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  1. Recently been obsessed with Friedberg and Too Far
  2. Anna F. (born 18 December 1985 in Friedberg, Styria, actually Anna Wappel) is an Austrian singer-songwriter in the area of pop rock, folk and partly also echoes from electronic music. She is also an actress. She grew up in Friedberg in Styria and began singing in childhood. The first influences were the records of her parents from, among others, Reinhard Mey, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, then Led Zeppelin rock music (Jimmy Page was also a title on her debut album), Alanis Morissette and Melissa Etheridge. In Graz, she studied English, as well as Italian, philosophy and literature, and worked on weekends in the sports broadcasting of the television channel ATV in Vienna. Listen: x
  3. Katy Perry can add another milestone to her recent list of accomplishments — she’s now the first ever artist to earn three Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Diamond certifications. The new certification of “Roar” joins the ranks of Perry’s hits “Dark Horse” and “Firework” in surpassing the 10-million threshold counting song sales and streams in the United States. “Roar” was released as the lead single from her fourth studio album, “Prism,” in 2013. “Once again, Katy Perry has made history,” said Cary Sherman, chairman and CEO of the RIAA. “We are thrilled to recognize Katy as the first artist to earn three Diamond Song Awards. Katy has a singular track record of notable Gold and Platinum achievements, and this triple Diamond milestone is now forever etched in our program’s history. Only 14 songs have earned Diamond status to date, and Katy owns three of them — what a remarkable achievement and testament to a groundbreaking artist.” Since Perry launched her career, 21 songs have achieved RIAA certifications, with three studio albums receiving Platinum or multi-Platinum status. Only two other artists, Eminem and Lady Gaga, have more than one diamond-certified track. The announcement comes on the heels of a number of recent accolades for the pop artist. Perry became the first Twitter user to reach 100 million followers and broke her own record for most YouTube views in 24 hours following the release of her music video for “Bon Appetit.” “Bon Appetit” surpassed the previous record-holder, “Roar,” generating 16.8 million views in the first day of release. Source: Variety
  4. Ever wondered why Fifth Harmony didn’t change their name after the departure of Camila Cabello (Fourth Harmony anyone?). Or why a replacement wasn’t tapped? 5H founding member Lauren Jauregui has the answers. “It was obviously a thought,” she said on a name change “because it was a prevalent thing that there’s four of us not five. Regardless, we were all very united on the fact that we didn’t want to change the name.” Speaking to MTV News, she added: “Fifth Harmony is the name that we grew up with and we worked for and it’s our brand. It’s who we are. It’s our whole entire moments. It’s what we spent five years on.” Cabello broke hearts and sent the Internet into a spin when she split six months ago to pursue a solo career (her debut album is due out in September). They've all moved on, and earlier this month 5H released “Down” featuring Gucci Mane, their first post-Camila Cabello single. It doesn’t appear four will become five anytime soon. “The fans named us Fifth Harmony,” Dinah Jane Hansen said. “And now they’re the fifth member.” So that’s that. Source: Billboard
  5. She's losing her credibility if she keeps this up, who would want to hire ha after this?
  6. here

    1R coming for that ww hit


  7. Yass keep them summer bops coming Inna
  8. @Living Dead Boy I think I remember you having a Adam set, do you know the inside scoop?