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  1. 2 minutes ago, TattooedHeart said:

    The more the GP hates LWYMMD and RFI, the more I love them and the louder I blast them ny1 tbh I should buy the other Reputation magazine um2 

    Yes we love LWYMMD! The other one though... there are some points the GP has made! 



    Which jaun do you have

  2. People genuinely think Taylor is a vile, racist, evil Nazi so it’s not shocking that people would ridicule one for loving her! It is disappointing that people put so much effort into dragging her and anyone rooting for her down when she’s relatively unproblematic compared to the other pop girls and completely self-made. Every time someone tries to drag her it just makes me wanna add another copy of Reputa to my shopping cart oprah14 

    Anyway Lily and Tyler both legends, everyone else rats oprah14 

  3. Wow, I’m really sorry you had to go through this. It’s horrible that people try to drag down the significance of a sexual harassment experience just because it’s not deemed as being extreme. You absolutely have every right to be upset and disgusted by what happened.

    As people above have already stated, you’re very brave for sharing all of this and we all care about you here. Love you sis, and if you ever feel the need to talk my inbox is open wub1