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  1. Alvarø

    I get it now. Shawn's cool and seems passipnatebabout music: I didn't knew that he wasn't a fan of the idea, but I also cannot see him doing something like this without having something to tell. Without soul. He deserves better. Hope that the dude makes a rockumentary in another five years or something that gets better than this one.
  2. Alvarø

    Shawn Mendes is just a musician. A good one, tbh; but not an artist. So there's not much that he can show apart from his music. Who convinced him of doing this? It would have worked if he, at least, had something important or personal to share with his fans. But a documentary that feels just like a meet and greet experience it's destined to boredom and failure.
  3. From that list, Radiohead and (even when I don't like him), Elton John. The impact that they had during those specific years with those albums was really strong, and sonically influenced a hell lot of other artists. Until today. Damn, why are the Scammys still a thing? :/
  4. The Grammys are corrupted and the Academy can't hide it anymore. Same with The Oscars. I can't say I'm a pop fan tbh, since I just love very specific and certain artists that happen to make pop music. But Blinding Lights has been everywhere, to the point where you really cannot escape from that song in 2020. The whole Weeknd album has been an event, and it's not a complain: I love it! It deserved recognition by the greatest (?) award of the industry since, along with FN, has defined the sound of this year. About Halsey, I truly didn't knew that she had a new album . The last I've heard from her was New Americana (not that I didn't knew she was making new music, but that was the last thing I've heard). So I think that, in order to be nominated, you need to have a work that trascends your target and appeals to a wider audience rather than just your fanbase and pop fans. We know the Academy never tends to reward the BEST album, just the ones that make some benefit for them (sometimes there's a coincidence of both things, but not usually). So she can complain all that she wants to, but these corrupted men are not going to change their minds soon. Sadly, as she said, her statement will probably block her in the future. We need better awards that reward big and small artists based on their work, not just a plain popularity contest. It's like the Grammys are an extension of the VMAs. :/
  5. Alvarø


    It's amazing, Cinnamon slays me every time.
  6. Alvarø


    1. Future Nostalgia 2. Petals for Armor 3. Blood Harmonies 4. Fine Line (released on 2019, but I discovered it this year). 5.Notes on a Conditional Form
  7. Alvarø


    Maybe that's because the op on PopJustice deleted his post. However, that's why I put "Rumour": let's take it with a grain of salt.
  8. Alvarø


    Fun fact: Leonard was working on a Madonna's reinvented classics instrumental album before dissappearing from social media. Just like Mirwais was working on his own record before Madonna kidnapped him for MX. Her music posts on IG may seem to be indicating something, tho. If so, new music could be coming for the biopic and something more, so... let's keep an eye on this.
  9. Just read this on MInfinity, but original source is coming from the same PopJustice insider that revealed M was working with Mirwais two years ago and she was the feat for the Levitating Remix aling with Missy Elliott. Pat Leonard is the man behind Like a Prayer. About producers... let's plan a praying circle to ask for Stuart Price. UPDATE 11/28: No one can confirm anything yet, take this with a grain of salt.
  10. I like Beyoncé, she's cool, but sometimes I think that she has some family or friends working at the Grammys, lol. That's the only reason why she gets nominated for non-event songs.
  11. Maybe I'm not that "woke", but... I didn't see anything wrong with this post.
  12. I didn't know Coldplay had a new album? And I haven't listened to The Weeknd's After Hours yet (it's on my list, tho!), but Blinding Lights was everywhere. Wow.
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    Half an era (?)
  14. Alvarø


    Ngl it looks incredible: I didn't knew that the Hung Up MV was so stunning until today. I've seen other 4K fan remasters that didn't look half as good as this one. Fingers tied Warner keeps doing more soon with her videography. 🤞🏻