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  1. Not a horrible top 10 tbh
  2. Jae


    So you really would take the best song on the album, aka Sometimes, out?
  3. Her reggaeton era incoming
  4. Jae

    Does anyone have a tldr on that video? I don’t feel like watching a 45 minute YouTube video
  5. Jae

  6. The amount of power that she holds though
  7. Borderline like 2 days ago on the radio
  8. Jae


    she didn't lie
  9. Jae

  10. Pretty sure it's gonna be a #1 debut
  11. Jae

    Still excited for the album though
  12. Jae

    I love her and was so excited for her comeback considering I pretty much loved everything from the reputation era but I can't even force myself to pretend to like this Hannah Montana mess