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  1. Girls on film is iconic!
  2. btw can @Skyline stop acting like some kind of legend?
  3. same = (
  4. Tell it like it is
  5. omg
  6. Daenerys, you know who that bitch who caused all this conversation
  7. Made my way through the final I-
  8. I can confirm this since I was a target of Jury's bitterness. #Pray4SaigaAnd@Daenerys2016
  9. ok but this was a hilarious interview if only Nightmare and Sandcastles were making the same effort during the game
  10. this sounds like something I'd say I'm suing Hylia
  11. omg this bitch got brave
  12. go lily and daddy jae
  13. Well according to many people we don't really exist in this house