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  1. I read on Twitter that some rumours were pointing to Green Day or Eminem.
  2. Alvarø


    Monte has shows until the beggining of november, which can say something about any M's further performances this year.
  3. But she gave her entire catalogue to Murphy for a Glee special, so who knows...
  4. Alvarø


    Rumour has it that the song it's actually about Sex.mp3 Something like "once you make love with me, you'll believe God is a Woman".
  5. Their collab might be happening after all.
  6. Alvarø

    Celeb News

    For what we know, this could be an engagement present too.
  7. Alvarø

    This is lame and sad for someone with the status of Mariah. She needs to take a break and return stronger. I'd like to see that.
  8. Alvarø


    It's def not true. She've ditched Drake after his expression on their Coachella kiss, and he then changed the lyrics of his song from "Madonna" to "Rihanna" when performed it live, so there's no chance that they will work together after that. Also, this is coming from Daily Star. They always make up stories about M when she's about to release new music (remember the rumour that Rebel Heart's first single would be called "My Obsessions"?)
  9. Alvarø

    Ashley. It's Alright, It's OK was a bop.
  10. Just kidding, at least is something.
  11. Alvarø


    Mdna Skin first TV spot is coming.
  12. Alvarø


    She is looking GORGEOUS and tagged Steve Klein. What is happening?
  13. Alvarø

    Celeb News

    I'm from Peru too, and FUCK YES at our third world country for putting Liberation right into the top spot it deserves.
  14. Alvarø


    In another news, she's touring in 2019 according to one of her dancers.