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  1. ... the fact that the new album has ZERO collaborations? I think I haven't listened to a mainstream album without them for YEARS. What a fresh, fantastic album Thank You, Next is! Only Ariana could've done it so impeccable in the current industry.
  2. Saiga here

    Ariana Grande is really that bitch ari5

  3. I don't understand why this song is so hated by fans. I honestly thought this was her strongest single until Into You.
  4. Saiga


    Sanctuary and Bedtime Story could've fit easily in ROL if they were rearranged
  5. Go back to Winnie The Pooh. Thanks.

  6. Saiga here

    Not Myself Tonight is really THAT bop

    1. Hylia

      Sis snapped on Cryogenic

    2. BlancMac

      It actually grew on me. Glad that someone else likes it.

  7. Saiga


    Wow I missed a party
  8. Saiga

    Annoying ass song
  9. Saiga

    The fact they have said it before