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  1. Entea here

    And they turn me on
    When they take it off, when they take it off
    Everybody take it off


  2. Entea here

    Mother nature can be incredible sometimes (not for Australians tho)


  3. Entea here

    I need season 4 of The Handmaid's Tale to hurry up so I have a reason to cry again alex1

  4. I'm surprised she didn't sue him or the gym staff
  5. Oops, totally forgot to add another version for you, here it is: x
  6. Entea

    If I HAD to choose, Kanye
  7. I somewhat empathize with celebs when it comes to dating. A few 'normal' people struggle with holding down a relationship. Celebs must have a tougher time as I'm sure they try and juggle their careers which they can be separated for days
  8. Entea

    I only know Mars Ago from the lawsuit battle with Poppy