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  1. Alvarø


    She really snapped with this album. I still feel like I'm flying through space with some songs.
  2. Some rumours also point Florence Pugh.
  3. Alvarø


    I'm very fucking nostalgic over this.
  4. Alvarø


    She hashtagged #screenplay, guys. The most she can do is make the official announcement of her movie. However, maybe it will be just a random live. I'm not expecting anything at this point: the Dua collab was a nice in-between-eras bonus, so whatever she does next is a cool extra. I just hope that the IG live turns up being something fun and not just her twins dancing lol.
  5. Alvarø

    I don't think the last part is true. Sadly, he's still huge in his country, and if he has an album coming, it will probably do well. USA loves psychos.
  6. Alvarø


    Followed by a reminder to take off those butt implants right after she releases the tour
  7. Alvarø


    Me too, I can't wait. From what we've seen, the film is complete. But seems like since she started focusing on her supossed biopic, she has completely forgot about the MXT. It's weird.
  8. OMG the song is being played on the radios of my country!
  9. Why aren't we surprised? That Top 5 is pure 🔥🔥🔥. Glad that they acknowledged M.
  10. Alvarø

    Beyoncé for me. She always has a strong presence on stage, dances like no one else and has a real concept for her performances. I'm not a fan of her recent music, but can't deny the obvious tho. Hell, her energy on stage even makes me feel tired lol. Her performances are the only well remembered thing about the VMAs during the last decade, which is funny because (as we've seen in Coachella) she's not even at her 100% on them.
  11. Alvarø


    I can't believe I didn't thought about it first, but... Margot!!!
  12. Alvarø

    Celeb News

    Oh God, not rasta pls.