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  1. Shake It Off was the better single off that album anyway
  2. Do people outside the US know WBT?
  3. Jae

    You've had HOW access for like 2 years
  4. Jae

    How can you possibly be 18
  5. Jae

  6. Jae here

    been sleeping on her but whew this song is good 


    1. Jose

      her album is really good tho jj2

  7. Jae here

    Should I change my avi

    1. Joel

      Randy Orton - ha comeback?

  8. Jae

    I saw the original you skank bitch
  9. There's people in New Zealand?
  10. Jae

  11. Jae

    Jk congrats. @miranda cosgrove is proud