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  1. Sleeping on this hit? Exposed! OP: we stan yes
  2. Entea here

    Rare footage of me being in a ari mood this week


    1. Royalty

      Ari and Kim on the top? Suddenly we’re married again!

    2. Entea

      Your influence is toxic.mp3

  3. Entea

    What a smash!
  4. Entea here

    I can't at Boris Johnson inviting the queen to give a speech for his conservative manifesto rip4

  5. They shouldn't punish the team for what their stupid fans do tho I think even the Bulgarian captain got into a heated discussion with his fans about it
  6. Entea


    Maluma's inpacT
  7. Singles So I thought I'll bring this back with a revamp. Instead of suggesting recommendations, I'll choose the latest popular singles that have been released on YT. Once I've chosen a single, a YT video will be posted, in this thread, and you can reply below with a number between 1 - 10, with 10 being a bop. I will accept rates to 1 decimal place (e.g. 1.3). More people rating means more accuracy so please participate. Turnover will be 3 days (ish). Current single: Christina Aguilera - Haunted Heart Leaderboard If you're still unsure, feel free to mention or PM me
  8. His solo stuff is out peaking his former band mates
  9. Entea

    Tell Me It’s A Nightmare Turn Off The Light @Royalty wru?
  10. They tried to boycott this years ESC, didn't stop them from performing. I would love to go to Israel, not to support the conflict that's happening but because it's a once in a lifetime opportunitea
  11. Stack It Up by Liam Payne ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie has debuted at #22 on the leaderboard with an average score of 2.167. Next single to rate is... Christina Aguilera - Haunted Heart Rate this single from 1 to 10 in this thread. I do accept rates to 1 decimal place.
  12. Entea

    Juan Luis Londoño Arias (born January 28, 1994, Medellín, Colombia), better known by his stage name Maluma, is a Colombian reggaeton singer. He began his musical career at an early age in his hometown of Medellín, there has developed an established career in Latin America, becoming nominated for several awards from major musical relevance.. Career Discography Videography
  13. Entea here


    Call off the flashing blue lights
    I'm here for you
    If you let me in
    I'll be your medicine
    I know the memories beat you black and blue
    I'll fix everything
    I know I can cure you
    And be your medicine

  14. Disappointing but that's religion for u
  15. Entea

    I don't expect ha to stay long, memes come and go