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    Can't blame her: M fans are insufferable sometimes.
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    "Work with Stuart Price again, you bitch!" *slaps her*
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    Hmm flights and hotels are open to bookings because there's clearly a demand + they respect the safety guideliness. I don't see this as a bad move. 🤔
  5. Mike Dean and Mirwais. But specially Dean.
  6. Living rent free in Trump and Republicans' minds. Madame X is a head of state, after all.
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    That's... not what she meant.
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    Fourth best, yeah: 1. Vogue 2. Nothing Really Matters 3. God Control 4. Bad Girl At least for me, atm.
  9. Social Media is not a right: it's a service. And in order to use it, you accept their terms and conditions. If Donald Trump or anyone violates them, then BYE. The only thing that isn't okay for me is the fact that so many platforms are doing it right now, specifically against him and his supporters. Seems like a business-thing to me. I get it: no one wants to be the platform where a cult reunites to adore a politician, but these brands are being too obvious with their recent moves.
  10. This is by far my favorite SuperBowl entrance.
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    I love that she covers Madonna constantly. Her versions are amazing.
  12. Same one, but I don't think that they can do anything about it since the ban came from the NFL.
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    Well, yeah lol. The nickname comes from a painting, if I'm not wrong.
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    Great name! It's kinda a tribute to Martha Graham too, I love it.
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    I think it's because of Material Girl. For some reason, since a couple years it has started being included in TV shows, YT Reaction videos and etc., increasing its chances to be streamed and making LAV her most played album (by association). Also, the fact that any MX song made it into the Top 10 might be proof that she needs to light things up with her next record.
  16. It's crazy to think that this tour took place in 1990, 'cause it's not THAT far away in time when you think about all the outrage it sparked. Guess M really opened more doors than I thought when it comes to normalize sexuality as a way to express yourself.mp3 Also, Saint John Paul II can choke: he called her satanic while covering pedophiles in the Catholic Church. 🤡
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    Madonna's version remains superior to me.
  18. This is actually unbelievable for a fifth single from a pop album these days. Wow.
  19. No one, apparently. I've said it a million times and I'll repeat it again: her work ethic is amazing; she never stops doing performances, photoshoots, new collabs, etc. So it's great to see that hard work is paying her off.
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    Medellin cover is maybe my all time favorite Madonna single cover ever. Drowned World/Substitute for Love is a close second.
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    • Erotica: Thief of Hearts instead of Bye Bye Baby. • Music: Amazing instead of WIFLFAG Remix. • Hard Candy: Beat Goes On instead of Miles Away. • MDNA: I'm Addicted instead of Give Me All Your Luvin'. • Madame X: Crazy instead of IDSIF.
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