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  1. Alvarø

    Music Video

    It seems so. We'll discover it #soon.
  2. The luck from this guy...
  3. Alvarø


    I though so at first, but then I noticed that Patrick Leonard is no credited.
  4. Alvarø


    Also, Warner Bros. Records has RTd her tweet about LAP Anniversary. They were quiet about Erotica and Ray of Light's anniversaries, so I'm curious about if that could mean something.
  5. "DA PRAYER" https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/340998318 Description reads that it has been written by Mirways too. The link also suggests that it's registered under Warner Bros. Records, which is (to say the least) very curious. Could this be the new song with Maluma? •••UPDATE The other two guys featured are DAFT PUNK Are there any other cases in which ASCAP has been uploaded with fake info? Because this sounds too cool to be real. Is it always reliable?
  6. Alvarø


    EXACTLY Let's spam her PR Team to make that shit happen. I already added it to my spooky october playlist.
  7. Alvarø


    SUPERNATURAAAAAAAAAAL FUCK ME BITCH, I LOVE YOU MADONNA. Her new team is actually caring and making good stuff for her. What reality is this?
  8. aaand... Day 2 of filming seems to have begun.
  9. Filming seems to be done. She's been up the whole nite shooting this video along Maluma. The text ln his IG story reads "7:44 am Worth it!"
  10. Another week, another music video news. Today she has been filming in Sintra, a portuguese ville near Lisboa. The place is full of castles and beautiful landscapes. I found it curious and funny how they cover her with dark blankets to avoid the press from seeing her. The secrecy of this project has been good so far. There's also news that a local church has been surrounded by vans, so the filming may be taking place there too. This is how it looks like: Now take a look on how the surroundings of the place look like. This is Quinta Nova da Assunção: This is all for now. What do y'all think?
  11. Alvarø


    Well, I don't listen to Lana but that is an amazing song.
  12. Wth with the vocals... I don't hate them, but it's def unexpected coming from MC. Still, I'm glad that they stan for the Queen.
  13. Alvarø

    Music Video

    Rumour when they had her whole team and a video director active?
  14. Alvarø

    Music Video

    I think otherwise. I mean, there have been at least three music video shootings happening in just two weeks.
  15. Alvarø

    Music Video

    Alright guys, things in her camp have been pointing to these the last couple of months, so this is what we've got so far: Evidence #1: LA Theater - "We Need to Wake Up" According to people who was in the place, it has a 70s vibe and a political message. Song is "great" and features drag queens, lots of dancers and colorful clothes. Might be inspired by Stonewall riots. Evidence #2: Portugal - ??? She has been gearing up with director Diana Kunst in Portugal this week. Still don't know much about it. Evidence #3: Dark hair is back. This one explains for itself. We don't know what's happening, but she was definitely doing something last week. Evidence #4 Portugal - Maluma duet This one is kinda confusing. Maluma is traveling to Portugal, and reports are saying that the clothes for him in the music video have already been made. Evidence #5 Director Emmanuel Adjei is already in Portugal (even when someone suggested that he has schedule conflicts). He and Madonna have been sharing work from the same artist, with the video probably taking place in the beach since Comporta in one of her favorite places in the country, based on the amount of videos of her riding her horse there. Other rumours: - A filming took place in Morocco during January. - Next week a music video shooting will take place in India. - One of the song names might be "Love Hard", but take it with a grain of salt since it could be trollng tho. So this is it. What do y'all think about it?