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  1. Wasn't him about to go to jail for evading taxes and then declared bankrupcy? Maybe it's time for justice to reach his ass. ☠️
  2. The fact that she's posting workout and dance routines on IG after having a hip replacement is unbelievable.
  3. Didn't the Warner press note said that there will be exclusive events curated by Madonna, celebrating her legacy? Maybe we won't get a full anti tour, but some special shows around her albums.
  4. Yeah, 61-70% it’s kind of mediocre. Below 60% it's officially rotten.
  5. What I don't understand is why Britney needs to point out who's good and who's bad. I've been supporting the FreeBritney movement since the beggining, but to be honest, no one is obligated to talk about it. People romantize too much that “uSe YoUr PlAtFoRmS” speech, but when is the right moment to do it? I hate when celebrities use a social cause as a PR thing, but in this case, that really helped bringing attention to her situation. More than a decade late, yes, but with so many restrictions in her life, was there a way to check how she was and what was true when no one in her life allowed he
  6. I don't believe in Page Six, but if it's true, then it's a sweet story.
  7. Idk why people hate her so much. I personally don't like her stuff, but that's it: one thing is to not connect with her music, and other completely different is to compare her to Hitler. ☠️
  8. Yeah, Frozen was definitely the highlight of the show.
  9. This is the album that made me a stan, even when I didn't knew it. She seemed like such an unreachable figure, and even when she was considered a legend, this album really put her to a brand new level, and I think it's the reason why she’s still being compared to younger acts. Hung Up was literally EVERYWHERE, people praised the shit out of her and her looks, visuals, performances and interviews were fucking flawless. Like… she was on the top of the game. 🔥 Also, Confessions Tour. The moment that disco ball opens and she appears inside, I was slayed for life. I knew that I needed
  10. Yeah, it's Universal's project and they're putting the money. She has a deadline, so we'll probably get it by the end of 2022 or spring of 2023.
  11. Amy Pascal is the main producer, btw. And she has worked previously with Florence, so there's a chance that she gets the part.
  12. Confirmed by Amy Pascal during a podcast: