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  1. Alvarø

    How many time does it take to print CDs and promotional materials (banners, posters, shirts, merchandising, etc)? I think that they rushed the first single trying to overshadow Dua Lipa (?), but since they weren't succesful with that, they went back to the studio trying to make changes and hype things up. Idk it's a theory.
  2. Alvarø

    We can all agree that Stuart Price is a genius. We don't deserve ha.
  3. Alvarø

    Still too soon. But I like the fact that she's fresh: not "the new-something", but the first Dua Lipa.
  4. Tbh guys, I saw her on the MXT on Feb 23rd and she did not looked like this AT ALL. She was very good! What the hell happened?!
  5. Alvarø

    I don't know if she's pressed, but Dua right now is everything that pop music needs. EVERY pop artist should take note of the way that she and her team are developing the FN era, it doesn't matter if they're older and more experienced than her.
  6. Alvarø


    Hallucinate is THAT BITCH. Stuart Price is producing, the same guy who made COADF. This needs to be a post-cuarantine single!
  7. Alvarø


    This is def on my Top 3
  8. Alvarø


    How can every song be so good? Physical is the best Pop release in recent years.
  9. Don't think it's gonna happen due to Corona time. Even the Oscars seem to be skipping next year ceremony. However, stream Future Nostalgia for a healthy immune system.
  10. Alvarø

    She can do that with Hallucinate, yeah.
  11. Alvarø

    I'm actually worried about her.
  12. You don't like Slaytown MV?