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  1. I was confirming bc u seemed rly unsure about it lmao sorry!! It sounded like u were like "maybe but idk!!!" so yeah agreeing basically
  2. @QUINN i'm 2 lazy 2 quote all of ur posts but the songs should be out somewhere between 8 - 9 ur time.. Katy has never released a song during the middle of the day. Technically speaking Rise was released on the 15th but because iTunes updates an hour early 2 Eastern time it came out @ 11 on the 14th. The only exception to this is when iTunes decided 2 break and Katy made ppl wait like 4 - 5 hours later than it was supposed to be for Dark Horse asdkgmasdgdsg
  3. Probably way off but it's probably dance.... she posted this track from him Friday Very plausible for her tbh and with a song that's "Chained To The Rhythm" it's probably very upbeat and dancey but watch me be wrong
  4. fun.

    They won't load all I see is a box that gets bigger and smaller reputatively and I want 2 scream I can't help u but Id trust @QUINN on this one if they really are that generic This Is Quite Good In Terms of tone and pitch! Although just some friendly advice, i would work on your pronunciation especially with the beginning of words and vowels. Other than that it was nice!
  5. fun.

    I don't think so!! Most of the album related stuff has been on insta this month and i haven't seen or heard anything about any fish emojis.
  6. fun.

    Hiii! How are yall? I suck at reading this thread it moves too fast I'm not on here enough to keep up
  7. fun.

    I am not filling anything!!!!!! I am a child of God!!
  8. fun.

    Do yall know what country is or...
  9. fun.


    Katy has said herself she gets political on this album and that the majority of it is about the world + her life... there's at least 1 song about sex she's written but who knows if it's going to make it I don't think a full album about sex is a "mature" step for her tho tbh
  10. Ed Sheeran is confirmed and Selena is working on her album but it was done before she went into the hospital so it was either scrapped or she's just tweaking a few things. Lorde is basically confirmed for next year. Charli XCX is dropping an album but it'll probably commercially flop. Reportedly so are the BEP and Avril Lavigne is confirmed. A bey - jay album is still rumored too. And like you said, Taylor + Ariana have a high probability of releasing. So a lot of pretty big artists are releasing next year... some it's been a while since they've released tho.
  11. Do you think Katy can become as big of an album artist as Taylor or Bey? Think about it, Beyonce up until 4 (and arguably self-titled) was very much considered a singles artist by the general public. Katy has been on the same level as Bey when she released 4 for years now. I mean if you disregard their material before their current monikers/groups (Katy Hudson & Destiny's Child) technically speaking Katy is the more successful of the two. Dangerously In Love - One Of The Boys B'Day - Teenage Dream I Am... Sasha Fierce -PRISM Since Katy is reportedly evolving into an album artist with self reflective lyrics do y'all think if handled properly Katy can go on to get Bey sales figures?
  12. fun.

    Y'all I know these insider accounts just spew bullshit including this one but ahhh the fact that they're even implying a collab with imogen makes me want to scream It's so viable seeings as her new music sounds like frou frou's album
  13. fun.

    Katy's voice is actually quite unique... she's not a vocal legend but she does sing live.... Katy is actually a great writer. She's dumbed herself down for the general public but nonetheless she's an amazing writer melodically for pop and has the strongest melodies in the business. I honestly don't think you can come for Katy's writing when Britney literally has a Katy song in her discography. Examples of Katy's writing: a lot of these songs are a lot more lush than Everytime lyrically. Don't get me wrong I do love Everytime, but to come for Katy's lyricism is kinda weak tbh because even when you're writing pop it's truly a talent to write with radio in mind.
  14. fun.

    I love both but honestly Katy is more talented in almost every aspect besides dancing. Katy has better vocals, she writes waaaay more than Britney, Katy plays several instruments, she's the better businesswoman, and she has the charisma to make it through an interview without making herself a meme. Britney is great but honestly she just doesn't necessarily match in musical talent. Britney more or less is a manufactured product but she definitely has more impact than Katy thus far.