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  1. how do y'all even get official instrumentals? how do you even use Sony ATV ? I want the Florida Kilos inst

    1. Americunt

      Sony has tightened up their security and I'm pretty sure they don't have the FK instrumental to begin with. The reason that one's not out is that Harmony Korine controls part of the rights and apparently has enough stake in it that it's only up somewhere obscure.

  2. MrDaytonaMeth

    "barryana stans" never heard of that lmao "stab her with the jewel casing of BTD"
  3. Lana (Winter) in the theme designer doesn't work. please fix 

  4. finally got physical CDs of BTD, Paradise, UV, and Honeymoon!! clap3bey6

    1. Hunty Bear

      sNATCH QUEEN yas2