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  1. Alvarø

    I hope rap finally gets a bit bigger in South America so I can finally understand the hype around it in the USA. Also, Dua Lipa will get bigger. VERY bigger.
  2. Alvarø

    Well, this is just about albums. If we talk about musicians/bands overall, I bet that they're at least Top 5.
  3. Alvarø

    Madonna is doing better in her current tour, and the leaked videos show that her vocals are pretty good, so that might been a bad day for her or just a technical problem like Mariah in NYE. Selena, on the other hand...
  4. Seems like she started on time last nite.
  5. Tbh that's somewhat normal in my country for big stadium shows. There are no seats, so people "camp" a night before in order to get as close as possible to the stage (that happened with Paul McCartney, Metallica, Katy Perry, etc). There are also people playing the songs on guitar, some food here and there and an overall good mood during the whole night; but I get that it may be seen as "too much" for some people. It's just that, if you worked so hard to pay a ticket to see your favorite artist the closest as possible (and even with that, there's no guarantee that you could get a good spot), you might want to do an extra effort to be near the stage. A friend of mine did that for Green Day, met her now husband and now they both have a son named Billie.
  6. Rihanna was pretty big before Eminem. I've always saw it as if she was helping him to become popular again. Atleast in my country, Rihanna was the queen of the radio way before LTWYL.
  7. Pass what? The crown is still laying on Missy's head.
  8. Alvarø

    I think that their real life beef was over about 2009. I have a cague flashback of Madonna and Janet together backstage at the VMAs of that year due to the MJ Tribute, and they were OK with each other. However, media likes to pit them again each other and that sucks.
  9. Alvarø


    1. The Winner Takes It All 2. Gimme Gimme Gimme 3. Waterloo 4. Fernando 5. Dancing Queen 6. Mamma Mia 7. Chiquitita 8. SOS 9. The Name of the Game 10. One of Us
  10. Alvarø

    I'm not a native english speaker, so I was curious to catch the mistake. Didn't find it until I remembered that Beyoncé has a song named "If I Were a Boy".
  11. Alvarø

    You were so fucking right. I started listening to her because of Madonna, but ended falling in love with her art. Rosalía is happening, bitches!
  12. Alvarø

    Beyoncé. I'm not a fan of her, but what a performance she did back in 2014! However, I don't think that this decade had seen an iconic performance at the VMAs yet. I remember that ICONIC was when everyone talked about it, and sadly that's not the case. Hopefully that could change soon! I miss those times when Pop ruled the world.
  13. Alvarø

    "Love me, love me, please retweeet". A truly deep, meaningful artist.