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  1. You're going at the wrong person here who likes new music and artists. I admit that joking about me not knowing her isn't classy but when I first introduced Maluma on here people reacted the same way but in all honesty, she isn't my type of music. If you read the replied comments I put in my status update about her, you would've noticed a compliment about someone recommending me a song to her so I'm not fully out to get her like u claim I am
  2. This is still not going to make me remember ha
  3. here

    Mistakenly wore my new shoes thinking these men won't be able to resist me only to get blisters at the back of my heels sob1

  4. I likea how you thinkea
  5. Fuck me daddy
  6. here

    Couldn't pay £1 for a cup of tea even though the rumoured full story is that the hikers where staying with the Nepalese lady for free with the intention of them paying for food and drinks dead2



      what is wrong with them?

    2. Dangerous Jim

      Tbh I kind of agree with the people. It does not cost that much to have a cup of tea in Nepal. A lot of places you have to be careful not to get ripped off, you HAVE to haggle. They expect it. I wouldn't pay that much for tea in the UK!

    3. #VaccinesMakeKidsAutistic

      mess :/ I pay for a cup of tea here like 50 pence lol

  7. here

    Who is Tori Amos? wendy4

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    2. Simón.

      @Anna-wa Yeah, but I mean it's more likely that Americans know her than Eurotrash like me moo1

    3. Aidan.

      "Like Cupcakke"



      Anyway she's actually super popular in the UK and has a #1 album there

  8. Loving this song, I feel a new set coming on
  9. Discussion

    Where it all started
  10. Nom that Spanish We should do it soon since im going back uni soon and won't be active as much
  11. I bit repetitive but it's a bop