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  1. Jae

  2. Jae

    THey both shit on Nicki that’s for sure
  3. Jae

    I think she's still blending into the other moderately successful pop girls at the moment , at least in the U.S. but I do think she has the potential to stand out and be bigger
  4. Jae

    be the one is better than any song mariah has ever recorded
  5. Maybe Katy knew? We don't know much about the background situation.
  6. According to secondary no-fee ticket marketplace TickPick, the average ticket to BTS’ tour sold on its site costs $478.98. Comparatively, the next-best-selling tickets, for Britney Spears’ Pieces of Me tour, averaged $352.92 per ticket, about 26% less. The next highest-cost tickets were to see legacy acts like Pearl Jam ($318.36 average ticket cost), Elton John ($286.17), Andrea Bocelli ($279.01), The Eagles ($259.98) and U2 ($205.20). The next most costly pop concert prices drop to under $200 average per ticket, for tours fronted by Bruno Mars and Cardi B, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Forbes
  7. Kim Jong-un has accepted Donald Trump‘s invitation to visit the United States, North Korea‘s state media has reported. In what Mr Trump will likely seize on as proof of the North Korean leader’s commitment to engage in a peace process, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) also said Mr Kim had invited the US president to visit North Korea when the two leaders met in Singapore on Tuesday. Mr Kim said it was “urgent” for North Korea and the US to halt “irritating and hostile military actions against each other”, the agency added. Independent
  8. Jae

    Britney, Janet, JLo, Madonna. Beyonce
  9. Jae here


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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      It's cos you're Italian, sis. You don't know how HOT your people are cos you're used to them. oprah14

    3. CalixSpurius

      @H.O.N.E.Y I thought she was a Latino because of all the spray tan she uses. It's like guessing that early 2000s M.Jackson is an African man without knowing him aka impossible... 

      I was able to clock that she's probably Sicilian from that natural photo. This wasn't hard to understand tbh.

    4. H.O.N.E.Y

      I knew she wasn't a Latina since like 2014. But okay. rav2

  10. Hmm I don't know much about this Pete guy, is he psycho?