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  1. Better at deflecting bullshit: Wonder Woman or Madonna?

    I LOVE comics, so I hate that this guy keeps using WW memes. I mean, it was funny the first couple of times, but now it's exhausting AND irritating. Diana deserves better.
  2. Mariah is about to Outpeak Madonna AGAIN this decade

    Yes, and even Gal loves Madonna.
  3. Mariah is about to Outpeak Madonna AGAIN this decade

    Madonna is living the chill life now after owning the world for 3 decades. She's still the reigning queen. Mariah needs to get her shit together so she can pull a killer comeback once again.
  4. Mariah is about to Outpeak Madonna AGAIN this decade

    The only thing that Mariah is about to get is a nervous breakdown. Hope she gets better, but let's be real: this is not her decade at all.
  5. Why isn't Lady Gaga's music ever used in the media?

    Can't stand her, but not only her music is being ignored by the media. All the current pop acts happen to be in an era where pop music is no longer THAT mainstream, so the media tends to ignore it very hard.
  6. Is this gonna be a thing now?

    It started in Korea and it's making its ugly way tioAmerica one video at time.
  7. Celeb News Madonna Just Got Spotted Flying Coach and Andy Cohen Has the Best Story About It - not her first time, and not her last time

    Humble queen. We don't deserve her.
  8. Spooky Halloween MK Ultra?

    Britney is the most famous case, right? Her random radio performance and the 'Original Doll' theory are still weird.
  9. What is Madonna's musical influence?

    Not the most original, for sure. "Just" a legendary and smart one.
  10. Queen of pop at the Grammys 1986

    Even Madonna would be ashamed to have fans like you.
  11. Discussion Does she have a new social media team?

    And completely ignored Like A Prayer, thank you for proving my point.
  12. Discussion Does she have a new social media team?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that M's social networks are not that messy these days. Correct grammar? Celebrates her legacy anniversaries treating them with actual respect? Giveways? MDNA Skin promos being actually cool? Guy doesn't even know how to tweet, so what's going on?
  13. Event Madonna is attending the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala | The Guardian: Best photos of the day

    THESE are the versions of her songs that I need in her next tour. Slay me, Queen of Pop.
  14. Performance She's rehearsing for something

    I'd lowkey love that.
  15. Performance She's rehearsing for something

    The only performance has been announced and it's from Lenny Kravitz. This is something else.