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  1. Jae

    Babe, we're in 2019
  2. Jae here


    Whew.. a classic


  3. Jae


    We all have different tastes
  4. Just takes away attention and credibility from actual racist attacks. These democratic politicians need to stop relying on Twitter for news.
  5. I was excited but this is atrocious Really does sound like something a Disney Channel star would be forced to sing
  6. Jae

    Avril has a new album?
  7. Wow that’s a really innovative idea. You should totally buy a VIP meet & greet for her concert so you can tell her in person what your scheme was and really stick it to her!!!
  8. Jae here


    get out get out get get get out get get get out of here 

  9. The 3rd most successful female gospel singer of the 21st century remains unbothered with her acclaimed Nationwide Insurance commercials
  10. Your obsession with the biggest pop star of the 2010s whew chile!
  11. Jae here


    High Hopes is really becoming an annoying ass song 

    1. Venom

      I used to stan Panic! but High Hopes has been an annoying song since the day it came out nicki5

    2. Dan

      I loved it at first, but now it's everywhere rip2 

  12. Most of these are nowhere close to Toxic level though