpster, in the dark... "What the fuck?!?!" Sylk screams. He manages to get the lid off the dumpster and climbs out, somehow smelling even cleaner than he did before he got thrown in there. He makes his way down the alley, stumbling as he walks, and eventually makes his way to his street. He walks up the sidewalk and up to the front door, into the house. Everyone is having dinner and pays no attention to him until he says "Hellloooooo, my wonderful family, I'm home!" Everyone looks at him and then goes back to their food. "Ungrateful rodents." Sylk mumbles under his breath. Sylk makes his way into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of booze, then he stumbles back out of the house and falls down the steps into a huge pile of dog shit. "Fuck," he says. "Why must I always fall head first into Jennifer Lopez's discography?" he exclaims, angrily wiping the shit off his face with a leaf. Sylk then lays back down and falls asleep outside in the front yard, most likely knocked out from all the drugs he combined earlier.
    The neighbors, Aidan and Diamond, make their way into the house with a fresh pan of lasagna. "Hey bitches!" Diamond says, strutting into the house in a new pair of heels. "Are those heels Versace?" Hannah asks. "Yeah, my baby got them for me as a gift for our 3rd anniversary!" Diamond replies. "Wow, I wish I had a man that wasn't cheap." Hannah says. "Maybe you should get out and find yourself a sugar daddy, I'm sure there's lots of old geezers out there that can still get it up and would love to buy you shit." Diamond says. They sit down and the whole family begins eating. Yet another long day behind them in the Gallagher household.
    Main Cast:
    @Hannah. as Hannah Gallagher
    @Sylk as Sylk Gallagher
    @Taylor as Taylor Gallagher
    @Daenerys as Cody Gallagher
    @Hylia as Hylia Mylkovich
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Mylkovich
    @Aidan. as Aidan Balls
    @Diamond as Diamond Fisher
    @Hyun. as Hyun Jackson
    @Maraj as Maraj Jackson
    @Saiga as Saiga Lishman
    @AwayForAWhile as Winndy Gallagher
    Re-occurring Roles/Guest Stars:
    @Kali as Kali Smart
    @Jae as Jae Jackson
    @Royale as Royale Carey
    @Juinae as Juinae Slithers
    @Halcyon as Jakob Pratt
    @Skyline as Sky Evans
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Mylkovich
    @Goosey as Terry Mylkovich
    @Hermione as Tiny Hollander
    @blankdreams. as Blank Lishman
    @My Everything as Luca Lishman
    @Michael. as Michelle Nikolaev
  2. Hello, it is I, Taylor, here again to announce a new show coming to Slither Productions! I can confirm, the rumors are true, I
    have given up on The Golden NUDES because it was boring and uneventful. Below is the Character Guide for the upcoming
    series Nudesless, expected to premiere some time in the next week! Stay tuned!


    Main Cast:
    @Hannah. as Hannah Gallagher       @Sylk as SylkGallagher              @Taylor as Taylor Gallagher         @Daenerys as Cody Gallagher         @Hylia as Hylia Mylkovich
    Role: Main                                 Role: Main                                     Role: Main                                          Role: Main                              Role: Main
    Age: 23                                     Age: 50                                           Age: 18                                              Age: 18                                  Age: 19
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Mylkovich        @Aidan. as Aidan Balls            @Diamond as Diamond Fisher          @Hyun. as Hyun Jackson             @Maraj as Maraj Jackson
    Role: Main                                    Role: Main                                   Role: Main                                            Role: Main                                Role: Main
    Age: 18                                      Age: 27                                           Age: 25                                              Age: 48                                  Age: 18
          @Saiga as Saiga Lishman       @AwayForAWhile as Winndy Gallagher
    Role: Re-occurring                          Role: Re-occurring 
    Age: 25                                          Age: 50  
    Future Guest Appearances/Re-occurring Roles:
    @Kali as Kali Smart
    @Jae as Jae Jackson
    @Royale as Royale Carey
    @Juinae as Juinae Slithers
    @Halcyon as Jakob Pratt
    @Skyline as Sky Evans
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Mylkovich
    @Goosey as Terry Mylkovich
    @Hermione as Tiny Hollander
  3. Character Guide
    Episode One - "Thank You For Being A Fag!"
