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  1. Jae here


    Justin Bieber really had to go and ruin Bad Guy like that huh brit12

    1. Modern Woman

      Billie Whitetrash let him brit15

  2. Jae here


    Last 4 of the 5 topics have been started by @Liam, somebody give him a raise 

  3. Europe showing its blatant racism yet again!
  4. I thought he was on 24/7 suicide watch? How..
  5. Jae

    Welcome to New York It's been waitin' for you Welcome to New York, welcome to New York Welcome to New York It's been waitin' for you Welcome to New York, welcome to New York
  6. Jenner, the billionaire
  7. Jae here


    Do people in Europe not tip 

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    2. Saiga

      Americans tip too much to be honest.

    3. Entea

      Not really, I feel that it's so uncommon in Europe that if you tip them, they might get offended because you think they have to "stoop" to tips for a living wage

    4. Chris Morlock

      Well @Saiga our common jobs that pay minimum wage usually is around $7 an hour and you can't live on that salary. 

      The government is raising it to $10 at some point if not already tho. 

  8. Jae here




  9. Jae here


    When people say California has perfect weather year round they’re lying 

    1. Hunty Bear

      today was bad but at least we don't get as muggy as other states bebe1 

  10. RAWM is too overrated Happy to see her best song, Warm Blood, in the top 10 though
  11. I really hope it grows on me
  12. Shakira has been massive in Latin America for decades also extremely popular in other parts of the world. She most certainly is bigger than at least Katy, Taylor and Adele.
  13. Real tired of superhero movies in general tbh
  14. Jae

    NRO and it’s not close