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  1. Guys, it's almost over. Or at least that's what it seems based on the recent #M14 updates on IG. 1. Lauren has packed her stuff and M gave her a Keith Haring picture. 2. She said we're on the Final Mixes stage. 3. Stere is "packing things up" in the studio. 4. She commented on a Mike Dean picture of the board, as if it was a recent born. 5. Mirwais uploaded a picture. Not that it meant that much, but I have to put it too. So there we have it. Studio time seems to bd over. Let's hold our breaths and sacrifice a virgin in order to finally have the Madonna album that we've been dying to hear in over a decade.
  2. Alvarø


    Seems like the video is from some weeks ago and she just decided to upload it now (someone has figured out that her roots are starting to appear in her latest IG posts, which doesn't happens in this one). Also, she tagged Mike Dean, who is currently mixing the album.
  3. Alvarø


    This is the track that featured that group of women from Cabo Verde.
  4. Some titles were referenced by her on past IG posts: 2. Extreme Occident: 4. I Don't Search, I Find: 5. God Control: 13. Loca: Crazy and Loca mean the same, so this could be another WIFLFAG/LQSLM or You'll See/Verás case.
  5. I was thinking the same. Maybe Magic is just the name of the album, but there's also a blank space at the end so who knew. I'm surprised at Beautiful Game. She was teasing it with her hat again a couple weeks ago, so it's weird to not include it. The board could be incomplete, but there's also a theory that says that she will release an album AND a mixtape, so...
  6. I don't think she'll go that far.
  7. I hope for something like 'Isaac' tbh.
  8. From what I understand... 1. Killers 2. Extreme Accident 3. Dark Ballet 4. I Don't Search 4 Fun 5. God Control 6. Batuka/Batuta 7. Funana 8. Medellin 9. Future 10. I Live/Lie 11. Crazy 12. Faz Gustar 13. Loca/Luca 14. Back That Up 15. Come Alive 16. ¿¿¿???
  9. ...and then deleted the IG story. This was actually a video with a track that you can hear here: Notice how she commented "Dark Ballet" in a Mirwais post a couple weeks ago. And that track No. 7 is called "Funana", apparently. Her Portugal inspired album is really coming!!!
  10. She made a Twenty One Pilots' move by uploading her own music at the back of her label. Such a true, ballsy artist. How many faves can relate to that? I love her more each day, just hope this huge amount of new music has no link with her taking a longer break after the new album. At least not now that I finally became a stan.
  11. Alvarø


    Also, I feel a connection with this other track:
  12. Alvarø


    This world don't deserve her.
  13. Alvarø


    Well, she called Mirwais "Disco God" for a reason.
  14. Alvarø


    Could it be? It's kinda in the same vibe as this other one. This is an IG filter without sound, so the background music it's what she's listening right now.