    "This is it" Sylk thought, as she hit the upload button on her latest ASMR video, "Whispering... Cock In 80 Different Languages." After barely a minute had passed, Sylk noticed she was losing thousands of subscribers by the minute. "What could I have done wrong?" Sylk thought, however she eventually went on with her day. She was too excited to let this bring her down, as three wonderful ladies would be moving in with her today. Taylor Nylund, 68. Sylk had met her at the nearest Walmart while looking for extra-strength Trojan condoms, and they quickly hit it off. Taylor is... maybe not the brightest lady in the world, but she has a great heart. They share a mutual love for men and both have plans to go out to a strip club later tonight, where they will hopefully hit it off with a few hot daddies. Taylor's husband, Aidan, had sadly passed away a few months ago, and she was looking for a new place to stay. Once she told Sylk about this, her face immediately lit up and she offered Taylor a room at her place, as she was looking for roommates as well.
    Knock knock. Sylk hears the door and rushes to open it. "Hannah?" Sylk said, "I was really hoping this would be Taylor, but I guess you'll do!" Hannah glared at Sylk. Hannah was another one of the three ladies she had met along the way. Hannah Zbornak. 70. Her mother, Hylia Zbornak, was coming along with her as well. Sylk had three rooms available, one for each. Hylia had been living at the nursing home a few blocks down, Shady Penis, but it sadly burned down recently. No one is really sure what happened, although Hannah likes to think it was due to Hylia playing one of her many Tori Amos CDs one too many times. "Hello there, Hylia!" Sylk said. "Oh hey there, I've heard a lot about you. Keep your giant dildo collection away from both myself and my daughter." Hylia said. "Well hello to you too!" Sylk says back to her, as she carries Hylia's suitcase into the next room. "I'm sorry, Sylk, my mother suffered a small stroke a few years back, which was rendered her an annoying cunt." Hannah says, walking with her suitcase alongside Sylk.
    Knock. Knock. Knock. Sylk hears the sound of the door again, and she heads back to the living room to open it. "Hey there!" Taylor says, letting herself in immediately. "Oh finally, I was hoping it was you, Taylor!" Sylk says back. As Taylor makes her way in, she sees Hannah and Hylia sitting on the couch, and she immediately waves and introduces herself. "Oh hey, you must be Hannah and Hylia Zbornak? I'm Taylor!" she says. "Hi Taylor, yes, my name is Hannah and this is my mother, Hylia." Hannah says back to her. "Great, we've all met! Now let's get this party started!" Sylk says. "Wait, what party?" Taylor says, looking confused. Sylk went shopping earlier and bought a new Mariah Carey vinyl for her record player. She puts it on, and it starts playing. ♫♪ "Somewhere in another life... we stole a moment in time.."  ♪♫ "Turn that shit off, you slut. My ears are bleeding, and I don't even have my hearing aids turned up." Hylia says to Sylk. "You are nothing but a JLo stanning rat! And as Godriah Carey is my witness, I will never apply your wig again!" Sylk says in response to Hylia. "Again? My wig remains firmly planted on my scalp, in fact, I think my real hair grew back after hearing that god awful song." Hylia says. "Ladies, ladies, let's not start fighting less than an hour after moving in with each other. This is not a good sign!" Taylor says to everyone. They all agreed.
