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    I'm sure she has started writting something. The Qtine Diaries are not the best example of her song writting, but prove that she's feeling inspired right now. Hope we get some funkdonna next.
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    She sang hella good live on the Madame X Tour. That "artistique" touch was because of Mirwais. All their tracks together since the early 00s feature that same vocoder. Love the sound, but hope for a different approach on M15. I'm never going to stop saying that, if she managed to made something like THAT performance of Frozen on the MXT, she's able to do a mature/mystique era right now. Hope she gets well soon and start working on that.
  3. Did she really need to bring up Madonna's name every time she has a new album?
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    Hopefully, not soon. Seems like this is her first time in two decades without a single leak of her album.
  5. She literally made two posts about the topic: the original video (that's how I found out about it since the news in my country haven't talked about it) and an old video of George. But I get that for some people it could feel like that Imagine video, specially for african americans. These are sensitive times and world is going fucking mad.
  6. I... don't see anything wrong with it? It was a tribute with a song that have lyrics that appeal to what's happening right now. It's not like if she was trying to stop racism or something, where did she said that?! I know that this is a sensitive topic right now, but wtf? It wasn't offensive at all. I love her and I'm always the first to cringe with the things that she does wrong due to her lack of a PR Team (like the Aretha speech), but this really doesn't make sense. She's not the one to blame for what's happening. And it's sad because people are so mad about the George Floyd injustice that they're looking for someone to do catharsis. There are a lot of white racist douches on US media right now, and no one says a shit about them. Sadly, Madonna got the wrong timing.
  7. She will maybe go under another label, it could even be Warner. But the touring side it's going to still be managed by LiveNation.
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    I can't believe that this kind of things are happening. Why? I don't even want to imagine how George's family/friends must be feeling.
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    Goodbye to Innocencenis the only right answer, yeah.
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    The caption, I-
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    Ikr? People are going to burn their Like a Prayer CDs, Vogue is never going to be danced again, The Immaculate Collection will dissapear of the charts worldwide at the same time... just because of her Instagram posts. C'mon, this has nothing do to with her legacy. As much as I want her to have a "normal" pressence on Social Media, she's far from that since her early days. She's not a plastic pop star that depends on her image, and she knows it. That's why this bitch likes to push herself so close to the Borderline.mp3.
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    Liz retired some years ago... and that was the end of it.
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    I'm happy that it's finally on its way. Wonder how is she gonna release it? 🤔 I think streaming and VOD are the best way these days, since she's not attached to any label right now and physical formats are practically dead because of the quarantine restrictions around the world.
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    No, IG censored her post some years ago when she posted her nipple-free dress for MER Gala (2014, I guess)
  15. Hmm you have a point.
  16. I don't see her coming back to Warner. She will be treated as Prince and George Michael in their final years, just like a legacy act, and I don't think that's how she wants to be seen.
  17. Yeah, this is only a rumour. However, I found this other post. It comes from BreatheHeavy, not anything official yet, and the info seems... weird; so take it with a grain of salt:
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    I think that was the official Coachella footage from back in the day. However, I NEED A CONFESSIONS 2.0
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    Didn't she premiered it yesterday on her IGTV?
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    I can't listen to Why We Ever without being emo for a while. What a powerful song. Also... do we know who is she talking about in Taken?
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    A rat.
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    Killers is that bitch.
  23. This. At this point, she's free as a bird. The amount of stories that this woman can tell, damn... As I've read about her some days ago, she had reached a level that no one ever has. She doesn't have peers that have accomplished what she did, not in that level. Also, the fact that she survived Coronavirus a few weeks ago and is now entering to this hard treatment says a lot about how out of this world and strong she is.
  24. I would love to think about the next tour and how hard she will slay after this, but rn I just hope that she responds well to the treatment and the intervention.mp3, 'cause it seems heavy. I'm currently listening to her wishing her the best.