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  1. Alvarø


    Te next one should be Ray of Light.
  2. Alvarø


    You can see she enjoyed it. What a great body of art is COADF. We're still talking and daydreaming about that era almost 15 yrs after.
  3. Alvarø

    "Love me, love me, please retweeet". A truly deep, meaningful artist.
  4. Alvarø

    Well, Rih is way bigger than what many people may think. She was literally throwing hit after hit during half of this decade.
  5. This is great. Rosalía is an incredible artist, and she has the latin support (I assume that european too) to keep her going strong. Glad for her.
  6. Alvarø

    She's definitely not getting the same support as in her previous eras, but she still is getting strong in her career. Her touring power is the best example for that.
  7. Alvarø


    I won't tolerate this insult to Rebel Heart.
  8. Alvarø


    Loved it, dude! I'm not a big fan of the intro in the radio edit bc I think it's not radio friendly, but you made a great job.
  9. Alvarø

    I think 'Invincible' was supposed to be a step in the good direction to evolve as an artist. Sadly, that album didn't got a chance.
  10. Alvarø

    You too, buddy. Wake up.
  11. Alvarø

    Compassion for a guy that says a powerful woman exposed his dick vs. The case of a woman who was raped, humilliated and banned by a powerful man. Sure, I should learn compassion.
  12. Alvarø

    You can't compare this dude's statement with the things that Kesha went through.
  13. Alvarø


    Well... At least the worst has happened.