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    2. Driven

      This is my real voice (Vocal test):



    3. Entea

      Aww, you sound cute wub1

    4. Driven

      2 minutes ago, Entea said:

      Aww, you sound cute wub1

      Thanks, most people hate my singing. coffee1

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    Despacito coming for #1 again next week
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  5. My tomato made it
  6. I feel sorry for the people who are still using XP katy1

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    2. LOUVRΞ

      39 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

      I just dont know how to update it jj4

      And it's not like I'm really bothered by it jj4 

      You have to pay to update from XP. Windows 10 was the first one you could update to for free but you had to upgrade from windows 7 or windows 8, otherwise you have to purchase one of those OS to upgrade to 10 for free. 

    3. Freaky Prince

      To pay?

      I'm gonna pass on that one


    4. LOUVRΞ

      Not pay pocket change either. It’s hundreds of dollars rip1 

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    Speak of the devil
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    I'll come to them in a min but you accepted their votes
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    The injustice
  10. Deadline to vote in the final of FOTPVision 6.0 is fast approaching. This also goes for any non-players wishing to vote in the thread poll:


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    I'm actually going to change it
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    I'll let my d explain
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    Yes, it has over 2 billion streams
  14. Last Deadline Reminder Hey sistens, this is the last reminder to vote, you have until today at 8pm BST, which is just less than 9 hours away. You guys have submitted some strong and catchy songs so please don't ruin it by getting disqualified. Voting instructions, template and recap video of all the songs are in the OP here. If you have any questions just comment below or via PM. @LOUVRΞ @StrippedX @Milk I hope you can all make it to the Results Show that's happening this Sunday at 8pm BST, where the winner of this edition will be rivealed @Virgin Mary @Kristina @Habits @Your Saviour @#Music @Manel