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  1. I'm ready to kill survive with these hoes
  2. Anyone else play TS4 for hours and then never play it again for like a year? rip4

    1. Kirjava


      Could never get into TS4, but this is me with TS3, yes. true1

  3. It's about time. Hopefully the parents of George can finally move on with their lives
  4. The lyrics hit different. Take care of the people close to you hug1


  5. You must be new to the music scene bless
  6. Adele says hello... from the other side
  7. @Ghostface lemme gift my VIP to @V For Vendetta, mainly for their flawless thread news contributions Thanks for hosting this game and giving an extra life to the Rihanna section
  8. 1 or 2 rounds i think You want to cut 50% of the forum based on their VIP status? Gl with that