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  1. I remember it being fairly funny at times so let's hope that bring in that comedy. Plus, Chris Evans topless and steamy
  2. Anyone played this? Currently halfway through and I was ashamed to judge the reviews of this game when it came out as just being a walking simulator, it is that but so much more. Acting, soundtrack, story and the world are amazing
  3. I'm lowkey looking forward to this album and that's saying sth
  4. Just goes to show you don't know what's going on behind closed doors. I hope she recovers her debts and it must be a straine on her mental health with that that hanging over her
  5. I feel like Dua's discography is on the verge of sounding the same and this single proves my point. I stanned Houdini hard but I'm not feeling this
  6. As a person who grew up with the 2005 film, I hope they live up to that movie but I'm not holding my breath
  7. Touch me like you touch nobody
    Put your hands all up on me
    Tired of hearing sorry
    Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up
    How about we leave this party?
    'Cause all I want is you up on me
    Tired of hearing sorry
    Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up

  8. @almanac I'm obsessed
  9. Entea

    Artist Belinda

    I've mostly gone back to the basic English language songs rip. I'm into deep/songwriter songs tbh Slay, when is it releasing?
  10. It's a cute song, nothing special tbh