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  1. Celeb News

    Birmingham outsold
  2. My lowkey fave charts again, Brantley You might as well call this Enty's Chart
  3. The first cover is tragic
  4. here


    1. Hermione

      I suddenly want to become a flight attendant whenever I watch the music video dead2

  5. This is mainly to do with companies including Marks and Spencer, Audi, RBS and L'Oreal, pulling online advertising as they were seeing their ads next to extremist content on YouTube. Why go for the LGBTQ tho
  6. here

    Submitted my assignment 20mins before the deadline dead2

    Why do i keep doing this to myself dead2

    1. #1

      Story of my life!

      The good thing about it is that, because of this mess, i normally know all the answers when i get asked, because i'm always like "i finished this assignment just 2 minutes ago, it's impossible for me to forget anything". rip4 


    2. Kirjava

      You haven't lived until you sent an assigment 2 minutes before due date. oprah2