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  1. Other

    Queen of breaking Fox's rules of never preaching a leftie.
  2. Performance

    I thought I was the only one from Peru on this forum
  3. Discussion

    You really know that she isn't under investigation, right?
  4. Michael Jackson: Dangerous / Bad (1) Madonna: Ray of Light / COADF (2) Prince: Purple Rain (4) Beyonce: I am... Sasha Fierce (5) Britney Spears: Femme Fatale (3) Haven't heard much the others, so I can't judge their job (if someone can recommend me some songs/interviews/performances per eras, that would be sweet!) Same with Brit and Beyonce: I mentioned SF and FF because I remember there were cool videos or performances during those times, but that's all.
  5. So, luckily we might have this and the Blond Ambition movie.
  6. Game

    Only when they're good But k.
  7. Game

    Chance is the best we have right now & Nas is a legend What are you talking about?
  8. Game

    How could you not include Iconic and VVV?
  9. Celeb News

    Umberto Eco is one of my favourite writers too.
  10. First fave to make a comeback from the death Release "Glory: The Re-Up" now!
  11. DC Comics gifs*
  12. Performance

    This would sound like a cliché, but damn: I prefer the fan videos rather than this. It looks cheap compared with her three previous tour movies. Ugh.
  13. Performance

    I like It.
  14. Celeb News