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  1. Hello! 


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    2. NJ

      OH WOW OH WOW! shock1 This is my fav new dance move, OMG


    3. Entea

      Omg, you should listen to my fav song by him


    4. NJ

      @Entea i love 'carnaval" already. it is so Radio-friendly btw. cheer1 

      I also love "Solos" 


  2. I'm probs the only member on here who prefers male artists I tend to listen to music in bed and normally dream about singing a male artists song in front of an audience, I just can't visualise it in my head if the song is in a female voice
  3. here

    I feel a Maluma takeover is coming


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    2. NJ

      @Entea Thanks... life is so good when you give her no fucks... at least this is from my experience on this planet so far.


      now what's maluma's favorite dance move?


    3. Entea

      Gotta love this dance move


    4. NJ

      @Entea i don't love it, I LIVE FOR IT..

      I love when male artists get sexual on stage... I feel like i live for the "no inhibitions" concept.


  4. I only know this bop from him
  5. How does her puking (which is natural) relate to her stan base?
  6. Denmark's capital city
  7. You don't remember shooting this video? He's a Danish singer from Copenhagen
  8. here

    You could be sucking sth so much better Maluma

    Image result for maluma gif

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    2. NJ

      @Entea SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!

      I actually think we will get away with it. What about his bodyguards though? 


    3. Entea

      I never thought about that but we could bring them along, i'm sure they're going to be hot af too


    4. NJ

      You said i'm going to be the brain/master mind so i have to take everything into account, Hello! 

      Oh well, this is going to turn into an ORGY... i'm glad we agreed beforehand.




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    2. NJ

      wub1  wub1 

      LBR... your flawless profile is my HOME now! I have to tell you that! 


    3. Entea

      Yours just needs a banner finishing touch and would slay all


    4. NJ

      @Entea Even if i managed to do it, it won't be flawless like yours. 


  10. German dance act Cascada is back with another new single after the promotion of its comeback single “Run”, launched early this year. The new song is called “Playground” and it’s confirmed as the official theme of 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship. It’s a classic Cascada-track with a joyful radio-ready rhythm and wrapped with the lovely vocals of Natalie Horler. The song produced by Yann “Yannou” Peifer, and was written by himself along Manuel Reuter, Frank Bülles, Matt James, Lauren Dyson and Par Westerlund. It was released on digital retailers and streaming services on April 20th. The same day, Zooland Records also debuted the proper music video to go with it on its Youtube channel. Source: Ultimate Music
  11. Single

    Omg the shower scene is hot af
  12. I cringe so hard at this new British boy band I really shouldn't be promoting