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  1. It will never be a good album no matter what
  2. Just posting this public comment since you’re a fake Madonna stan who probably rearranged the ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS Erotica tracklist mad5

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    2. Saiga

      Ugh your way with words is so better than mine. katy2

      I agree. What I really think that made me conclude about Erotica as an album of putting yourself together after toxic relationships and being doomed to be in a dark, mean underground world were the last songs, specially Secret Garden, were Madonna is telling us that she's being reborn by coming in terms with her sexual persona.


      I think ROL and AL were bad examples, mostly ROL since it has a very good theme lyrically and conceptually. I don't really know what Bedtime Stories and Music are really trying to say. I can really understand why some people think of them as throwaway albums for some quick hits and money. But Bedtime Stories should've had two themes, one in our lucid world, with the RnB tracks that tell us about a hearbroken Madonna, and after Bedtime Story, she fells asleep and the listener stars travelling into the more oniric songs that talk about more about Madonna's mental state. It would've been such a good album! I think she was trying too hard to be mainstream and trying to do more experimental music, which gave us a rather bland album (even though I love it).

    3. Satori

      I so agree re Bedtime Stories. I feel like that one is split between a really boundary-pushing, experimental half and another half that’s reductive and pandering to R&B sensibilities. It’s a fun album to listen to but it’s decidedlt uneven. 


      I thought about Music too bc that’s the one real complaint I have with that album. I love every song but to this day I don’t really know how it all comes together—lyrically it’s a real mishmash or early love, I think, because she’s either sublimely happy (I Deserve It, Amazing) or apprehensive about things she knows deep down will be shit down the road (Don’t Tell Me, Runaway Lover). It kind of feels like an album that foretells some of the personal lyrics on Hard Candy, oddly enough. 

    4. Saiga

      Never thought of it. It's true Music has very personal lyrics about her marriage. Maybe it was already cracking in the late 1990s and she felt the need to tell us a bit about. She is sure good to hide what she wants to tell though.


      Ok queen! Thanks for the chat. It was really amazing. I'm going to sleep now. Goodbye wub1 <3

  3. I'm probably one of those fake M stans that talk shit about her
  4. Oh wow, another Mariah vs Madonna thread.
  5. Saiga here

    Recommend me new music ASAP katy3

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    2. Saiga

      Thanks king! I'm going to try both of them. wub1

    3. Urbanov

      SG Lewis has only BOPS so get ready jj5 

    4. Saiga

      my bussy is ready

  6. 2010 RENTRER EN SOI (3932) SuG (2158) ムック (1685) 砂月 (1576) Janne Da Arc (1389) 2011 Tracy Chapman (5684) RENTRER EN SOI (1838) t.A.T.u. (914) 光田康典 (393) Așa (351) 2012 Suzanne Vega (4379) Tracy Chapman (721) なるけみちこ (636) Laura Marling (633) Roxette (528) 2013 Suzanne Vega (2144) RENTRER EN SOI (1252) Laura Marling (604) t.A.T.u. (493) DIR EN GREY (417) 2014 Suzanne Vega (2035) RENTRER EN SOI (1194) Sia (1073) 植松伸夫 (408) Tracy Chapman (336) 2015 Madonna (3530) Dido (1265) Roxette (738) Radiohead (676) Suzanne Vega (556) 2016 Madonna (6887) Suzanne Vega (1168) Björk (838) Laura Marling (808) Roxette (728) 2017 Madonna (3429) Lorde (1694) Britney Spears (913) Björk (844) Suzanne Vega (650) 2018 (So far) Shakira (722) Britney Spears (598) Madonna (530) t.A.T.u. (442) Suzanne Vega (409)
  7. Saiga


    That smashed in Argentina? I'm sure Kylie stopped being radio popular since I Believe In You here lol
  8. 1. ...Baby One More Time 2. Gimme More 3. Oops... I did it again 4. Womanizer 5. 3 6. Slave 4 U 7. Me Against The Music 8. Hold it Against Me 9. Work Bitch 10. Make me...
  9. Saiga here



  10. Hi boo hug1

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    2. Saiga

      Tbh we don't have a deadline, which is worse tbh. So I guess... soon. nicki5

    3. Satori

      Omg well pull thruuuuu legend!

    4. Saiga

      thanks queen!

  11. Saiga


    I wanna participate