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  1. 3 hours ago, hector said:

    she shouldn’t, she doesn’t have anything to do with this and dragging not only Ariana but the rest of the artists Scooter has signed is really unnecessary. scooter’s the one who should say something, not them 

    Didn’t y’all drag Taylor because she ~just~ donated a quarter of a million to Kesha but didn’t tweet about it despite having zero relation to L*ke?

    You’d be right if your post constituted that dragging them and being nasty is unnecessary, because at the end of the day we don’t know what kind of contract they’re under and what they can speak out about legally, or just considering the fear factor and what power he does or might hold over them. However, I think it’s reasonable to urge his artists to speak out (as long as they aren’t contractually obligated not to), and be frustrated that they won’t when this is a serious situation with lots of implications for more than just Taylor herself.... people just need to know how to approach it appropriately and more respectfully since clearly that isn’t happening right now.

  2. 13 hours ago, Gabe. said:

    i kinda doubt it but who knows, if Selener could get one after so many consecutive flops maybe Demon can too.

    This... isn’t true though dead2 Bad Liar / Fetish didn’t do all great that but all her other droplet singles ranged from hits to smash hits. Wolves and It Ain’t Me being huge streaming/radio smashes, Taki Taki being massive on every metric basically, and Back To You was a huge radio hit and did quite well on streaming. 

    None of those songs peaked very high but they all had great longevity and increased her presence on streaming and her general presence in global markets. She wouldn’t have been able to pull off this feat without those songs setting her up nicely. 


    As for Demi - yes, she can do it. Scooter is managing her now and she will have some level of hype following her next release due to her personal struggles and people wanting to see what she has to say. But she doesn’t have a string of strategic releases like Selena did prior to whatever she’s going to put out, so it’s less likely.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Ruthless Love said:

    Universal should begin remastering her music videos.

    They should, and I bet they even have most of them in HD already and wouldn’t even need to remaster the LQ ones but just replace these with the HD jj4 

    I’ve seen a full HD for Our Song and stills from an HD The Story Of Us. Still baffled that all of her 2010-2011 videos are in 480p sans Mine considering 1080p was available then and pretty much the standard fall8 

  4. She is now the first artist ever to have 5 videos with 1 billion+ views as a lead/solo act clap3 

    Shake It Off - 2.836B

    Blank Space - 2.510B

    Bad Blood - 1.321B

    Look What You Made Me Do - 1.103B

    You Belong With Me - 1B

    Next up: Wildest Dreams at 674M, will probably hit 1B in around 2040 kylie2 


    Other notable streaming feats:

    2nd most streamed woman on Apple Music (behind Ariana)

    3rd most streamed woman on Spotify (behind Ariana and Rihanna)

    2nd most streamed woman on YouTube (behind Katy)

    Streaming poison indeed clap3 

  5. 1 hour ago, Hylia said:

    Red and 1989 are equally her best overall for me, but Reputation has my all time favorite image of her. jj2

    Points were absolutely made 

    1 hour ago, Hylia said:

    I see you’re wanting round 2 of this! I call upon @Lover and @Arya to UNITE

    Just nod and smile

  6. 4 hours ago, Lover said:

    Omg I’m so excited for this giveup1 I rarely get excited for music besides my few faves anymore but I may have to add her back to my stan list if the album is good. I like the snippets and she’s never disappointed me so yeah I’m counting on it being good.

    High Road > My Own Dance > Tonight > Raising Hell from the snippets

    I really like the High Road snippet. Will be one of my faves for sure. The only snippet I’m, funnily enough, not too sure about is Raising Hell. But I’m really excited for the visual, I love the church theme.

    Actually, now that I think about it I’m sure the video will be more than just set in a church. I expect something with quite a few scenes oprah12 

    I hope she gives us a bunch of videos. I assume several of these are from different ones ‘cause they don’t all match Raising Hell. I doubt it’ll be a visual album but it’s becoming a trend to just roll out videos to promote the album without necessarily being singles. This will be good, especially with the overarching theme and concept she has going on.

    I hope the album cover is something vintage inspired with big, bold text like on a ‘60s advertisement sia1 

  7. Omg I’m so excited for this giveup1 I rarely get excited for music besides my few faves anymore but I may have to add her back to my stan list if the album is good. I like the snippets and she’s never disappointed me so yeah I’m counting on it being good.

    High Road > My Own Dance > Tonight > Raising Hell from the snippets

    I really like the High Road snippet. Will be one of my faves for sure. The only snippet I’m, funnily enough, not too sure about is Raising Hell. But I’m really excited for the visual, I love the church theme.

  8. 9 hours ago, Urbanov said:

    Weird choice of songs!!!! jj4 

    I don't think the choices were odd? jj4 

    Only bad choice was The Man, should've been replaced with Cornelia Street, False God or even INTHAF. The Archer could've replaced All Too Well also, but ATW is like her most acclaimed song so it makes sense.

