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  1. Jae here


    I've been obsessively binge watching The Hills for the past week instead of studying for finals 😩

  2. Does it ever get discouraging making threads that always backfire
  3. Jae here




  4. lol he can’t change his mind - he was fired. He’s just trying to pretend like it was his decision to step down
  5. Jae here

    I don’t want another pretty face... I don’t want just anyone to hold. 

    I don’t want my love to go to waaaaste.. I want you and your beautiful soul 

  6. Jae here


    I miss the fun nights on fotp

  7. One Ariana??? One view
  8. Also no Ariana??? No views
  9. Can someone explain the difference between Record & Song of the year
  10. Jae here

    and it's just like honey... when your love comes over me
    oh baby I've got a dependency
    always strung out.. for another taste of your honeeeeey

  11. Disgusting, insecure, trash human being