    "I have an idea!" Taylor says, as she makes her way to the Kitchen. "Let's cook dinner, I'm starving!" Taylor begins cooking, while Sylk turns on her new 4k Ultra HD Flatscreen TV, where she searches for the latest episode of Wendy Williams. Hylia searches for her suitcase, where she finds her vinyl addition of "Music Of The Sun" to put on and drown out Sylk saying "how you doin'?" back to Wendy on the TV. The ladies all eat dinner, and then Sylk and Taylor head to their rooms to get ready for that strip club they planned on going to. Sylk makes sure to get out her best wig, meanwhile Taylor finds her best push-up bra. It is now 9:00 PM, and both ladies are ready. They head back out to the living room and ask Hannah if she'd like to join them. "No, thank you. I don't really do strip clubs." Hannah says. "Legend has it Hannah has not seen a man unclothed since 1983, I wouldn't invite her to your activities, ladies!" Hylia says to both Sylk and Taylor. They all laughed. Both of them head to the front door and leave, yelling out "We'll tell you all about it when we're back, ladies! Don't burn the house down while we're gone!" They both speed off in Taylor's sports car, and the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" blaring from the radio can be heard even inside the house. Just as Hannah starts heading for the bathroom, she hears a knock at the door. She heads to the door and opens it... "Cody?!" Hannah says frantically. "What are you doing here?" she asks Cody as her heart starts pounding....
    * = main cast, not in this episode
    ** = recurring role, or future main cast member / not yet introduced in the Character Guide
    *** = will be a guest star in the future
    @Taylor as Taylor Nylund
    @Sylk as Sylk Devereaux
    @Hannah. as Hannah Zbornak
    @Hylia as Hylia Petrillo
    @Daenerys as Cody Zbornak
    @Kali as Kali Swift*
    @TattooedHeart as Lily Zbornak*
    @Saiga as Saiga Ciccone*
    @Hyun. as Hyun Williams*
    @Diamond as Scott Clark*
    @Hermione as Herman Smith**
    @Halcyon as Jakob Thompson**
    @Maraj as Maraj Minaj**
    @Aidan. as Aidan Nylund (deceased)
    @Dr. Slay as Slay Robinson***
    @Juinae as Juinae Garcia***
    @Royale as Royale Carey***
  4. Yes, the rumors are true, I'm coming out with my first FOTP TV show on the newly founded "Slither Productions" Network! I figured I would introduce the
    characters first, and the first episode will come shortly! Below are the characters that will be featured in the new FOTP series "The Golden NUDES"!
    @Taylor as Taylor Nylund              @Sylk as Sylk Devereaux              @Hannah. as Hannah Zbornak      @Hylia as Hylia Petrillo                 @Daenerys as Cody Zbornak
    Role: Main                                       Role: Main                                        Role: Main                                       Role: Main (Hannah's mother)        Role: Hannah's ex-husband
    Description: Sweet and ditzy           Description: Horny slut, often          Description: A cunt.                         Description: The funny, witty          Description: A rat.
    but secretly a diabolical snake.       lies about her age.                                                                                 old hag of the clique.
    Age: 68                                           Age: 42, 50, 69, 66                         Age: 70                                            Age: 90                                          Age: 74
    @Kali as Kali Swift                        @TattooedHeart as Lily Zbornak    @Saiga as Saiga Ciccone             @Hyun. as Hyun Williams              @Diamond as Scott Clark
    Role: Common friend                      Role: Hannah's daughter                Role: Common friend                       Role: Neighbor                                Role: Lily's boyfriend
    Description: A common friend         Description: A troubled teen            Description: A common friend to      Description: The nutty neigh-         Description: The star Quarterback
    to the 4 women, a bull in a             just about to graduate High             the 4 women, another old hag.        bor who was kicked out of her        on the Football team. Lily's boyfriend
    China shop.                                   School, pursuing a singing career.                                                          home for... many reasons.              of 3 years.
    Age: 60                                          Age: 18                                           Age: Unknown, scientists were          Age: 40                                           Age: 18
                                                                                                                 unable to carbon date back that far.
    This is the cast for now, there will probably be additions soon! The series premiere should be up tonight, but if I decide to be a lazy cunt and sit around PMing
    @Daenerys about Jimmy Garoppolo it might be tomorrow. Take care and be on the lookout for the first episode! x