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  1. Queen

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    2. Saiga

      Well I graduated with a Bachelor in Chemistry so I'm trying to find a chemist job but I haven't had luck at all.


      Hey if you want to improve your Spanish you can chat with me! Or if you have any doubt you can ask me!


      And are you nervous about the MA program?

    3. Kirjava

      Chemistry? Wow, you sure didn't pick something simple. fall1

      Thanks sis! I definitely need practice, so I might hit you up every once in a while. jj2

      Not really, I already did translating/interpreting specilization as my minor in the BA programme, a lot of it is the same thing. Only difference is that there's Spanish now too.

    4. Saiga

      I see!! Good luck with your master! I'm sure you'll nail it. hug2


      And yeah, I can't at me choosing that `program. mad5

  2. Saiga

    That song is senseless so it doesn't matter. No one understands it.
  3. Saiga

    This post aged like milk!
  4. Saiga

    bitch I was about to post this
  5. Kyloose stans getting brave! I admit CIMW is one of the best videos ever though.
  6. Saiga here

    Does anyone have the Janet Jackson video where she says she's joining ISIS? @Freaky Prince and I will appreciate if some of you have it. lol3

  7. Robotknee collapses for filth .. NAWT her deluded stans thinking she had a hit on her hand
  8. Saiga

    I wanna play!
  9. I'll start with Carrie & Lowell then! Thanks for the recommendation!
  10. I'm more of a fan of Gimme Votes! I'm not into Urban Latin Music, but since I live in South America, I have some guilty pleasures! I'll check them out since I never really paid real attention to Rosalía, but she has a nice voice. OK! But what album should I start with?
  11. Saiga

    Video Game

    PS4 because the FGC in Xbox One is literally dead.
  12. I admit it, some songs are too long but Madonna has always had that problem in her discography. What other albums have you listened to this year? Let me know so I can check them out.
  13. I'm on the same page too. I can't bother with any release tbh. Even with Madame X I had troubles to listen to it full.
  14. Saiga