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  1. Alvarø

    That's a lie, who calls her "The Marc Anthony wife" And don't be so sure about her impact, cause just yesterday I catched a Movistar TV spot with "El Anillo". Even if I don't like it, I can't deny that the song is a total hit here.
  2. Alvarø


    I stan your taste She needs to perform it live someday, or even use it as a tour interlude. CPG is THAT bitch tbh.
  3. Alvarø


    Ok but don't yell @ me.
  4. Alvarø


    One of the best on Ray of Light.
  5. This might sound weird, but did any of y'all have noticed that she suddenly "dissapeared" from her social media? There haven't been new selfies or stories with her in them for almost TWO weeks straight since the Stonewall speech. But why? These are some theories that I came up with: 1. She is mad/sad about the criticism about her booty, so she wants to avoid it by dissapearing for some days. (?) 2. She is filimg the music video or doing the album photoshoot or rehearsing for a performance with a brand new reinvention look, so she wants to keep it secret until she drops the bomb to shock us. Idk I just find this very intriguing. Madonna is not the kind of person who would spend so many days without posting a new picture of her, we know it since she started in IG. What do y'all think?
  6. Alvarø


    Ray of Light & Confessions.
  7. Alvarø

    I'm not saying that Jennifer is the greatest name in the market, but she really is one of the biggest. Becky G... idk, I haven't heard anything from her since Mayores, which was everywhere even for me, an emo who doesn't listen to reggaeton. I like her because she's the Yellow Ranger, tho.
  8. Alvarø


    I'm curious on what the other single-for-another-market would be and when will it be released, if rumours are true. Also, I found it interesting that she isn't showing up on IG since more than a week. A surprise release with new aesthetics would be awesome.
  9. Alvarø


    I hope so.
  10. Alvarø

    Y el anillo pa' cuando?
  11. Alvarø

    Well, in Latin America J.Lo is still huge and her hits are very well known. Her latest ones, "Dinero" and "El Anillo", are playing in every fucking radio station and latin music channels. Ugh.
  12. It's influenced by Portugal and it's sounds, but seems like it has a disco vibe too. She's working with Mirwais!
  13. I just posted this some minutes ago, but . Hope she brings Confessionsdonna back from heaven. I started stanning her with that era.
  14. Alvarø


    She has uploaded a couple of videos from The Confessions Tour tonight: one is a rehearsal and the other, a live video recorded from the crowd; both of them from the 'Music Inferno' performance. What catched my attention were the hashtags: #music #magic #mirwais #discogod #rehearsal We know that the awards season has already started, and that coincidentally her coreographer and videographer are already in NYC (maybe with her). Could this mean that she's rehearsing for something (maybe a performance or a dance for the music video)? What do y'all think?