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  1. Sis, there's no denying that he's let his looks go. I'm not saying he's actually homeless but he does look like one. Maybe he can spend a few of those dollars back into his appearance
  2. King of jerking off to homeless guys
  3. Entea

    To think you live where you can pick and choose latinos, but here, im lucky if I spot one I envy u Leak his d pics, k ty
  4. Maroon 5 did THAT, Cardi got a free ride to #1
  5. Entea


    Like A Prayer and that's the tea
  6. Entea


    We stan experimental country artists
  7. Entea

    King, quit Twitter and come here instead
  8. Entea

    Another NHB thread coming to pop forum near u Same, I need a latino d to spice my life up
  9. Entea


    Queen of Barbados
  10. Entea

    I don't stan his new music He's too mainstream now I'm good, going back uni in a few hours which will be fun lol hbu?