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  1. Entea


    I'm surprised Elvis Presley isn't up there Gratz on Madonna tho
  2. It seemed like Romanian artists were always trying to get into the Latin/Spanish music market (probs still do) and I've also seen reggaeton singles chart on the Romanian charts. This was before the reggaeton hype so I found the connection a bit weird, now so much now. Glad you like Maluma too
  3. Entea

    Oops, I missed this season
  4. Can we expect more reggaeton hits in this list?
  5. Entea

    Bye for good?
  6. Entea

    Adelegend says hi
  7. Entea here

    As someone who likes different languages, I find it rude that others speak their first language on a foreign country when they clearly know the country's main language. Siting at my break and there's more Polish people (speaking Polish) here and it's so obvious, the impact, as there's Polish people on their own table and same with English. I'm not trying to single out Polish as it's happening all over the world but don't be that guy rav2

    PS: I'm too shy to say it to their faces i-

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    2. KatnissLawrence

      Wtf is this post

    3. BackToBasics

      I'm Polish and although I don't live abroad I find it rude of you to say that. Just because you're British/American and you're in the UK/America or whatever doesn't mean that Poles can't talk their mother tongue. I think it's good that they speak Polish,it means that they're not afraid of our mother tongue. If you go with your girlfriend/boyfriend etc. to France that doesn't mean that you have to speak French all the time,even if you're with your french friends. There're topics that people don't want to talk about in front of everyone so they just choose to speak their mother tongue 

    4. Entea

      Ahh, guys im all for inclusion, by all means speak Polish but if I'm the only English guy on the table and they're all speaking Polish, it's not the nicest thing to do. I'm not a nasty person and want to get to know people if I can but it's hard in situations like these. Even in the actual workplace where if Polish people need help, they'll ask their Polish people in the Polish language, it just creates problems in the long term when communicating is vital at my work.

  8. Does his label have any say in what he writes?
  9. Hence why it's a soundtrack and not an LP
  10. Omg we stan Mahmood even more OP: Adele dominating as always