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  1. Lmaoo queen of leaks kinda weird she scrapped love is religion tbh
  2. Where did she confirm this is what we’re getting? I didn’t see any details anywhere dead. Anyway I remember she always flip flopped in saying it was a b sides and a deluxe edition so she kinda didn’t lie but it’s still annoying cause I thought it was gonna be another album.
  3. saiga

    Pretty please
  4. I hope it gets to the top 5 next week
  5. saiga


    Wtf a serve she looks stunning
  6. saiga

    Celeb News

    Inb4 her next era is coming
  7. saiga


  8. Like Ellie’s last album
  9. saiga


    I forgot about that!
  10. saiga


    True Blue: White Heat instead of True Blue Like a Prayer: Keep it Together instead of Dear Jessie Erotica: Waiting instead of Bye Bye Baby (would've tanked anyway but I'd have loved if she gave it the MV treatment) Bedtime Stories: Forbidden Love instead of Bedtime Story (MV is one of her best but, as the time goes by, it sounds more and more like a Bjork reject than a Madonna single) Music: Runaway Lover instead of WIFLFAG Remix (It needed a heavy radio edit, but I think this could've been very well received in the early 00s) Hard Candy: Beat Goes On instead of Give it 2 Me
  11. saiga


    Her Witness is coming
  12. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9506550/24kgoldn-mood-number-one-hot-100-seventh-week We love a smash
  13. saiga

    That Georgia cover seems interesting. What kind of music do they make?