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  1. "It was a bit of a slap in the face." She wasn't invited and she felt bad about it. Specially since everyone else were in LA for the American Music Awards. However, she got an invitation to perform at Live Aid instead. And she made HISTORY that night.
  2. Alvarø


    I'm with her at this. Yes, tickets were expensive and it was weird to not film or take pictures, but I think that if you agree with that at the beggining, you don't have a choice but to respect that. I get that she was mad, but the bigger disrespect here is with the rest of the audience. If they're following the no-cameras policy, why wouldn't you? You don't go to a movie theater and record the movie. Same with a play. I've seen the show and it would literally make no sense to record it because it was in a theater. The show featured a lot of projections even on the walls of the place, so phones and cameras would reduce the brightness and impact of them. If it was a regular Madonna concert but scaled down, then record all that you want. But this was not the case.
  3. Alvarø


    2020 is becoming the year when non hardcore stans defend her and her nudes get 1M likes. This is truly a glitch in the matrix but I stan.
  4. Both are awesome and artistic. Beyoncé is more impactful and Madonna more conceptual.
  5. Alvarø


    How can people get this stuff? It was being sold at Ebay or something.
  6. Like... people really like this stuff from her? Don't let her get the idea to make a Sex book 2.0
  7. Alvarø

    Why are you bringing back all these topics? Lmao
  8. Alvarø

    I don't find MDNA solid at all, tbh. But agree with some points.
  9. Alvarø


    Yeah, from what I've read seems like some tracks that didn't make it into FN are going to get the collab treatment. Including a song with Normani and a (supossed) other one with Madonna.
  10. The album version always put me on a trip, so I'm hyped for this.
  11. Alvarø


    I... didn't liked it. The intro is interesting, but the rest of the song sounded pretty much the same.
  12. Alvarø


    I have already found one and am about to hear History and Funny Game. Omg.
  13. Alvarø


    Why didn't you post a link?
  14. Also, does anyone knows why did IGTTYAS was deleted from streaming platforms? I used to listen to that version of Vogue while running.