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  1. Thank you The concert ended happily well, and it was beyond everything I could've asked for. She's amazing, and even got the time to talk a bit about what's happening in my country, wear our soccer team shirt and talk about what she learned from our culture. LOVE THIS WOMAN FOREVER.
  2. Peru! The president has just resigned, Police is at maximum alert and Katy's concert starts at 9pm. Oh God. Hope she doesn't cancel.
  3. Tbh she couldn't choose a better/worse time to visit South America 'cause we're really fucked up right now. She's performing in my country tonight in the midst of one of our greatest politic tragedies ever. I mean, our president will surely be removed from his charge tomorrow. But yet, she's giving us some fun tonight. These SA leg of the tour is extremely political.
  4. Confessions it's already fucking its competence and the megarate hasn't even started yet.
  5. 10 years ago, we've got just 4 minutes left to save the world. S H E W A S F U C K I N G E V E R Y W H E R E It also marked the last time (until today) that she hit the #1 singles charts, so let's celebrate 4 Minute's impact. It's hard to believe that a whole decade has passed since those days. Release date: March 17th, 2008
  6. I just hate that hat.
  7. So, M just posted this video on her IG. The movements doesn't make it seem like a simple dance/cardio routine. It's kinda elaborated, and her '"trainer" is using a cap just like her. Could this be a tease of something? I mean, I've always though that this hat was just something ugly that she likes to wear, but why would she and her trainer use it on a routine? What are your theories?
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    I would love to see her as Yzma in an Emperor's New Groove live action. But I don't know if she can make fun of herself at that point.
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    Shook at her unusual perfect grammar and lack of random emojis a
  10. Jk but if she goes full-time on this, forget about a 360° promo campaign for the new album. https://t.co/gZ0FEe2ODm?amp=1
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    There's more
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    #M14 is coming sooner than we expect