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  1. Time to take the L and go Kim
  2. Jae here


    We’re all in quarantine why is the forum not popping 🥴

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    2. Urbanov

      Not UK whit2 

    3. Princess Aurora

      the UK is fucked If they don't do it jj4 @Urbanov

    4. Austin!

      16 hours ago, I Brings That Levity said:

      Coronavirus only affects humans. You'll be fine Winnie. 

      OMG mad13

  3. Count on us to be the greediest motherfuckers on the planet 🤡
  4. Jae here


    I’ve been in such a dark head space these past few days and idk how to get out of it 😔😫

    1. Entea

      I'm sorry to hear that jae bae :(

      Maybe speaking to your family and friends will help, as they will know and can do something but also it will help ease your mind hug1

      I'm here, and I'm sure other members are here for you too, but I have to admit that our help is limited and speaking to someone irl is best

      I hope you can find your way out hug1

    2. Chris Morlock

      Time. Time and music. 

    3. GagaSavingPop

      I love you, just remember that oprah15

  5. Jae


    Bad Romance> Just Dance> Perfect Illusion> Born This Way> Applause> Stupid Love
  6. Jae here


    deadass just matched with 2 huuuge ass competitive bodybuilders on tinder in a row lmao wild 🥴 

  7. Jae here


    Do some guys get hotter when they got on their AirPods or is that just me 

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    2. GagaSavingPop

      Post in the picture thread wearing AirPods and let us see wat2

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      Me being the only one who likes this post

    4. Simón.

      Yeah it kinda make their jawline more sharp 

  8. Nothing beats the star spangled banner 🇺🇸
  9. Lmao how on earth is shallow a classic