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    Holy shite
  2. Screaming cause I added another paragraph in after you quoted But yeah, that’s exactly how I feel. God Control and Extreme Occident are the biggest lyrical standouts to me right off the top of my head, but I need to relisten and actually analyze the lyrics like I’ve done with her older albums, because I didn’t personally think her new albums required it All I can say is I’m very happy with how this record turned out. Again, I understand why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea - I actually didn’t like it at first and it took a few listens lol, I’d most compare it to AL - but to me it shows she hasn’t lost her touch completely. She can still put out music that’s classic Madonna while taking on new topics or putting a spin on ones she already discussed. And it shows she’s clearly still capable of writing/helping write lyrics that can evoke emotion in people. So win-win.
  3. I agree. While I understand why the album is most certainly not for everyone - yes, the production is a bit messy at times, and so are some of the transitions, but I think it was purposeful - I think it’s one of her best efforts in over a decade. The lyrics are what stood out to me, actually. Even songs that have not-so-great lyrics overall (Crave) have some great moments. But that’s just my view, lyrics are one thing I don’t think can be criticized here. But I do understand everyone has different taste in lyrical style just as they prefer one general production style over another, usually. The lyrical content of this album has a much different approach than Rebel Heart and I prefer the approach taken - it’s much more classic Madonna, even though I think Rebel Heart does have some good lyrical content in select songs.
  4. Most #2 hits (for a woman I think) - 6 overall YNTCD ME! IDWLF IKYWT Today Was A Fairytale YBWM
  5. Bedtime Stories stans unite... we’ve been oppressed for far too long
  6. I’d say it’s actually pretty mid tier for me, easily my favorite release by her since COADF 1. Ray of Light (always) 2. Bedtime Stories (underrated btw) 3. Erotica/Music 4. Music/Erotica 5. COADF 6. Like A Prayer (I feel bad ranking this so low since I think it’s one of her best conceptually/artistically but it’s not my favorite sonically ) 7. Madame X 8. True Blue 9. American Life (AL is definitely the album I’d most compare Madame X to, an album with probably 2/3 great songs and the rest aren’t very good - but the good songs are enough to rank it this high and it feels like a full body of work in which most tracks compliment each other) 10. Madonna 11. Like A Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. Rebel Heart (it has quite a few good songs that I genuinely enjoy, but it’s overall too bloated to be a good album and the concept just ain’t there) 14. MDNA (...literally irredeemable besides Masterpiece)
  7. Taylor


    I’m actually surprised that song is only #10 since it’s been slaying streaming And Khalid yes, he even has a new song coming out next week with Ed. I’m already tired of the song and it’s not even out Before the album so Taylor can get a #1 on release week. Om
  8. Taylor


    So Lover joins Red and 1989 as her only albums to have multiple top 2 hits. Flop era they said!
  9. Taylor


    Maybe its actually overall and not for women anyway
  10. Tea, but at this point it’s just whatever. She still has a shot if they launch the third single upon album release week with a music video, since OTR will be weak by then and hopefully the next #1 isn’t too strong. I think she actually it in the bag if the #1 is weak and they indeed pull a buwygf/bad guy but we’ll see.
  11. Simon from ATRL (the most reliable chart predictor) says #2 seems locked And you were worried about it even going top 10
  12. No clue what type of -phobic (I assume transphobic?) RuPaul is, but the fact that you’re equating Taylor including him as a random appearance in her video when she probably doesn’t know about any problematic things he’s done to.... Nicki Minaj including her convicted rapist, pedophile, murderer etc etc boyfriend as a big part of her new single is kinda vile RIP any respect I had for you if you’re going to defend Nicki’s actions and even try to equate them to something like this. Apples and oranges sis
  13. Don't forget murderer. Yep, and he's in the video
  14. Basic but I don't hate this Camila sounds bearable for once They probably struck gold with this, it's already at 800k likes on YouTube. Definitely going to be huge
  15. I was thinking about this earlier and I think YNTCD would've been a perfect lead but not under the current circumstances. This song is never going to be a megasmash because of the gay references, people just aren't gonna use it since the message isn't exactly universal and the video is too 'gay' for the GP sadly. But let's say, the song focused just around the message of not being a jerk and letting people live and didn't directly mention gays... I think it would've done really well as the lead single. Video could've kept the same aesthetic too tbh because she could've centered it around the same party but not only gays I guess? It's really sad we have to think about this because people still hate us so much that if a song even says that you shouldn't be mean to us... the GP won't use it
  16. It seems her livestream made Instagram crash she had like 200k people which is 3x as much as the average celeb live stream I can’t And people doubt her power
  17. Screaming at the downvotes!
  18. The cherry on top of Pride Month
  19. Taylor


    Her debut single Tim McGraw came out exactly 13 years ago today!
  20. Her store already has a listing for it so an announcement will come soon I imagine. https://store.taylorswift.com/products/digital-album
  21. Yeah I actually forgot to tag @Hylia again that it actually IS the second single they re-added it to radio and it was sent today, so idk what happened or why it was removed for a day
  22. Taylor


    Pitchfork is the scum of the earth