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  1. Jae

    Probably Lemonade
  2. That Little Mix song is so bad lol
  3. Jae


    Alright gays calm down
  4. Jae here


    This not being an emote any longer is so fucked up default_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gifdefault_soaf69_th.gif

    1. Aidan.


    2. Jae

      26 minutes ago, Aidan. said:


      which one was thst

    3. Aidan.

      It was where she was like looking weirded out her eyes were big and it was a still image

  5. Jae

    Pictures of my cat

    Here are a few pictures I have amassed of my favorite cat beast, Maxx.
  6. Jae here


    Anyone else own a wallet that you can’t actually hold money in 

    1. Lukas

      Yes its called ApplePay hunty welcome to 2018 jj2 

    2. Jae

      I live in America we're barely passing 2002 

  7. The verses kinda sound like Bills, Bills, Bills. Song goes off though!
  8. Jae here




    1. Chris Morlock

      i wish we had a full version on her debut album ari7