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  1. Entea

    Threesome pls
  2. Entea

    Celeb News

    Aww, bless him
  3. Entea here

    CLASH Magazine 2017

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    2. Entea

      You need to set your standards a bit lower sis

    3. Kyoteki

      Sis my standards ain’t even that high. The facial expression is just really weird. 

    4. Chris Morlock

      that and the way his hair just flops aint it.

  4. Entea


  5. Entea here

    Queen coming for the Latin market shock1


  6. Entea


    Last.year who You'll need to update your 2018 YEC in your account settings here: http://zerocharts.com.br/settings YECs can be found on the Charts page, sc and post below your top 10 from Artists, Albums and Musics Mine:
  7. Last: Run Wild - Jon Bellion First: Hand of God (Outro) - Jon Bellion
  8. Entea here

    @Chris Morlock you might like this, probs the only song I like that has a bit of screamo in it


    1. Chris Morlock

      Omg I just started listening to them this week

      Listen to their song White Rabbit.