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  1. here

    DY is coming to London cry2


  2. Glad there was no injuries
  3. Me at your scrobbles in 5 years time
  4. here


    1. Entea

      He's so fucking hot, I'm shaking with thirst


    2. NJ

      This is not news, sweetheart, tell me sth i don't know. 


  5. @Limn I'm not keen on it tbh but im sure it'll grow on me in time
  6. Available on all major streaming services including iTunes and Spotify
  7. I won't be telling my deepest secrets to him anytime soon
  8. here

    I got the highest mark for my website development assignment out of the class cry9

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    2. Systemagic

      Website development icon clap3

    3. Entea

      2 hours ago, Royalty said:

      Congrats clap4 where the fuck have you been btw

      Jealousy doesn't suit you rav2 

      And thanks for the nice messages ya'll hug1

  9. He finally read my PM asking him to do this