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  1. I hope for speedy recovery
  2. Entea


    Adele quick, do something!
  3. Entea here

    Just held my newborn nephew. He's so cute and tiny. @Divine聽has suddenly volunteered to be the surrogate for me and @Sim贸n.oprah2

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    2. Divine

      I鈥檒l be awaiting the聽$1.5 million to hit my venmo then juicy1

    3. Entea

      Bitch, what shock1

      Is the baby's skin made out of diamonds shock1

  4. Entea here

    I'm ashamed to admit that I underestimated how good Love Victor is. My first thought was how overproduced it was going to be, like some American movies and TV shows are to the point of cringe. I've not finished season 1 but I know from just 5 episodes that there's a confused guy who can take something from this show. Binge watching as I speak oprah2

    1. Joanne

      ok but like the friends in NYC are soo cringy. They literally are like gay stereotyping and its really kinda gross.

      I have always and will always hate that pretentious 13RW guy

    2. Entea

      Yeah I've just watched that episode and I should cringe but I feel like there's a message about a close community to back up the gay corner. The situations they were describing are realistic but group hugging complete strangers is a bit too much rip4

  5. Entea

    I'm on season 2 and omg it's so bad yet so good at the same time ugh. I need Tyler Hoechlin in my life
  6. Entea

    Music Video

    Break the Ice teas
  7. Entea


    I remind @Royalty of this classic bop every day ugh