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  1. At least the haters’ narrative passed from “she doesn’t have an iconic performance”, to “her massively popular and well received performance is overrated”.
  2. @Gabe. told me to vote for I Care
  3. Curious to know how her acting turns out like
  4. 18 M views already! But I thought FOTP said she hasn’t had a massive performance yet.
  5. Your avi 😍

    1. Snow



  6. She has barely promoted We’re Good and yall calling it a flop don’t y’all remember how it was for her with most of her FN singles Not my fave song but I’m sure if she promoted it a bit more, it would gain more popularity. I guess she’s gonna perform it at the Grammys.
  7. Sis she literally went for the competition (like the Eurovision contest) and she was unknown af she wasn’t performing as a big artist at all