  9. I don’t even hate this song or her other new song Easy, but her voice conveys no emotion and is extremely harsh on the ears even when she tries to be deep, so keep it! jj4 

    What’s funny is this is the second time she’s “paid homage” to Madonna. She recreated the Material Girl / Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend look in a performance she did last year. Almost every pop girl who has come after Madonna has paid homage in some way because, duh, it’s Madonna... but twice already and in such an unoriginal way? This screechy rat has clearly run out of ideas and reduced herself to performing tributes to actually iconic performances. Such a sad existence.

  10. As the artists with the most albums to spend 100+ weeks on the Billboard 200 clap3 all of her albums have passed the threshold except for Lover which is less than two months old and will certainly also reach that.


    All of them have 6 albums over 100 weeks.


    Taylor Swift - 275 weeks (peak: #5)

    Fearless - 255 weeks (peak: #1)

    1989 - 252 weeks (peak: #1, currently #132)

    Red - 155 weeks (peak: #1)

    Speak Now - 137 weeks (peak: #1)

    reputation - 100 weeks (peak: #1, currently #157)

  11. She’s performing at Gillette Stadium next year and the dates sold out within hours under only a pre-sale (general sale usually intended for the GP hasn’t even started yet) with 17,000+ people still in the queue gag1 

    Apparently more tickets are to be added, but maybe she should be doing more than 4 stadium dates in the US jj4 she’s gonna outgross some girls’ entire US tour legs with these shows and once again won’t fully capitalize on the demand I guess



    Context: the queue caps out at 2,000 even when there are more people waiting. Some fans used inspect element to find out the real number of fans in the queue and it was upwards of 35,000 at a later time than the 17,000 number, even after the date practically sold out gag1 the 360 stage is quite smart since they really are going to need those extra tickets!

  12. On 10/12/2019 at 4:00 PM, hector said:

    madame x. lover is just... terrible dead4 won't even do it bc i'll end up choosing all madame x songs

    The way you’re still so pressed about Taylor after all these years under the guise her music’s bad when you just simply hate her... truly a gag with all of that generic trash you stan gag1


    OT: Lover! One of her best records for sure and a huge step up from repulsion. I still like Madame X for what it is but I find a lot of it harsh on the ears, so I don’t listen to it that often anymore. But I appreciate what she did and it’s a huge step up from MDNA/Rebel Heart.

  13. 59. Taylor Swift: Red (2012)

    Red is a portrait of a young woman eager to feel everything on her way to the top. Its songs are self-aware enough to be funny and guileless enough to be honest, capturing the temptation of risk-taking, the rush of memory and disappointment, and the transformative power of grown-up romantic love felt for the first time. The album gave Taylor Swift her first No. 1 hit (the irresistible “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”) and inaugurated many of her famously over-the-top marketing tactics: commemorative Keds sneakers, Papa John’s pizza boxes, weaponized tabloid gossip. Aside from her pop leanings, the chipper breakup-to-makeup story “Stay Stay Stay” and melancholic renewal ballad “Begin Again” would be some of her final acoustic-forward recordings of the decade. Soon after Red, nobody in America could ever again plausibly ask, “Who’s Taylor Swift, anyway?” –Anna Gaca


    57. Taylor Swift: “All Too Well” (2012)

    ”All Too Well,” the hidden gem of Taylor Swift’s Red, captures everything that makes her a world-class songwriter: her emotional intelligence, her candor, her economy of words, her ability to find beauty in vulnerability. Swift tells a big story by freezing time and honing in on small details, the kind that could seem like background noise to others: the scarf that her ex (reportedly, Jake Gyllenhaal) kept as a memento, the refrigerator light that illuminated midnight dance parties. All these hyper-specifics, rigorously chronicled, protect Swift’s pain so she can tend to it; when she sings, “It was rare/I was there,” she asserts her own experience against those who would trivialize it. As the song builds, its initially mild-mannered guitar gains energy, cymbals begin to crash, and Swift’s voice steadily rises. But she doesn’t really need volume to convey the magnitude of the damage. It’s the quietest moments that serve this story best—they make you lean in close enough to see every tiny fissure in her broken heart. –Olivia Horn


    Honestly surprised they included anything by her at all rih1 slay, I guess!

  14. 6 hours ago, Robert. said:

    Same :/ This happens with most SNL content unfortunately.

    Luckily, the performances are available on dailymotion:


    Omg, Dailymotion always has way better quality since they don’t compress as heavily as YouTube. Thanks for linking these giveup1 

  15. 4 minutes ago, Dear Wonderland Called Low said:

    They are blocked in my country. I hate SNL now scream2

    If I'm not mistaken, Billie's performances were uploaded on her account last week shortly after the SNL channel ones were. Hopefully she does the same (which will likely make them available globally) sia1